Querencia - Graphic Shop [CLOSED] by -rayofsunshine
Querencia - Graphic Shop [CLOSED]by Ray
[CLOSED] Querencia /kɛˈɹɛnsɪə/ (n.) : a place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home, the place where you are your most authentic self. Welcome to...
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Hello, Dear Audience || Diary of John || A Lams Fanfic by SmolJohnL
Hello, Dear Audience || Diary of SmolJohnL
"Hi, uh, I'm John. Sorry, I wrote a script for this but uh....I'm not really great a descriptions...sorry I'm nervous... Roll curtains please....? Oh, will someone...
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Deadpool X Spiderman yaoi picture book  by CPQ808
Deadpool X Spiderman yaoi Homicidal K&Q
Yaoi pictures of everyone's favourite Deadpool and Spiderman
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The AUDIENCE Reaction by Synestes
The AUDIENCE Reactionby Synestes
I do not own this characters or Darkky, They are belong to Lupisvulpes and Chaotic And thanks to her For inspiring me to write this book Hope you enjoy, Relax and calm C...
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Ninjago Truth or Dare {FINISHED} by RosalinaThorne
Ninjago Truth or Dare {FINISHED}by Rosalina Thornewood
This is my own Ninjago Truth or Dare! You guys comment a truth or dare you want me to ask the ninja, and then I'll put it in! Collaborators: @Phoenix-Light77 (@xXFox-N...
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Tsunayoshi's Past by SweetColdHeart101
Tsunayoshi's Pastby Rasheru Rokudzi (Ra-sama)
Yeah, we thought the Tsuna was just a dame, but...was he the loser before? A kind-hearted hitman just defeated the kicked out hitmans with black stains and fedoras with...
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Sugar Rush x Reader by Aldwynthefamiliar
Sugar Rush x Readerby Always Hope
May contain mature things. Characters used are not mine, nor is the art! Nothing except the writing!
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Tiz a Journal! (Behind the Scenes) by PvtSkittlez
Tiz a Journal! (Behind the Scenes)by Skittlez
Because I feel like it. I'm just gonna write down something whenever I feel like it. Might not have anything to do with the stories but just because I'm never uploading...
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Writer x reader (Audience Fan fiction) by Trevor70000000
Writer x reader (Audience Fan Deer boy ^-^
After the event at the parade, Shower has tried a few new things to hit Litho where it hurts most. How ever, Writer has tried to not be as afraid of Show. He never thoug...
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Audience - The Last Stand by Aldwynthefamiliar
Audience - The Last Standby Always Hope
Audience belongs to LupisVulpes, and the characters are not mine!! This story focuses on Sugar Rush. She is forced to live in this world, where others are preparing for...
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Showtime X Reader (Audience Fan fiction) by Trevor70000000
Showtime X Reader (Audience Fan Deer boy ^-^
In this world, (Y/N) is a new darky. You have no idea where you are; however, one thing is clear. Showtime is the only one that seems to have an interest in you.
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