Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped! by Amaya_Burke
Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped! by Amaya_Burke Humor
Sophie and Amaya get kidnapped by one of Australia's most fearful gangs. But are they really that scary? (Use to be The Girl With The Summer Blues) Highest rank so far #...
Facts by JaneConquestBackup
Facts by JCB Random
The craziest, coolest, and best facts out there! *** UPDATED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY ***
How To Be The Best Third Wheel by summerbackthen
How To Be The Best Third Wheel by Summer Angeles Humor
Highest rank: #21 in Humour [09/15/17] "Hang with us!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said. Yeah, not too fun when all your friends are making out w...
➖︎ɢrayson ʙ. ᴅolan by graysonbdolan-
➖︎ɢrayson ʙ. ᴅolan by Zay Random
Bitch, I'm a Dolan
The Bride He Left At The Altar by fateex
The Bride He Left At The Altar by Fateema Romance
Anna Lancaster's life was finally perfect.She was getting married to the love of her life Callum Worthy, who she was sure she would spend the rest of her life with and s...
Roleplay by JackTheGayPuppet
Princess in Training (Prince Harry #3) by SophiaJohnson255
Princess in Training (Prince Harry... by S. Johnson Fanfiction
***Third book in Prince Harry series-- Summer in Scotland (Prince Harry #1) and Across the Pond (Prince Harry #2)*** Here is the moment. Here it comes. It is time to pla...
why harry potter is riddikulusly awesome. by wifidisconnected
why harry potter is riddikulusly a... by zoe the zebra Random
❝ MISCHIEF MANAGED ❞ welcome to your local source of harry potter content c; if you can't handle the intense fandom feels, i strongly advise you to get out of here w...
Not One of Them. by smileyfaceXD
Not One of Them. by Nina Werewolf
Elaina has been abused by her pack since she was six years old. Hiding her own secret reasons for the abuse, the alpha blood in her veins keeps her wolf fighting as her...
Things I Could Never Tell You by invisiblilly
Things I Could Never Tell You by jas deroubaix Teen Fiction
Some things stay as they are, but others? They fall apart. And once upon a time, Stephanie Olsen and Tyler Scott were the best of friends. Once inseparable, now driftin...
D A L I S A Y  ❁ s/mb 1.0 by -VanillaFawn
D A L I S A Y ❁ s/mb 1.0 by - ̗̀ vanilla ̖́- Random
dalisay (adjective) - pure, undiluted 《 first book of randomness 》
school of rock Zamika,Fremmer w/more by kakak1235
school of rock Zamika,Fremmer w/mo... by kakak1235 Random
Tomika and Freddy are twins who move and make FRIENDS. Sorry bad at descriptions.
Funny Tumblr Posts by Deathinallitsglory
Funny Tumblr Posts by Angry Cupcakes Random
Basically a collection of funny tumblr posts and yes some of this will be immature. The beginning may not be good but trust me it gets better.
【 åиđ ρєggℓєѕ 】 by -Peggles-
【 åиđ ρєggℓєѕ 】 by ༺ ᴾᴱᴳᴳᴸᴱˢ ༻ Random
Uh sixth book? Yeah nope. Seventh book- just great
Why don't we fall in love  by kellyv5
✨ʙɪᴏs ᴀɴᴅ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs by -Cumcussion-
✨ʙɪᴏs ᴀɴᴅ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs by 🌞 Random
Justin, Aiden, Adam and Blade's bio And others.
Teenager Posts by Emerald_Emissary
Teenager Posts by ... Random
Everyone does them, so why not? I know most people put out Girlier ones with mentions of makeup and stuff, but I'm a tomboy (still no clue why I write romance) And all...
Detention {Harry Styles} by -Judy-
Detention {Harry Styles} by Jude Fanfiction
This is the story of how Jennie falls in love with her rude, young math teacher, Mr.Styles. She shouldn't want him, nor does she believe he will want her back, but he wi...
What If Theories by misssmartstuff
What If Theories by Sammy Random
My mind is filled with some crazy stuff, here are some what if theories that often linger in the back of my head. Feel free to share your what if theories with me (in t...
Going On by Woowoowriting
Going On by XBlakXTearX Teen Fiction
The story of two teens in a suicide recovery club. By @woowoowriting (who writes for Theo) and @_animus (who writes for Noelle).