(Fem.)Percy Meets Avengers by PokemonDestiny
(Fem.)Percy Meets Avengers by Marissa Fanfiction
Percy Jackson is broken inside. When the rest of the Seven (Piper, Leo, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Andrew(Male Annabeth) died in the final battle she died inside. Now she work...
Alley Cat { Avengers} by kmbell92
Alley Cat { Avengers} by K.M. Bell Fanfiction
"I think she just stole my wallet." "Why would you think that?" "Because my wallet is gone!" The Avengers have handled the God of Mischief...
Daughter of Mischief by Hime_chan10
Daughter of Mischief by Morinozuka Hime Fanfiction
( Avengers/ Harry Potter Crossover ) Esmeralda Potter is known to be the most beautiful child this earth has ever been bless with. She is respectful, mischievou...
Chosen // loki laufeyson by katiethenovelist
Chosen // loki laufeyson by katie Fanfiction
As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna cou...
Arrow ➵ Peter Parker by spiderling_
Arrow ➵ Peter Parker by » lena « Fanfiction
Oakley Barton is much more than a teenage genius. Her ingenious mind was something neither her family or their friends could ignore. Ever since a young age, Oakley was t...
Stark's Lost Daughter by livelovelaughfun
Stark's Lost Daughter by Lexie Fanfiction
An Avengers AU "Honey, I need to go with your Mom onto the helicopter okay? It's really dangerous here and I don't want you getting hurt." Dad said to me. &q...
Run To You | Pietro Maximoff by allyyargent
Run To You | Pietro Maximoff by allyyargent Fanfiction
"I never really enjoyed running, so forgive me if I role my eyes at your speed because Maximoff, you're not that impressive." [MARVEL CINAMETIC UNIVERSE | AGE...
Childhood Hero (Captain America/Avengers Story) •EDITING• by nainai19
Childhood Hero (Captain America/Av... by hello sunshine Fanfiction
[BOOK ONE IN THE CHILDHOOD HERO SERIES] - completed - Captain America was Zoey's Childhood Obsession. She grew up with only her mother there for her, who refused to tell...
Percy Jackson Shield raised  by shadowray17
Percy Jackson Shield raised by shadowray17 Fanfiction
What happens if Percy was a shield prodigy. He was smart just loses attention in things he knows. His mum died when he was six. Then when he was depressed and at a class...
File Corrupt | I | b. barnes | ✔️ by themysciira
File Corrupt | I | b. barnes | ✔️ by hiatus Fanfiction
❝What am I a hacker for hire? I should start putting that on business cards.❞
There Goes a Fighter by RangerHorseTug
There Goes a Fighter by RangerHorseTug Fanfiction
Perseus Jackson's life was difficult. She- yes she- had to hide her true gender because of her lineage. She is a daughter of Poseidon- something that has not happened in...
Control ➯ loki+wanda au✔️  by archieandrrews
Control ➯ loki+wanda au✔️ by 🌵🐍 Fanfiction
Who is in Control? ----------------------- Loki has grown much stronger which the Avengers not even Thor know about. The Avengers have something Loki wants and he won't...
Silver Waters 🌊 Pietro Maximoff by Wolfy-Queen
Silver Waters 🌊 Pietro Maximoff by Wolfy-Queen Fanfiction
Kya Milani can bend and manipulate water. Her abilities are what drove her from her home. She fought for the family that took her in, Pietro Maximoff fought to destroy t...
Tony Stark's daughter -Spider-Man (Tom holland) by lygophobia88
Tony Stark's daughter -Spider-Man... by lygophobia88 Fanfiction
Tony has taken a new young man into an internship. His daughter, Xavia goes to the same school as the boy, Peter Parker. After discovering that he's the new intern and...
Foreign | Tom Holland by -marveloverdc
Foreign | Tom Holland by E m m a n i Fanfiction
[in editing process] joyklein: Coming back to set I never thought that I would have my phone smashed by tomholland1996 smh tomholland1996: I SAID I WAS SORRY joyklein fo...
latibule ➳ bucky barnes by Maryenette
latibule ➳ bucky barnes by ᗰarჄenette Fanfiction
latibule (n) a hiding place; of safety and comfort ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ He was alone in this world. He couldn't trust anyone, couldn't believe anything anybody said. He was con...
Bucky Barnes' Daughter by moonprincesskk
Bucky Barnes' Daughter by moonprincesskk Fanfiction
"Serenity, I promise I will not hurt you." The Winter Soldier assures me and I back away again. Fear was written plainly across my body. "You have no...
Percy Jackson and The Avengers Crossover by LordBRYCE
Percy Jackson and The Avengers Cro... by B.R.Y.C.E Fanfiction
Percy is targeted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury sends the Avengers to detain and subsequently jail him. However, not all the Avengers believe Percy deserves imprisonment. Aft...
Tom Holland Imagines [ REQUESTS ARE OPEN]  by madi_1028
Tom Holland Imagines [ REQUESTS AR... by Madi Fanfiction
| Request are: OPEN | Highest Ranking: #50 in fan fiction
Breeze - Tony Starks Daughter FanFic by stark-11-industries
Breeze - Tony Starks Daughter FanF... by I Am Iron Man Fanfiction
"I am your father." "I thought we were playing out a Star Wars scene." ....................................... Breeze (n.) A gentle wind... Skylar...