Be My Princess by dandan101
Be My Princess by Danielle Teen Fiction
Kiara was an orphan from birth turned dirty street kid by 16. Because of a promise made to her by a little boy when she was younger she holds on to the dream of a bette...
TEEN WOLF → HUMOR by cutelittleobrien
TEEN WOLF → HUMOR by ˗ˏˋ SHAZAM ˊˎ- Humor
→ In which I make you cringe so hard, you'll want to drill a hole in your head.
☏Harry Styles Jokes☏ by jules_styles18
☏Harry Styles Jokes☏ by ♡jυlιa♡ Random
From the master himself.
Periods. by uberskat
Periods. by uberskat Random
They hurt, they smell, and they never end. There is nothing good about them. They stink. #727 in Random February 10 #661 February 21 #338 February 22 #282 June 25
The Tainted Ones by Ivoryjerwakxo
The Tainted Ones by Ivory Jerwak (;; Mystery / Thriller
#485 in Mystery/Thriller 24/09/17 Ayla and Eva, two young sisters experienced the most tragic deal in life, their parents died in a merciless car crash. Now Ayla will do...
Howl Silently My Love by dandan101
Howl Silently My Love by Danielle Teen Fiction
On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of...
『sᴛᴜғғ』 by -gavyetc
『sᴛᴜғғ』 by -gavyetc Humor
『ᴍᴇᴍᴇs, ᴊᴏᴋᴇs, ғᴀᴄᴛs, ᴀɴᴅ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏs ᴅᴜᴅᴇ』
Templepaw's Adventure by Templepaw
Templepaw's Adventure by Snitchy User Fanfiction
Templepaw's life soon becomes complicated. Prophecies, dying cats and mates, the normal. But Templepaw finds out he's not normal, which makes him head a completely diff...
Art Garbage  by MonsterGurl55
Art Garbage by MonsterGurl55 Random
I make monstrosities and sins not art
My (Horrible) Drawings  by -_DarkGravity_-
My (Horrible) Drawings by TouchingDimStars Random
Basically what the title says my dearie :3
Trapped by tellmegoodbyee
Trapped by Ruth Teen Fiction
Synopsis: What would you do if you were a prisoner in your own home? If the person you were told to trust was the one hurting you and you couldn't do anything about it...
I N F E C T O N  by -LostGhost-
I N F E C T O N by ~...~ Horror
Warning this book contains- gore, violence and a little of inappropriate things.
Pingu, Love, and a bunch of memes. by LolzGamer238
Pingu, Love, and a bunch of memes. by Lolz Random
Pingu goes outside. Little did he know, lots of different charaters are going to come his way! Trying to get laid with the hot penguin girl, plot twists, and (for now)...
Diary 2017 by kayleighlyn
The Awful Truth by CarlZweet
The Awful Truth by CarltissaDelgado<3 Teen Fiction
Bawat sa atin ay naghahangad ng kaligayahan. Lalo na kung babae ka. Hindi maiwasang maghahanap ng lalaking makapagpaligaya sa'yo at isiping sana siyana ang makasama sa...
Quartet Of Misery {A Steven Universe reader insert} by Ghostly_Fanfics
Quartet Of Misery {A Steven Univer... by Ghostly Fan Random
You know...the cliché "i became a gem due to an experiment" story is starting to get really boring real fast. How about we change it up?
The Book Of Rusame Fluff by allenjones14
The Book Of Rusame Fluff by allenjones14 Fanfiction
Just a bunch of fluffy ideas that I want fanfic of but can never find for rusame lol. Enjoy.
101 Reasons on why Being a Girl can Suck by bands-n-music
101 Reasons on why Being a Girl ca... by paige Random
Some people just don't understand how awful being female can really be. *Just a reminder that this is all over exaggerated.*
My Poetry by camjensen
My Poetry by Cam Poetry
These are poems I've tried to write....
Behind the screen by SkylerWarner5
Behind the screen by My Darling❤️ Non-Fiction
About me and what really happens in my life...