Nobody's Home [Matt Bomer] by destruction9
Nobody's Home [Matt Bomer] by Dean's Girl 🍒
Alysé es un chica de 20 años, que tenía todo lo que necesitaba en su vida. Pero una seguidilla de sucesos la llevaron a perderlo todo, su novio la dejó, no quiso seguir...
  • drama
  • nobodys
  • completa
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Forced to Marry the Mafia Prince by VampireChild101
Forced to Marry the Mafia Prince by ~Syn~
Alex is A Typical Teenager, Okay not really. Her father owns all the Hot-Spot Clubs In New York, She's Head Cheerleader but Loves Dancing Hip-Hop. Her life is Fine Until...
  • alexandra
  • damien
  • humor
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I Blame You ▪ Evril (Avril Lavigne and Evan Taubenfeld) by ramona_avril
I Blame You ▪ Evril (Avril Lavigne... by Abby
"Avril, you can't blame anyone for falling in love," Evan held her soft hand. "Except yourself."
  • ships
  • evantaubenfeld
  • fanfiction
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Open Your Eyes, And Open Them Wide- An Evril Story by biggestlilblackstar
Open Your Eyes, And Open Them Wide... by biggestlilblackstar
Evan Taubenfeld has always loved the lead singer of his band, Avril Lavigne. He will never stop loving her. One day, Avril and her boyfriend Dereyck announce their engag...
  • evanandavril
  • avrillaigne
  • avrilandevan
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Bad School Girl by rianaryuki
Bad School Girl by リアナ
Dari sekolah gue belajar bagaimana pertemanan itu dari Calum. Dari sekolah gue tahu gimana rasanya ciuman pertama dari Zayn. Dari sekolah gue tau gimana rasanya jadi pop...
  • calum
  • ashton
  • school
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Telmarines// Edmund Pevensie (#Wattys2016) by kiwiqan
Telmarines// Edmund Pevensie (#Wat... by L E V A N N A
(UNDER MAJOR EDITING) " The most dangerous thing you can do is to take any one impulse of your own nature and set it up as the thing you ought to follow at all c...
  • moana
  • peter
  • lucy
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SONG LYRICS  💕 by Fisya1703
SONG LYRICS 💕 by FisyaChannel📺
🙌🙌🙌 My SONG Lyricss 🙌🙌🙌
  • english
  • foreveryoung
  • earfon
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Don't Let Me Go (Jelena) by Dreamer4evah
Don't Let Me Go (Jelena) by Harlequin
  • avril
  • demi
  • let
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The Revenge by Red-Reading
The Revenge by Red
Menginjak usia tujuh tahun, Avril Leidonn harus menyaksikan kematian orangtuanya. Tak berhenti sampai situ, satu tahun kemudian, bibinya pun mati di tangan yang sama. Ke...
  • sebastian
  • hope
  • munchen
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Avril Lavigne Facts by aseeltheblackstar
Avril Lavigne Facts by LIL POOPI
Does this book even need a description
  • lavigne
  • blackstar
  • music
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Things Change by LuluLeigh15
Things Change by Lindsey
Life was becoming to routined for a rebel like me. Who knew that a one night stand could change my life so dramatically? Now I have a new friend, new trouble, new tea...
  • justinbieber
  • bieber
  • avrillavigne
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Passion by hauntingcolours
Passion by delilah
"Just kiss me." Laila whispered as his lips brushed her making her heart race against her chest. "You know this is wrong." He replied gesturing to th...
  • lucyhale
  • student
  • song
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Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne Fanfiction) by Naill_Official
Give You What You Like (Avril Lavi... by Ronnail Dean Cadite
Avril have been living her dream. The dream that she never expected that may come true. A dream that never been know that she become famous. Suddenly, a guy named Justin...
  • justin
  • love
  • hurts
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Moonlight by MoonGlambert
Moonlight by Charlie Rignell
Adam is a 34 year old singer, and lives in LA with his daughter April. When they are at a amusement park with Halloween theme, Adam disappears without a trace, and April...
  • fanfiction
  • horro
  • ghost
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Black Star(Avril Lavigne Fanfic) by darlinlavigne
Black Star(Avril Lavigne Fanfic) by --
Everyone knows Ariana loves Avril Lavigne! But she never got to meet her ultimate idol... What happens when she does?
  • fanfic
  • avril
  • avrillavigne
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Different Worlds (H.S.) ( #Wattys2016 ) by GoggaDahab
Different Worlds (H.S.) ( #Wattys2... by 1DSlay
Avril has always been stuck up,rich,and rude.She lives a life full of lies ,and may or may not be completely different than what people make her out to be. Harry is a po...
  • rich
  • avril
  • harrystyles
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25 things you don't know about Avril Lavigne by xXLaFlakaXx
25 things you don't know about Avr... by isabel reyna
things u may or may not know bout Avril Lavigne (My idol)
  • lavigne
  • 25things
  • avril
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me and friends also family by CarmenGrammer
me and friends also family by Carmen Grammer
picture s of me and my bff also fam
  • mom
  • riley
  • dad
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Du bist nie mehr allein! by lochiscrimegirl17
Du bist nie mehr allein! by lochiscrimegirl17
Eltern denen du egal bist... Ein Leben was du mur lebst um zu überleben Ein Brief und deine Welt steht Kopf... Ein Blick und du bist erstarrt... Ein Mensch und du weinst...
  • wieich
  • foreveralone
  • zwilling
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Replaced By Another by MissRainybowsx
Replaced By Another by ρσℓℓу ναηιℓℓα
Do you know the feeling of being replaced? I ,the female Alpha and the members of Moon Light and Winter Snow Pack are invited to a gathering party of wolves for 1 week. ...
  • kendall
  • replaced
  • avril
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