Address Me As Doctor  by intellectual212
Address Me As Doctor by intellectual212 Fanfiction
The Fourth Book In the More Than Friends Series, Deanna grapples with the recent loss of her father, moving to a Nashville for medical school, and getting adjusted to...
The Handy Man | August Alsina Fiction | by CrownedByCurls
The Handy Man | August Alsina Fict... by Joan Clayton Fanfiction
The title pretty much speaks for itself . The pictures being used in this book I have NO ownership of and belong to Tumblr and Google. @Nia.kf - Gianna Mosby @augustalsi...
Consequences  by g0ldenkurlz
Consequences by 💛 Fanfiction
Hazel is a girl who comes from a wealthy family and wants to be a makeup artist. August is a regular guy who just wants to continue getting money. When they cross paths...
Wall St. by QueenGoldChainz
Wall St. by Key Fanfiction
Not everything's meant to be so structured, right?
Jay's Anatomy by jayinspired19
Jay's Anatomy by jayinspired19 Fanfiction
Since Jay was a little girl, she always wanted to become a doctor. During her journey, she dealt with mental, physical, and emotional conflicts. When she finally reaches...
Heal Her by EljeraElias
Heal Her by † Romance
Maria Akachi, a very quiet - yet sweet girl who struggles her way through life along with her family. With them being broke, no succes seems to cross their paths; at lea...
Stay Loyal | August Alsina by asiabeexo
Stay Loyal | August Alsina by Outchea Fanfiction
The second book to Stay Down.. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVENT READ STAY DOWN FIRST. You'll be hella confused... Enjoy..
Nudes <August Alsina > by ddayjaa
Nudes by ddayjaa Fanfiction
Some girls get drunk, the cheat on their boyfriends, betray their friends, have one night stands. I get drunk, take a few pictures and the next day the whole school kno...
The Bodyguard by NalaniRose
The Bodyguard by Nalani Rose Fanfiction
After the unexpected death of her uncle, 21-year-old, Ivy Burgos' father assigns her a bodyguard. She is spoiled, temperamental, and pissed off. But, her father leaves h...
Black Kings 👑 by xxmarieeee
Abusive by shaderricka_taylor
Abusive by shaderricka_taylor Fanfiction
Mani is a girl who's in a abusive relationship she has been dealing with it for 2 years until she finally get away and get help from a man she don't know . Read the book...
Lonely | A.A FanFic Series by Niggabet
Lonely | A.A FanFic Series by mother of 1.19K+ 🌹 Fanfiction
{ Book one } Alexis is fifteen years old and her father is out for a business trip in Chicago, he has assigned her a babysitter, August. August is eighteen and doesn't l...
LIFE || a.a by CraveShaa
LIFE || a.a by CraveShaa Fanfiction
"Everybody's at war with different things, I'm at war with my own heart sometimes." - Tupac Shakur. ******************* August Anthony Alsina or 'LIFE' as he...
Playing Hard to Get (August Alsina Story) by _GuiltyPleasure_
Playing Hard to Get (August Alsina... by _GuiltyPleasure_ Fanfiction
Camila has never been the easy type. One day while she's out with her best friend she meets a guy by the name of "Young". Watch as they play the cat and mouse...
Love Me or Leave Me (Trilogy) (August Alsina) by Dijah_Love
Love Me or Leave Me (Trilogy) (Aug... by DijahLove. Fanfiction
Three months later, and three months pregnant, Simone finds herself at odds in life once again. Simone struggles with the idea of telling August about her pregnancy or k...
Baby By Me- August Alsina Fiction by tawanam
Baby By Me- August Alsina Fiction by tawanam Fanfiction
Mikaela Montgomery is the hottest party planner in Miami, being around celebrities is nothing new....until a run in with August changes both their lives in ways they cou...
Thoughts  by _WritingJewels17
Thoughts by _WritingJewels17 Random
Random things that just come to mind....🤷🏾‍♀️
One Shots by Clena_Rae
Wrong number (NBA youngboy) by Nyonix
10 Days With Him by jayinspired19
10 Days With Him by jayinspired19 Fanfiction
What would you do if you got to spend 10 days with the one and only? Inspired by a short dream.....