Inevitable by tall_girl
Inevitable by Melissa
"It was inevitable . . ." Jack heard Axel murmur against his skin sending shivers across his entire being. ~ ~ ~ After moving to the town of New England with...
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tragic | 5SOS little sister by Dahlia_Piercings
tragic | 5SOS little sister by luhan trash
"I can help you. We can all help you as long as you let us," he whispers sympathetically, trying to calm me down. More tears well up in my eyes. I whimper...
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Baby Steps | Book One ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Baby Steps | Book One ✔ by Stephanie 👸🌴
Life isn't about the big accomplishments, it's the baby steps you take to get there. Ava thought she was invisible to the population of her high school, and maybe th...
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Hemmings Fake Girlfriend || Luke Hemmings ✔️ by amber_no3l
Hemmings Fake Girlfriend || Luke H... by amber
The unlikely hood of when an ordinary girl bumps into an Aussie celebrity while traveling...and somehow ends up becoming his fake girlfriend. ...
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Trapped With My Brothers by Nadineat2
Trapped With My Brothers by Nadine AT
"You'll move in with your brothers" With that one single sentence, my life turned upside down. I still don't know if it was for the worst or the best... But d...
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dacre montgomery gifs by -avxngers
dacre montgomery gifs by lauren - EXAM HIATUS
literally just a bunch of gifs of a fine specimen daily updates! highest ranking: #39 in random
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Trespassing On Trouble by TheWonderWeirdo
Trespassing On Trouble by ...
Highest in Teen Fiction: #144(1st of July 2017) ~ ~ ~ When faced with a problem don't push it aside, go on a frickin' shopping spree and change your wardrobe and your p...
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Groupchat by lowkeywilkinson
Groupchat by :)
*you were added to a groupchat* magcon groupchattttt This isn't just magcon but like ye
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Castella by SyahanisZ
Castella by SyahanisZ
Aku Castella. Aku hidup sebatang kara tapi aku tidak pernah bosan atau sedih. Ini hidup aku. Castella Armalena. Dunia aku. Tidak lama kemudian, masa depannya terasa gel...
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Business No More by Sadaf3232
Business No More by Sadaf3232
BOOK 2 OF THE 'It's Just Business' SERIES Every marriage comes with complications and Sam Anderson is about to learn that. Can he and Violet overcome the hurricane? When...
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The Cupcake Theory by theforgottonone
The Cupcake Theory by Em
HIGHEST RANK #71 IN HUMOR --- "Did you really take 16 cupcakes from the shop yesterday? " "Maybe.. "I look to see them staring at me in disbelief &q...
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My Stepbrother the Firefighter and Our Dog [mxm] [finished] by LuluTyler
My Stepbrother the Firefighter and... by LuluTyler
25 days till Christmas Day, 25 little chapters for you! Cedric just lost his house and found a dog. Good that he was saved by the hunky and fun Ian! But life is always m...
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As luck would have it (bondi rescue fanfic) by abistarxoxo
As luck would have it (bondi rescu... by abigail
UNDER EDITING-JULY 2016 Jorja Trini is a 22 year old, part time lifeguard from Britain who has dreamed of working at Bondi Beach for years, and as luck would have it, sh...
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True North by Blondeanddangerous
True North by Kate J. Squires
#1 Romance & Gen Fic! Emily is running from fame. Once a worldwide singing sensation, she has spent the last five years hiding from her past in a tiny mountain town. ...
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Little Leaps | Book Four ✎ by xFakingaSmilex
Little Leaps | Book Four ✎ by Stephanie 👸🌴
As their life turns towards a new adventure, secrets from Blake's past threaten their relationship once more. However, a hidden discovery might just be the thing to save...
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As They Rise (The Eva Series #1) by jenmariewilde
As They Rise (The Eva Series #1) by Jen Wilde
A Wattpad Featured story. As seen on The Huffington Post. Book One of The Eva Series, which has over 3M combined reads! A kick-ass young girl, a nation swarming with zom...
  • apocalypse
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Perfectly Flawed (re-writing) by booklovertash
Perfectly Flawed (re-writing) by booklovertash
#4 in General Fiction- Alex has not had the easiest life. After losing the love of his life he was forced to cope with not only her death, but his newborn son that came...
  • fatherhood
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The Millionaires Girl by bubbles_666
The Millionaires Girl by bubbles_666
Theo Rockwell is the most powerful man anyone will every meet. Everyone knows him and what he does. He has all the money anyone could ask for and the girls at the click...
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It Was Only A Kiss, Right? [BoyxBoy Romance.] by sophiejones123
It Was Only A Kiss, Right? [BoyxBo... by Sophie Jones
You wouldn't think that a silly old dare involving a kiss would make someone so crazy about the other, that everything just gets so confusing, would you? Well, for Jake...
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The Sheikh's Fantasy Girl - Completed. by JanVanEngen
The Sheikh's Fantasy Girl - Comple... by Jan Maree
Andie May can't believe when her agent calls and tells her, her best selling book has been picked up to be made into a movie. In United Arabs, with a producer's backing...
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