Tour bus [Shawn Mendes] by Emilyqveen
Tour bus [Shawn Mendes] by eqv_ Fanfiction
Being stuck with Shawn Mendes on tour doesn't sound that bad right?
And I Have Felt the Pain of Losing Who You Are by Drunk_Breadstick
And I Have Felt the Pain of Losing... by Alexa Fanfiction
Vampires Dinah and Normani come across a car accident, a baby being the only survivor. They raise her as their own. Now, a teenage Lauren returns home with her mothers...
Bitten By The Past (Camren) by luxurylolo
Bitten By The Past (Camren) by jaz Fanfiction
They both have some bad pasts. Camila Cabello, a new freshman at Miami University, meets Lauren Jauregui, a breathtaking Sophomore. They fall for each other, and get bi...
The BadGirl and The Badboy by unknown_panda_lover
The BadGirl and The Badboy by Baby Rae Teen Fiction
Westlake High School, has over 2,000 students it's your typical cliche school with the nerd's, goth's, emo's , geek's, popular's, and of course there's many more but the...
Austin Mahone Imagines by chelseamahone74
Austin Mahone Imagines by Chelsea Chandler Fanfiction
Imagines about Austin Mahone❤️I hope you enjoy them☺️. I put a lot of work into these :)
Shadow (Austin Mahone) by Bad_Boy_Hemmo
Shadow (Austin Mahone) by happy bb Fanfiction
Austin Mahone, the boy who has a major crush on Noah Bradley. Noah Bradley, the girl who doesn't know who Austin Mahone is. But will one trip change everything? Or will...
We Are A Secret (Camren) [Editing] by _eriiicaaaa_
We Are A Secret (Camren) [Editing] by _eriiicaaaa_ Fanfiction
Trailer available on YouTube: 18 year old Lauren Jauregui has been heartbroken too many times in her life. Her family moves to Florida and...
Friends with Benefits (Austin Mahone) by mahoneftclayton
Friends with Benefits (Austin Maho... by Be happy. Fanfiction
I was 'so innocent' to everyone including him. He said I could never be bad, well I'm proving him wrong. He said everything will be feeling less, no emotion towards each...
Justin Bieber Adopted Me ✔️ SLOWLY EDITING  by _Ann01
Justin Bieber Adopted Me ✔️ SLOWLY... by _Ann01 Fanfiction
READ AT YOUR OWN RISK THIS BOOK ISNT EDIT ‼️ only the first 3 Lily Gray a broken girl yet she dont show it her beautiful eyes been through allot specially since her pa...
Reflection: Adopted by Fifth Harmony by aestheticallybroken
Reflection: Adopted by Fifth Harmo... by dangerous woman∞ Fanfiction
When a Youtuber finds out that Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony is her cousin, she deals with the ups and downs of show biz, love, lies, and a whole new world.
The Playboy Husband (ON HOLD) by Miss_Rosario
The Playboy Husband (ON HOLD) by Allysha Fanfiction
Justin Bieber is the international pop star also known as; The Playboy. He's a man who could get any girl with a flash of his smile. Only girl who doesn't is Rose Rivera...
Why me? (Austin Mahone) by katiemich
Why me? (Austin Mahone) by Dani Fanfiction
Ashley Ridgell I was a simple girl with a simple life; father in the government, mother as a lawyer. My life was pretty good, almost perfect if you could call it that. ...
❤Austin Mahone Imagines❤ by Lovelovelove0125
❤Austin Mahone Imagines❤ by Mahone Random
New Book of Imagines called Book Two: Austin Mahone Imagines -lovelovelove0125
Her Assistant(Camren) by papilaurenn
Her Assistant(Camren) by sai Fanfiction
Her Assitant Photo cover @hiddenite1
Behind the Bracelets (Cameron Dallas/ JC Caylen FanFic)**EDITING** by LyssaDallas11
Behind the Bracelets (Cameron Dall... by high Fanfiction
Love doesn't last forever It was all a mistake One more cut Bye world This is a story about a girl named Alyssa. her parents are separated and she lives with her aunt an...
Promises Are Meant To Be Broken by BigBadSofty07
Promises Are Meant To Be Broken by NoHateJustLove Fanfiction
Y/N and Lauren were best friends since birth. They were inseparable. They did everything together. Even though Lauren was a year older than Y/N. But Lauren and her famil...
The Girl from the Bus (Camren AU)-*Discontinued* by omgalllybrooke
The Girl from the Bus (Camren AU)... by omgalllybrooke Fanfiction
Camila always saw the same girl on the bus. Even though they never spoke, Camila soon found herself intrigued by this girl. Will they end up becoming friends? Will the...
Secret Daughter // Shawn Mendes by arianagb02
Secret Daughter // Shawn Mendes by Shawn is daddy Fanfiction
Sequel to Virgin (read that book first) "I did what I thought was best for him. It was all for him" (You don't have to read the first book to read the sequel...
Second Chances {ACM} by mahonestars
Second Chances {ACM} by mahonestars Fanfiction
What happens when the school bad boy gets the innocent Emily Smith pregnant?
Mr. Mahone  by ameezy24
Mr. Mahone by ameezy24 Romance
I know I'm wrong but I can't help myself. {completed}