Fangs and  Claws by GabrielaR
Fangs and Claws by Ana Vampire
18 year old Avril is a half vampire-half human girl that in an atempt to meet the only human family she have; her grandpa, she decides to travel behind her dad's back.Sh...
Alpha's Rogue by wolffan27
Alpha's Rogue by Maddie Fanfiction
(NOT EDITED) Sexual scenes and false language read at your own risk! I'm Avril and I have been through a lot of things! I have fun when I can but I am also very alert my...
Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll Soul Story Part I) by BellaDemont
Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll... by Janet Hernandez Humor
Alex had always been that shy, awkward girl no one payed attention to unless if it was to put her in harm's way, throughout her whole life she was bullied, abused by a c...
Simon Cowells Daughter by Poisonheart2020
Simon Cowells Daughter by Bubbles Fanfiction
Simon's daughter is a rebel who doesn't give one about anyone. He doesn't want his daughter to date any of his artists but he made the mistake of introducing Deanna Roq...
the good,the bad,and the devil? [completed] by teenage-misfit
the good,the bad,and the devil? [c... by BVB_H.S Fanfiction
i only thought monsters existed in horror movies or nightmares but that all changed when i came face to face with one. never in cater's wildest dreams did she think she...
Grind | Grayson Dolan by juleahdolan
The Evil Princess Meets The 4 Guardians by BTS_McPrincess
✖ ROCK GIRL ✖ AC/DC ϟ QUEEN by PansyHardy
✖ ROCK GIRL ✖ AC/DC ϟ QUEEN by Pansy Hardy Fanfiction
Meet Estelle the girl who plays the drums in ACϟDC. After escaping from home joins with a tour with her band and another band called Queen. The adventure will not only c...
Welcome To Hell, Sweetie! by Eugenia_Momsen
Welcome To Hell, Sweetie! by Eugenia_Momsen Fanfiction
-АХРИНЕТЬ! ДА КУДА Я БЛИН ПОПАЛА?! В СТРАНУ ЧУДЕС?! - подумала про себя Момсен.
In Love With My English Teacher (Brendon Urie Fanfic) by iamadeprssedgurl
In Love With My English Teacher (B... by iamadeprssedgurl Fanfiction
Geovanna Hill (Geo) is a normal 17 year old student trying to finish her last year in High School. When a new English teacher comes to her school, Brendon Urie, Geo spin...
You Are Mine |Lashton. by SailorMoon196
You Are Mine |Lashton. by Sasha. Fanfiction
Los padres de Ashton y Luke deciden casarse y mudarse a una gran casa en donde Ashton y Luke tendrán que convivir. El problema es que Ashton odia a Luke desde que se co...
Who says you're not perfect? by staygoldsunsets
Who says you're not perfect? by http.dallaswinston on instagr... Random
Tyler Avril Smalls has just moved into the neighborhood and she doesn't like it there. Her mom and step-father are constantly fighting. Scotty on the other hand doesn't...
Toxic Devotion by christyy_blank
Toxic Devotion by DeanAmbroseGirl Romance
Ashley Carter has been living a lie all her life, but discovers all the hidden secrets her brother Valentino has kept away from her after moving to Ohio. According to he...
The Right Side Of Wrong (SKY HIGH)(On Hold) by wefoundWonderland34
The School's Cheerleader (A Liam Payne and Avril Lavigne Story) by AvrilsBatSide
The School's Cheerleader (A Liam P... by AvrilsBatSide Fanfiction
Avril Lavigne was the school's "new"gorgeous cheerleader in their school Avril was smart,caring,good,friendly person she is. Avril's friends was Perrie Edwards...
the sims 4 adventures. by feathermctallison
the sims 4 adventures. by ***Dying Account*** Random
the disaster that is my sims families, now in a book for your convenience.
Hunted by DarkDiamond2016
Hunted by Dark Diamond Fanfiction
Dupa disparitia misterioasa a tatalui sau, Christina Morris e luata sub aripa protectoare a unor vechi prieteni de familie, iar viata ei se intoarce pe dos. O serie de...
Avril lavigne lyrics by Pop_lover33
Avril lavigne lyrics by aimee Random
So these are my lyrics and ya sorry if any mistakes!
Black Star(Avril Lavigne Fanfic) by darlinlavigne
Black Star(Avril Lavigne Fanfic) by -- Fanfiction
Everyone knows Ariana loves Avril Lavigne! But she never got to meet her ultimate idol... What happens when she does?
The Perks of Being a Malfoy by Hermione13Watson
The Perks of Being a Malfoy by Gryffindor Goddess Fanfiction
Draco Malfoy and his twin sister do not at all get on. She's a complete outsider and her only friend is the house-elf. Draco is sure the family disapprove of her. Wait '...