Bad Girl With The Bad Boy  by hazleydunn
Bad Girl With The Bad Boy by hazleydunn Teen Fiction
"I don't know what you are doing to me." I look up and he is very serious. "Every girl wants a bad guy to be good just for her." I frown when he says...
The New Girl by LOVESTORIES1812
The New Girl by LoveStories Romance
After the death of her dad Hayley has to start over in a brand new town and a brand new school. She's a troublemaker, it's in her blood to think she can handle anyone a...
The Big Bad Alpha Claims Me | ✔️ by Cinnamontotheroll
The Big Bad Alpha Claims Me | ✔️ by K.W. Werewolf
It's not everyday you are kidnapped by one of the most powerful and dangerous Alphas around. To add to everything, he claims me as his and it's hard to resist someone li...
Unwanted Uneeded by flyinfox28
Unwanted Uneeded by Texas_Heart Werewolf
So. Here's the cliché story we all know. The girl is Human, Mute, the Omega, Runt or abused. Then my mate comes along and with a few problems I end up with kids! And I...
Yes, Sir. by heyitscelina
Yes, Sir. by Celina Romance
"You said you would do anything I said, so jump." I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist, holding onto his shoulders for support. "I'm going to mak...
Toxic Love ↭ Jason McCann (NEEDS EDITING) by jdbparadise
Toxic Love ↭ Jason McCann (NEEDS E... by nobody Fanfiction
Sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain... literally. © all rights reserved // jdbparadise
A List of 500 Character Quirks and Traits by Slightly_Strange
A List of 500 Character Quirks and... by Slightly_Strange Random
A little help for my fellow readers. Check out my other story:
You Are REjeCTeD! [completed] by Dazzling_nehu
You Are REjeCTeD! [completed] by fàşĺöññ_ñèhü Spiritual
The story of two bestie's AYEZA and NAILA... Their Ego towards their soulmate's EMIR and WAHAB. A blessed couple Ayeza & Emir, who are childhood crush of eachother...
Meet Mr. Nice Guy COMPLETED! <3 by PlayfullGhurl_17
Meet Mr. Nice Guy COMPLETED! <3 by diane ternida Teen Fiction
pano kung makakilala ka ng isang lalaking super duper as in to the highest level na parang AngeL na sya sa sobrang bait nya sa ibang tao.. pero pagdating sayo super dupe...
The Alpha's Young Mate by freeforevaz
The Alpha's Young Mate by freeforevaz Werewolf
Layla is 10 years. She is the youngest daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Crest pack. But the only thing that's bothering her is that she is bullied by everybody in her s...
Poor Little Rich Girl by Blossom_Peaches
Poor Little Rich Girl by Jessica Humor
Adalynn Prescott had it all. The friends, the boyfriend, the fame, the money, the attitude. She loves her live, living as the daughter of a world famous fashion designer...
3 dudes & a girl by writergirl99xo
3 dudes & a girl by writergirl99xo Teen Fiction
Aspen James is 16 years old and has 3 older brothers, John who is 25, Levi who is 21 and Rory who is 18. Up until their dad died, Aspen was never punished because she wa...
Revenge of the nerds by _Queenbookworm_
Revenge of the nerds by Aaliyah Allie👑 Humor
Meet the nerds. They literally get bullied every second of their day at school! ~•~ Willow Thomson. A shy,quite, introverted nerdy nerd. Summer Arthur. A nerd with a sma...
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This by BUBSTER_Na_Na_
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expec... by Savannah Werewolf
I was not expecting to turn into werewolf on my 16th birthday, definitely not expecting the word Mate to be real and very legit and like the god damn cherry on top my p...
His Delivery Chick by smoakly
His Delivery Chick by Trish Valentine Short Story
"It was basically love at first sight, but without the love and plenty of sightings." Semi-calm, cool, and collected Maxine Lane delivers pizza. Obnoxious, he...
She's The  Troublemaker by QueenDarcyy
She's The Troublemaker by Maahi Romance
[ Previously Known as The Billionaires Troublemaker ] Melissa Raykar , a girl who recently moved to New York , USA . A carefree girl, mostly a troublemaker usually clum...
Teaching Him  by souless_beauty
Teaching Him by Violet Shade Romance
She's bringing this CEO down to his knees.
#GIRLS FACTS  by queenxriya
#GIRLS FACTS by Heart_Stealer...❤ Random
Hiii guys!!!!❤ This my new random book based on girls. :) GIRLS FACT ;) And may some of you get your answers ... why girls are so mysterious ??? For the answer look insi...
She Did That by KissMyTale
She Did That by KissMyTale Romance
Riot is a player to the core. On a night that was supposed to be the greatest of his life, he gets rejected by Mariah. She's a girl with looks he's used to but personali...
The Merman's Slave(Completed!) by mermaidgirlg
The Merman's Slave(Completed!) by Queer King Random
16 year old Kena has a normal life. Like every other kid on Earth she so desperately looks forward to summer. She has a little sister, two happy parents and two supporti...