✖ ROCK GIRL ✖  AC/DC  ϟ  QUEEN by PansyHardy
✖ ROCK GIRL ✖ AC/DC ϟ QUEEN by Pansy Hardy Fanfiction
Meet Estelle the girl who plays the drums in ACϟDC. After escaping from home joins with a tour with her band and another band called Queen. The adventure will not only c...
Alpha's Rogue by wolffan27
Alpha's Rogue by Maddie Fanfiction
(NOT EDITED) Sexual scenes and false language read at your own risk! I'm Avril and I have been through a lot of things! I have fun when I can but I am also very alert my...
Fangs and  Claws by GabrielaR
Fangs and Claws by Ana Vampire
18 year old Avril is a half vampire-half human girl that in an atempt to meet the only human family she have; her grandpa, she decides to travel behind her dad's back.Sh...
Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll Soul Story Part I) by BellaDemont
Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll... by Janet Hernandez Humor
Alex had always been that shy, awkward girl no one payed attention to unless if it was to put her in harm's way, throughout her whole life she was bullied, abused by a c...
Paul's Sister by Phoenix_Cullen
Paul's Sister by Avril Lavigne Fanfiction
Avril Lahote has finally returned from her turné in Europe. She expects that nothing has changed in La Push the time she was gone. Oh so wrong she was. When she get back...
Abbey by violet-poppiesx
Abbey by cry to the angels Teen Fiction
«¿Alguna vez has sentido que nadie te entiende? ¿Nadie te escucha? ¿Nadie te toma en cuenta? Pues esto es lo que siento» 05/08/2015: #406 in Novela Juvenil ~...
In Love With My English Teacher (Brendon Urie Fanfic) by iamadeprssedgurl
In Love With My English Teacher (B... by iamadeprssedgurl Fanfiction
Geovanna Hill (Geo) is a normal 17 year old student trying to finish her last year in High School. When a new English teacher comes to her school, Brendon Urie, Geo spin...
hello my name is rock trash by feathermctallison
hello my name is rock trash by Feather Random
a book of random shit about paramore, icon for hire, avril lavigne, and whatever else
The Evil Princess Meets The 4 Guardians by BTS_McPrincess
THE BAD GIRL [COMPLETED] under major editing by izannahframe
THE BAD GIRL [COMPLETED] under maj... by izannahframe Teen Fiction
[WHOLE ENGLISH] Skyler West, the promising valedictorian, student council president, the hottest and most handsome in school, all in all, is the perfect student...
The School's Cheerleader (A Liam Payne and Avril Lavigne Story) by AvrilsBatSide
The School's Cheerleader (A Liam P... by AvrilsBatSide Fanfiction
Avril Lavigne was the school's "new"gorgeous cheerleader in their school Avril was smart,caring,good,friendly person she is. Avril's friends was Perrie Edwards...
Let go by a_girl_123
Let go by a_girl_123 Fanfiction
It's for evril shippers
25 things you don't know about Avril Lavigne by xXLaFlakaXx
25 things you don't know about Avr... by isabel reyna Random
things u may or may not know bout Avril Lavigne (My idol)
the sims 4 adventures. by feathermctallison
the sims 4 adventures. by Feather Random
the disaster that is my sims families, now in a book for your convenience.
Mi Mejor Amigo...a Primera Vista Temporada 2 (Amor o Solo Una Simple Amistad) by Crazy_Moonwalker
Mi Mejor Amigo...a Primera Vista T... by ∞Røsa_Jacksøn_Scruse∞ Fanfiction
Después de todo creo que siento algo mas que una simple amistad, amarte es lo que estoy destinada hacer ♥
The Right Side Of Wrong (SKY HIGH) by wefoundWonderland34
Tⓦⓞ Yⓔⓐⓡⓢ| H.S by xDearPSHx
Tⓦⓞ Yⓔⓐⓡⓢ| H.S by ☀Muffins☀ Fanfiction
•Harry, barbatul de 23 de ani cu cea mai frumoasa, intelingenta, timida si dragastoasa iubita, este nevoit sa plece in Mama Rusie, din cauza firmei pe care o detine. ...
Sk8er Girl by Modestep
Sk8er Girl by Tashaa Werewolf
Genesis Sam rejected her mate. His name was Joshua, Alpha Joshua. He slept with girls any chance he could. He was a player and broke hearts, Genesis didn't want a mate l...
LYRICS by JoannaLas
LYRICS by Ιωαννα Λασπιτη Random
Song lyrics for: Twenty One Pilots Melanie Martinez The Pretty Reckless 5 s...
Give You What You Like (Camren) by aroseforemily
Give You What You Like (Camren) by Emily Fanfiction
"I've got this scene in my head I'm not sure how it ends Is it love? Maybe one day So don't turn on the lights I'll give you what you like."