He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • agents
  • travis
  • argument
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Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Awards 2012] by starsarewhatilove
Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Award... by Chelsea
Evangeline is what you can call the pack's maid. She's always bullied and teased. She always have endless chores but she isn't unhappy. She's being called fat and ugly b...
  • forest
  • clean
  • hans
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No Friends, Just Benefits. by sarsad
No Friends, Just Benefits. by sadz
Meet Jason Henderson. A 21 year old hopeless romantic. Playing with girls hearts just doesn't seem right. They're people, not toys. So how exactly does he plan on taking...
  • heartbreak
  • last
  • promises
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Sent away to live with 3 hot guys...and they have a Secret by Sugababy7
Sent away to live with 3 hot guys... by Rachel
  • boys
  • secret
  • character
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Child reader X Avengers         **ON HOLD** by ThatMarvelLoser
Child reader X Avengers **... by .
Y/N was running away from her abusive family, but when she was in danger, the avengers saved her. They soon took in Y/N as their own... what happened next?
  • tony
  • pool
  • reader
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Whilst the boyfriends away by kaylsxo
Whilst the boyfriends away by Kayleigh
Here, there and everywhere with work my boyfriend Charlie is rather quick to make me his last priority, and after being offered a job in Dubai theres of course no hesita...
  • par
  • boyfriend
  • date
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LANDON  by friesbeforeguys101
LANDON by friesbeforeguys101
Landon Xyne. We all love his personality as much as he loves his bagels. So let's see how his life was before Jordan showed up. **** I took off in a sprint while I hea...
  • gangster
  • jaxon
  • care
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Heal Me:  When the Alpha meets the Rogue by MissStefanie
Heal Me: When the Alpha meets the... by MissStefanie
Andrew Pears, Alpha of The Red Claws, had long given up on finding his mate. At 23 years old, aside from his pack responsibilities, he had turned himself to his career a...
  • mated
  • secret
  • werewolf
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The Wolf's Mate by dragonrider1413
The Wolf's Mate by Dragon Rider
When Elena Brooke got rejected by her mate she decides to do what any rejected she-wolf would do in this situation, Runaway. Elena comes back 5 years later because of h...
  • away
  • runningaway
  • rejection
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Right Where She Belongs by JoJo_Classic
Right Where She Belongs by Jordyn
"Oh god," I made little gasping sounds, unable to stop my eyes from rereading the note again and again."This can't be happening." Love conquers all...
  • rage
  • crumbling
  • scared
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Be My Princess by dandan101
Be My Princess by Danielle
Kiara was an orphan from birth turned dirty street kid by 16. Because of a promise made to her by a little boy when she was younger she holds on to the dream of a bette...
  • fighting
  • know
  • gắng
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Little Miss Gang Leader by Sun_Rocks
Little Miss Gang Leader by SunRocks
COMPLETED I would never ever say that my life is normal despite the fact that I go to a normal school and talk like a normal girl, I still have body guards around me. Es...
  • trust
  • feelings
  • bodyguard
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The Alpha's Daughter by Taliii__
The Alpha's Daughter by T
Zoey is the Alpha's daughter, her father runs the most powerful and feared pack in North America. When Alpha James announces that he is looking for a successful husband...
  • soulmates
  • swearfreely
  • mate
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A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater Fanfic) by haynich07
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater F... by Hayley
Faye thought everything was in her life was perfect until one night when she was six, her pack was attacked. Everyone was killed, including her mom and dad. Left alone...
  • wolf
  • tension
  • guilty
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A Maid For Mr. Arrogant by dandan101
A Maid For Mr. Arrogant by Danielle
Life couldn't get any better for Xia Cameron, she's run away from a negligent mother and an abbusive father, she's about to be evicted from her apartment, She's behind o...
  • broken
  • kidnapped
  • abuse
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Held [Completed] by NKSamrose
Held [Completed] by N.K.
Olivia Walters and Jake Rhodes have no choice but to survive in the hands of a delusional thief/ abductor. He takes what he wants when he wants. Well, objects that is, u...
  • teenfiction
  • prisoner
  • held
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The Only One (George Weasley Love Story) by WeasleBeeE
The Only One (George Weasley Love... by WeasleBeeE
George Weasley and his twin Fred seem to have found themselves not where they expected, while running for their lives and trying to apparate to safety they wind up in a...
  • character
  • harry
  • fantasy
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The Little Run Away (HTTYD) by Katknightmare
The Little Run Away (HTTYD) by KatKnightmare
Hiccup was just a 15 year old boy, who was a 'disappointment' in everyone's eyes including his own Father. He then decided that he would run away before he could disappo...
  • away
  • toothless
  • run
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The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha King by It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
  • secrets
  • help
  • mom
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Don't leave me. Ever... by SexyPokemonTrainer
Don't leave me. Ever... by Andy
Blake being the sexy party boy he is soon introduced to Brooke, a girl who his friends mocked everyday. Once Blake starts to get to know Brooke he soon realized how much...
  • police
  • yummy
  • highschool
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