Manan FF :Destined by muskaaan97
Manan FF :Destined by Muskaan 🔥 Fanfiction
It is such a cliché when a guy and girl meet ,they both fell in love with each other. But what will happen if destiny plays crucial part in making "us". This s...
Be mine {Completed} Under Editing by kiranhafeez
Be mine {Completed} Under Editing by Kiran Hafeez Spiritual
Stay in your limits. Don't think that I don't know anything. I cannot forget what you and your mother did to me and with my sister. Be there where you are." He said...
THE MYSTICAL AWARDS [ENTRIES OPEN!!!] by crazyprincesses2017
#2nd in random as of 05/09/2017 Hello wattpad community! The mystical awards is here!! This award is something that you've never come across! Because this award isn't s...
The Sunset Awards 2017 by TheSunsetAwards
The Sunset Awards 2017 by TheSunsetAwards Random
Have you written a story that you have worked really hard on, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get enough people to read it? Well this award is for you! Th...
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Awards {OPEN} by SmuttyPariah
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Award... by Smutty Pariah Random
Do you write real person fiction? These are the awards for you! Musicians, actors, youtubers, athletes- all celebrities apply! Entry submission open 6/25/17- 9/30...
Red&Gold Bangtan Awards 2017 [JUDGING PERIOD] by flappybird
Red&Gold Bangtan Awards 2017 [JUDG... by namjoos ko po 😲 Random
RGBTS AWARDS™ •△◎ #RedandGoldBTSAwards2017 ↗Status: JUDGING PERIOD↖ (Contest duration: August - October 2017) ↙all bts fanfiction enthusiasts are welcome! This awards is...
Storm Of Crows #Wattys2017 by XxFoeSlayerxX
Storm Of Crows #Wattys2017 by Grace Schmidt Fantasy
⚡️Highest ranking: #69 in Fantasy⚡️ Storm is a dragon/human hybrid. After 16 years of age, everyone in the Republic go to their Element Ceremony, where they find out the...
JO AWARDS 2017 [CLOSED] by JoReviewPlanet
JO AWARDS 2017 [CLOSED] by JoReviewPlanet Random
We celebrate quality over quantity, talent over luck, you over everyone else! Welcome to the Jo Awards where everyone and anyone is welcome. Are you an author who dese...
The Token Awards 2017 | JUDGING by TheTokenCommunity
The Token Awards 2017 | JUDGING by The Tokens Random
Welcome to the 2017 Token Awards!!! This is for ALL books for a chance to win the grand prize. We judge all the way from Mature to LGBT+Q! #35 In Random #6 In Non-fict...
Baby Got Books Club by BabyGotBooksClub
Baby Got Books Club by BabyGotBooksClub Random
"My experience with BGBC has been nothing but positive. Since I started with this club, I've gotten more reads in a few weeks than I had in months. When I saw BGBC...
BST Awards 2017 {CLOSED FOR JUDGING} by fluffypinkmochi
BST Awards 2017 {CLOSED FOR JUDGIN... by 하연❣지민 Random
Books lower than 10k. Helping to discover BTS fanfics. {JUDGING}
Sway(Wattys 2015) by Misswaters7
Sway(Wattys 2015) by Misswaters7 Vampire
Rogue winters a beautiful 17 year old And Ivan Stone the greatest and most feared vampire to ever live What happens when their worlds collide Will his need for cont...
🦄The Unicorn Awards 2017🦄 [OPEN] by _BaloRollins_
🦄The Unicorn Awards 2017🦄 [OPEN] by Bron 🖤 Random
Unicorn - A mythical creature Concept - When writing a story you can be anything! *** Welcome to The Unicorn Awards 2017. A chanc...
One Mate and a Rejection by Spongetourbob
One Mate and a Rejection by Nadin Werewolf
Like any other girl in Barbra High, Emerald Carson was deeply head over heels for Jared Thompson, the school's perfect 'it' guy, who also happens to be her two year boyf...
Woods Awards 2017 (Open)  by WoodsAwards
Woods Awards 2017 (Open) by The Woods Awards Random
The Woods Awards! Where your book has the chance to show its true potential.
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The Galaxy Awards🌌 2017(Open) by TheGalaxyAwards_143
The Galaxy Awards🌌 2017(Open) by The Galaxy Awards Random
Get your book discovered Ends on the 30 of September
The Voltage Awards 2017-2018 [OPEN] by TheVoltageAwards
The Voltage Awards 2017-2018 [OPEN] by The Voltage Awards Random
#918 in Random as of 09/25/17 Welcome to the Voltage Awards!!! Are you a new author looking for recognition? Look no further! The Voltage Awards are for you. We look fo...
The Golden Star Awards 🌟 Closed For Judging by Golden_Star_Awards
The Golden Star Awards 🌟 Closed F... by The Golden Star Awards🌟 Random
Started on: August 18, 2017 Last date of submission: September 20, 2017 #87 in random An undiscovered book? Hidden gem? Is your book not getting enough attention? Well y...
Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Awards 2012] by starsarewhatilove
Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Award... by Chelsea Werewolf
Evangeline is what you can call the pack's maid. She's always bullied and teased. She always have endless chores but she isn't unhappy. She's being called fat and ugly b...