COBRA |Pharaoh Atem x Reader| ~LEMON / SMUT~ by heartofthecards
COBRA |Pharaoh Atem x Reader| Puzzleshipping!
Imagine. Pharaoh Atem making hot, steamy love to you. Hell yeah. And I made a little story around it to make it a little bit more realistic, because that's how I am. But...
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Atem x Reader {♡Completed♡} [[EDITING]] by Demonic_Dragon123
Atem x Reader {♡Completed♡} [[ Kuro💀
Pretty nice title right? XD Well Atem is now of age to marry (he's going to be 18 in this), as said by many of his subordinates. But out of all the princesses he's have...
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Love x3 by Explicitxpharoah
Love x3by Explicitxpharoah
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Millennium Lovers by -Arashi_
Millennium Loversby Arashi
Atem x reader Y/n was a slave. Sold by her parents to the palace so her older brother, Marik, would focus more on becoming a tomb keeper, instead of playing and taking c...
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Beauty and the Pharaoh by luckycharms
Beauty and the Pharaohby Thannujah Mathiy
May Khan's life was always pretty normal, but with final exams, prom and graduation looming around the corner, she didn't care much for anything except for getting out o...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots by IzADerpCookie
Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshotsby Fused With Fanfiction
Title says it all. Requests are C L O S E D! When they open again, you can request from: -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Yu-Gi-Oh GX -Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds More information about requests inside! Y...
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Would You Rather Remember? by Demonic_Dragon123
Would You Rather Remember?by Kuro💀
Sequel to Atem X Reader ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ After 5000 years of floating around the dark, (name) has seen a mysterious door that she opens only to arrive in present day, Domino City...
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Broken Reality (Atem x Reader) {COMPLETED} [Slowly Editing] by KawaiinessIsMe
Broken Reality (Atem x Reader) { ~Eternity~
It is now the time for Atem's departure. Silent tears fell from your face. It was hard for you to say goodbye. You loved him so, but he only saw you as a friend. I DO NO...
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The Eternal Love story (yami yugi x reader) by Cutie_pie_Lisa
The Eternal Love story (yami Neko Uzumaki!
In the heart of Egypt, love blooms between a pharaoh and a slave, On the fair land of England, the Grand Duke's daughter finds love in a person she has only met in her...
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Atem X Reader  by Raynbow028
Atem X Reader by Raynbow028
I don't own the pics, or the anime, this is just a fanfic This is my first book, so it maybe crappy, but please bare with me...😦Gomen😓.... but ye, hope u like it.
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The Reign of Yugi Muto by Puzzleshipper4Life
The Reign of Yugi Mutoby Puzzleshipper4Life
It's been 2 years since the Ceremonial Duel between Yami/Atem and Yugi. Yugi still hasn't gotten over that Yami has left for the afterlife and hasn't done a whole lot si...
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Who Knew? (Yami Yugi/AtemXOC and YugiXOC Love Story) by DragonsFairy
Who Knew? (Yami Yugi/AtemXOC and Miss Fighter
In an orphanage in America, there lives three siblings. one is a sixteen year old girl who has won several dueling competitions. One day the Kaibas decide to pay a visit...
  • seto
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Atem X Reader ( The Pharaoh And The Slave)  by Yugioh_Lover12
Atem X Reader ( The Pharaoh And Dragonwolf24
You are thrown back in time for a purpose..... all is confusing until you gaze upon the prince Atem... and your story begins. (again i'm bad at intros! bare with me! ^-^)
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The Alternative by JudeStarkeyMcCartney
The Alternativeby JudeStarkeyMcCartney
Transferring to a new University was supposed to be an exciting turning point in Yugi Mutou's life. Reuniting with old friends and making new ones sounded like a huge re...
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YU-GI-OH The Legendary Dragons Legion  by preafyx
YU-GI-OH The Legendary Dragons preafyx
This is a story of how a kid got in to a card game called YU-GI-OH and how it changed his life. By one deck of Armor Dragon and Synchro's till the whole world is in dang...
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Three Words Make One Heart (Yami X Yugi) by Ciel_and_Payten
Three Words Make One Heart (Yami Ciel And Payten
Yami stayed. Yes, he refused the afterlife. To stay with Yugi. Yami secretly had a small, alright, big crush on Yugi. He was the reason he saw the world it is now and no...
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Unsought Intensions by fem-gamer
Unsought Intensionsby fem-gamer
"It can't be over yet, I still have matters to take care of. I know that there's still something I need to do though I don't know exactly what that is yet. I need t...
  • yami
  • dark-themes
  • yamiyugi
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Saviors Of The Millenium (Yami X Reader) by WhatsBeingNormal
Saviors Of The Millenium (Yami X WhatsBeingNormal
this is a Yami x reader story. This is my first actual story hope you like it!!!!!
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  • yami
  • yu-gi-oh
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5,000 years back  by demonic_demongirl
5,000 years back by Yokai Fox Demon
Atem x Reader 5,000 years ago atem was walking down the Nile river when a girl his age bumped into him and her name was (e/n) the most beautiful girl atem had his eyes o...
  • love
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  • death
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Separated Worlds(Atem/Yami Yugi x Reader) by BlackRose5687
Separated Worlds(Atem/Yami Yugi BlackRose5687
Atem lives in a different dimension.He is the Pharaoh of Egypt.All girls are fangirling over him.His kingdom needs a queen.His father and his servants are trying to conv...
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