Listen by Late_Night_Thoughts
Listen by Late_Night_Thoughts Romance
This is a story of a young woman who finds hope and love in a deaf and mildly autistic man. He was everything that she wanted in a boyfriend, but just like everyone...
Rose » H.s  by gxxxelle
Rose » H.s by gi$$elle Fanfiction
A story about an autistic man named Harry that loves roses and meets a girl named Rose.
Autistic || Jughead Jones [Riverdale] [ON HOLD] by TwentySevenInc
Autistic || Jughead Jones [Riverda... by [Hold Me Tight Or Don't] Fanfiction
© HeyYoungBlood 2017 © If you asked anyone in the town of Riverdale what autism meant, they would just say someone seeking attention. But that's a small town for you - a...
She's special ( Lauren/you) by keepupwithsparkles
She's special ( Lauren/you) by keepupwithsparkles Fanfiction
Lauren Jauregui is mentally challenged diagnosed with austim, and mental retardation when she was just 2 years old. When Lauren turned 18 Lauren's parents didn't want to...
Change Him- A Justin Bieber Austism Story by jaybiebersmash
Change Him- A Justin Bieber Austis... by The Sweetest Bieber Stories Fanfiction
He doesn't leave his mom's side. He doesn't like to be touched. He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't like to talk. He's very shy around everybody. He's scared of bei...
Autism (Larry Stylinson) boyxboy by britishwriterliv
Autism (Larry Stylinson) boyxboy by Britishwriterliv Fanfiction
•au·tism- (n) /ˈôˌtizəm/• ~I love that you're autistic. It makes you unique and special. And mine~ I KNOW THIS BOOK HAS SOME MISTAKES BUT ITS STILL GOOD AF. I WROTE THIS...
Ari's little girl by KimberlyPouzar
Ari's little girl by Kimberly Pouzar Fanfiction
Ariana Grande is very successful and happy. But she wants to share that happiness with someone. She realizes she wants a little girl to call her own. So she finds an all...
Speak (Camren) by camrenjelly
Speak (Camren) by camrenjelly Fanfiction
Camila was just a teenage girl with autism, that's all she was ever defined as. Until she met Lauren, the psychiatrist's daughter and star softball player of her highsch...
Cat & Her Heartbreaker (Book Three Of & Her Series)  by HayleyDooley
Cat & Her Heartbreaker (Book Three... by Hayley Dooley Romance
Catherine: He's's been three years and he's back!! Is he back for good? Is it temporary? God he's so fucking sexy he's certainly not the boy who left behind...
Babysitting An Autistic Boy by blackoutquin
Julius & Cora | #NaNoWriMo2017 by bethbumbles
Julius & Cora | #NaNoWriMo2017 by bethani 🎄 Romance
Cora Turner has always wanted to go to Africa, she's dreamed of painting there since she was a little girl and now that she's twenty one, her parents have decided to sur...
Opalescent  by DuskCity
Opalescent by DuskCity Romance
She was just the girl that sat alone. He was just the autistic guy with a simple group of friends. She was just the girl he stared at. He was just the guy across the caf...
The Bad Girl and the Autistic Boy by Taystyy_wonders
The Bad Girl and the Autistic Boy by ¿I am confusion? Teen Fiction
"Every good girl is a bad girl who hasn't been caught" Too bad that quote doesn't go for Jezebel Hunter... By the mention of her name people think that she wa...
Why Is She Covering Her Ears? by Pizzaloverdude
Why Is She Covering Her Ears? by William General Fiction
Jackie Tucker has autism and has some sensitivity to certain noises. Whenever she hears something that bothers her, she would cover her ears and pretend that nothing is...
Mister Popular  by acussed
Mister Popular by ally&ana Teen Fiction
Clementine, Clem, Reeves is a laid back girl who blends into the background happily. Never in her life has she wanted to be popular. She's seen the movies with the mean...
DAYDREAMING | J.D. by gemini Fanfiction
The inspiration for the title of this book was from the song Daydream by Medasin. The book itself is about a man with autism and... Yeah it'd just be better if you read...
YMMS (For Being So Perfect) - comics ver. by Isntit2dreamy
YMMS (For Being So Perfect) - comi... by Jo Fanfiction
The comic version of the famous camren (Camila x Lauren) fanfiction 'You Make Me Sick - for being so perfect) written by laurenjauregvii. There's gonna be 8 scenes based...
Dawn by trapgodash
Dawn by Ash Teen Fiction
True love never has to hide.
Ghost In My Room by ParanoidSilence0927
Ghost In My Room by Lord Creason Paranormal
This story is about a kid named Cole that lives with a foster parent and a ghost. it starts when his real parents put him through a program to see if there's anything w...
The A Word <<  Niam with Zourry Triplets by WhenWeAreOne
The A Word << Niam with Zourry Tr... by Rayskiver Fanfiction
Where, Harry,Louis and Zayn are triplets.. they have their own special talents.. Louis plays Football, Harry loves to sing. But Zayn is a very special boy, he is autist...