Nobody's Home [Matt Bomer] by destruction9
Nobody's Home [Matt Bomer]by Dean's Girl
Alysé es un chica de 20 años, que tenía todo lo que necesitaba en su vida. Pero una seguidilla de sucesos la llevaron a perderlo todo, su novio la dejó, no quiso seguir...
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AVRIL'S CASE by More_Nike_
For two years after Cassie had helped solve the case of the mysterious 'Rose Killer,' all was well in her life. She got her friends back, and things went back into place...
  • mystery
  • deception
  • sequel
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A Music Camp? by SassyRashi
A Music Camp?by Rashi
♡ Avril Crystal Collins is a sassy, sarcastic, weird prankster at Greenwich High and often called as troublemaker. She lives her life alone with her only bestfriend, st...
  • dance
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Cool ta vie by Jean-Yves-Patrick
Cool ta vieby Mange tes légumes
C'est juste un p'tit carnet que mes potes m'ont acheté dans lequel j'ai raconté tous les jours c'que j'ai fait. Ouais c'est pas super intéressant, mais je trouvais ça co...
  • potes
  • mars
  • avril
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17 (Lashton AU) by _Clifford1995_
17 (Lashton AU)by _Clifford1995_
Do you know how it feels to have one of your ex's come back into your life after 5 years? Cause I do. Ashton came back. When I found out I just couldn't believe he came...
  • luke
  • hemmings
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Once Upon December ...(GirlxGirl) (Am Umschreiben!!) by Alyson_Raventhorn
Once Upon December ...(GirlxGirl)...by Alyson_Raventhorn
Schnee erinnerte mich an so viele Dinge, besonders an eine Sache, die ich nie vergessen konnte. Oder eher ein jemand. Ich konnte noch mich an alles erinnern, als die Flo...
  • emily
  • x-mas
  • amily
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Roses & Runaway Mates | rewrite of Avril by KylieTorres
Roses & Runaway Mates | rewrite of...by k y l i e
Avril Faye isn't who she claims to be. -+-+-+- Avril Faye doesn't know who she really is. This is going to be a...
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Midnight by WiseGalaxy
Midnightby Ingo
My heart stopped when I saw him. I couldn't stop staring at him and so couldn't the other girls in my class. Palms sweaty I avert my eyes to the window and hear my name...
  • love
  • teen
  • school
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Different Worlds (H.S.) ( #Wattys2016 ) by GoggaDahab
Different Worlds (H.S.) ( #Wattys2...by 1DSlay
Avril has always been stuck up,rich,and rude.She lives a life full of lies ,and may or may not be completely different than what people make her out to be. Harry is a po...
  • harrystyles
  • wattys2016
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Poisson D'avril compté by Louve-Anonyme
Poisson D'avril comptéby Louve-Anonyme
Vous verrez...
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Jetstream by JulietVance
Jetstreamby Juliet Vance
Princess Avril Steel was sent to live on Earth, given no reason as to why or for what. All she knows is that everything is different and that something is being hidden a...
  • damon
  • avril
  • prophecy
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Lyrics? Facts? All here :)
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➰Avril's Gallery➰ by -AvrilLavigne-
➰Avril's Gallery➰by AvrilLavigne
Wats up guyz its Avril here and I decided to make a book with pics of me myself and I. I want to keep u guyz updated on wats goin on in ma life. I luv u my wonderful fan...
  • pics
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Moonlight by MoonGlambert
Moonlightby Charlie
Adam is a 34 year old singer, and lives in LA with his daughter April. When they are at a amusement park with Halloween theme, Adam disappears without a trace, and April...
  • secrets
  • april
  • fanfiction
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Hermanas en la Adversidad. by EnanadeLali
Hermanas en la Adversidad.by Enana De Luque Espósito-Enana...
Dos hermanas totalmente distintas.Se reencuentran luego del accidente de sus padres..Los cuales NO mueren,pero deciden mientras dejarle las empresas a su cargo.Ambas con...
  • avril
  • lali
25 things you don't know about Avril Lavigne by xXLaFlakaXx
25 things you don't know about Avr...by isabel reyna
things u may or may not know bout Avril Lavigne (My idol)
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Avril Lavigne - Song lyrics by AryaMoonlight
Avril Lavigne - Song lyricsby Arianna Madilyn Fairchild
Just the lyrics to Avril Lavigne's songs. Hope you guys like Avril, 'cause I sure do
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  • avrillavigne
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War of Love by yeycaspian
War of Loveby Caspian
It's a war bitch. Where tragedy and hatred belong.
  • rock
  • war
  • action
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Jc's Little Secret >> Jc Caylen by One_City
Jc's Little Secret >> Jc Caylenby P-A-R-I-S
He has a good life. She doesn't. He has a nice family with a good circle of friends. She doesn't have any family or friends. He is always happy. She is always in pain. H...
  • painting
  • lifewthjc
  • avril
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Tombé in love d'un Connard - Chronique by AgnesLegrand
Tombé in love d'un Connard - Chron...by Maitre Poulpe 🏳️‍🌈
Salem Aleykoum. Ici c'est ma Chronique. Je suis JDay, un youtubeur et j'estime que mon histoire vaut bien une Chronique ! Après tout je suis tombé in love d'un type que...
  • connard
  • homosexuel
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