Work For Me by Ilovesweets
Work For Me by R.M. Stones Romance
"Fuck you!" I hissed as he held me back from punching him. For a split second his grip loosened, giving me the opportunity to slap him again - yet as soon as...
Kidnapped by uniquegirl2002
Kidnapped by L.E.T Werewolf
"Do you know what I am?" he asked running a hand threw is god like hair. What was happening to me. I have never been so caught up in someone I have know for so...
The Righteous Man's Daughter #Wattys2017 {Dean Winchester's Daughter} by ThenSheWrote16
The Righteous Man's Daughter #Watt... by Katelynn Fanfiction
Dean was always on the road, never staying in one place for long. He was a burgers, beers, and boobs kind of man. His three favorite past times. Molly was his woman for...
Grayson and I |Grayson Dolan| by Archie567
Grayson and I |Grayson Dolan| by Andrea Fanfiction
this is how we met... a coffee shop, yeah i know its pretty basic but its true. he sat down a few seats away from me with his twin and their friend. i was sat there like...
Ava ☾ Kol Mikaelson by okaysanchez
Ava ☾ Kol Mikaelson by 😁💓 Fanfiction
"Ava chose to see the good in everybody. I personally don't think she would change that about herself nor would I want her too. It's possible her energy could even...
The Bad girl goes Good [On Hiatus] by Cerisier
The Bad girl goes Good [On Hiatus] by Cerise Teen Fiction
Do any of the following titles "Bad boy and miss popular" "the bad boy and the nerd" "the bad boy is my best friend" and even "the ba...
Omega, an Ultimate Spiderman and Heroes of Olympus crossover by GeekGalaxyGirl
Omega, an Ultimate Spiderman and H... by GeekGalaxyGirl Fanfiction
After the war the seven and some friends settle down in New York and go to Midtown High. Tired of saving the world from immortals, they decide to protect New York from...
Traces » h.s by CupcakeTx
Traces » h.s by Cupcake T Fanfiction
"It's not always about happy endings. It's about getting there."
Fighters(Scott McCall) by ashleigh_mahon
Fighters(Scott McCall) by ashleigh🦋 Werewolf
Ava Hale, comes back to Beacon Hills after the fire that rested at the Hale household 6 years. When she comes back she finally see's the one and only..... Hahaha!!! If y...
Grayson And Love |Grayson Dolan| by Archie567
Grayson And Love |Grayson Dolan| by Andrea Fanfiction
Me and Grayson. the perfect proposal from the perfect guy. what more could a girl ask for? this is how the story continued, we fell in love over time and here we are. ha...
Lucaya one shots by FandomFanatic1010
Lucaya one shots by Morgan Fanfiction
"I thought this is what you wanted Maya" "May i?" "I don't mind" "But sir, i would like to make history" "Maybe 94%" &q...
Polar Opposites by Drops_of_Jessica
Polar Opposites by Jessie Teen Fiction
Kristy is the kind of girl who plays it safe. She's borderline anti-social and she would rather spend her Friday night's cooped up in her room. Instead of going out to a...
Machine Gun ►The Winter Soldier by wintersbucky
Machine Gun ►The Winter Soldier by AALIYAH Fanfiction
In which a girl named Ava Wilson with a big heart and a sarcastic mouth help Steve Rogers save SHIELD and attempt to find his long lost best friend behind her brother's...
The Broken Gilbert...(A TVD FAN-FIC) •Under Editing• ON HOLD by Mellianna92
The Broken Gilbert...(A TVD FAN-FI... by Mellianna92 Fanfiction
On the outside you see a girl laughing with her twin brother and big sister. But take a closer look. She's broken, devastated about the loss of her parents. She's slowly...
More Than Freinds by Pastel_King
More Than Freinds by Slightly Psychotic Gay Pastel... Fanfiction
Obviously they're more than for friends
Mischief's Princess - Avengers [Loki] FanFic by abbiemca
Mischief's Princess - Avengers [Lo... by Abbie Fanfiction
Sequel to The Impossible Mission. Cover found on Tumblr - No copyright infringement intended. When Loki turns up unexpectedly after 12 months of absence, Ava is pretty...
The Scorch Trials: Never Look Back ~ Newt X Reader by Obtained
The Scorch Trials: Never Look Back... by Meeko-Chan✨ Fanfiction
BOOK 2: SEQUEL TO 'The Maze Runner: Remembrance ~ Newt X Reader' _____________________________ Back to WCKD. . . They changed their plans, so I won't know what to do. Bu...
Power Rangers Dino Charge: The New Aqua Ranger💙 (DISCONTINUED) by One_Directioner333
Power Rangers Dino Charge: The New... by Emma Skylar Fanfiction
Ava Lee Scott, a new ranger shows up at Amber Beach. But when she and Chase start feeling for each other, is it time to fade away? (P/S This is my own version of the st...
Perfect  by JiminScarlett
Perfect by Jimin Scarlett Romance
They say money is what makes the world go round - but not for Alex Darkbloom, who doesn't care for the glitz and glamour his life and his family's lives lead. All Alex h...
Nexo Knights For All Occasions! by TheNinjaOfAnimals
Nexo Knights For All Occasions! by MARGE Fanfiction
Ok, so this is basically a collection of Nexo Knights short stories, random stuff, theories, fan art and maybe some contests. Enjoy.