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* If committing a sin is so bad, then why does it feel so good?* ~ I'm not ashamed to have my face in a book allday! I absolutely love so many stories on Wattpad and I'm so addicted! Now that I'm writing my own, you guys can get a taste of my works. And if you guys do like my works, please let me know! Vote, comment, fan, inbox, or follow me! I love knowing that there are readers out there that like my stories. Personally, I didn't think my first one would get 50 reads, but it did and fast! Quite a few more stories to come... I honestly just write whats on my brain at the moment. I don't go hide away for days and cook up my stories. They come to me at the most odd, random times...for example: when I'm grocery shopping, I'll get an idea for a story or even a plot while I'm driving so I literally pull over to find pen (or eye liner) and paper so I don't lose it. LOL I'm also going through a very difficult time in my life right now so the updates will be slow, just a fair warning in advance. ;-) Thank you for giving my stories a chance and thank you for following and voting, I appreciate you all more than you know. *Blaze In His Eyes*-is based on true events. It's a story that I hold close to my heart and I wrote it roughly because it was difficult to write but I will be editing it soon, longer chapters. So please bear with me! Mwahh Thank you my readers.. *There is No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin* - xoxox Cheryl
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"The main rule of writing is, if you do it with enough assurance and confidence, you're allowed to do whatever you like." - Neil Gaiman. Hey there. My name's Gabrielle, self-proclaimed Jane of all Trades. I write, sing, draw and as of late, review books. Authors I adore are John Green, Rachel Vincent, Kelly Meding, Richelle Mead, Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armstrong, Stephen King, Rick Riodan, Suzanne Collins, Neil Gaiman, David Levithan, Tahereh Mafi, Leigh Bardugo and Liani Taylor. I mostly write Fantasy, but since I don't believe in forcing creativity into a niche, I also write sci-fi, contemporary fiction, and horror (short stories, mostly). I'm also considering trying my hand at historical fiction and steampunk. I'm not crazy active on here, but I'm always open to making new friends, so please, say hi if you're stopping by. I'll be nice, I promise :) You can like my Facebook page or follow my blog for regular updates. I sometimes post short stories and prompt stories on my blog, so if you ever want to request a one shot or something, my blog's the place to be. Personal blog: Review blog: Facebook:
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I'm not the best writer and I know that, so if you all want to give me some constructive criticism, I will love it! I just want to grow as a writer and I can't if I don't have some constructive criticisms. I hope you all enjoy my stories!! Part of the group Ethereal Magic Hot list: 1) The Girl in the Window: horror 2) Effie: paranormal 3) History Repeats Itself: paranormal 4) The Ice Princess: Elisheva: fantasy
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Are you afraid of the dark in editing process***
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eccedentesiast Harry is not just ''kind''. He's an angel, he's more than that. I'm always here if you need me. Just follow your dreams, they matter. Simply put - choose to live nice. Have courage and be kind.
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Hi, my name is Bea (Rebecca). Im a book nerd who LOVES to day dream!! I've been a fairly dedicated member of wattpad since 2010!! (Wattpad veteran :O) Born and bred in England, I'm currently doing an Access HE Course for a year so that I can do a degree in Creative Writing in 2017. I am serious about this writing malarky and my aspiration in life is to become a successful Author. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it! ಥuಥ Please love me! A huge heartfelt shout out to all my followers, voters and silent readers. THANK YOU! You make me realise that my writing is worth while and that I'm not the only one passionate about my ideas. You guys rock! (• ε •) Don't be afraid to add me on social networks, I'm very friendly. All my work is copyrighted. Please refer to copyright guidelines for more information. Please do not copy or play off of any aspect of my work. UPDATES: Please take into account delayed updates due to life's demands. Periods of no updates do not mean I have left or abandoned you. I promise. ♥ε ♥ Current Projects: Editing: Dale-Creek Hill Asylum (The Asylum Trilogy) In Progress: Ashley's Asylum, The Casanova's everything else is on hold. All of my work is in draft form, so please expect errors. These will be gradually removed after each piece is completed. Hit me up; Instagram:- Tumblr:- WeHeartit:- OR My rescue cats Instagram "_Mr_Mink" if you want to die of cuteness overload!! [Any and all feedback/comment means a lot so please do let me know how you feel about what you've read. I don't necessarily reply to all but I do read every comment made!]
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"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world." ― C.S. Lewis There's not much to say about me. I get about 80% of my writing inspiration from horror video games and 90's campy horror movies. The rest is pulled from urban legends and historical mysteries. I guess what I should say is, if it's creepy, I'm all in. I'm fond of storms, the cold, scary movies and video games, Anthony Hopkins, Cillian Murphy, post-apocalyptic dystopian stories, ghost stories, old houses and buildings, and Chinese food. I love Jesus. I like these folks : @ashutoshmoru @DavidJThirteen @Kuronoshio @CLLeMay @magpiewriter @JSBennett @VioletMyth @Godhand | B U R L A P | #2 in Horror - 02/17/14 #4 in Mystery/Thriller - 03/02/14 | N U M B E R 1 5 8 | #37 in Action - 03/24/14 #39 in Spiritual - 03/24/14 | B U L L E T | #15 in Mystery/Thriller - 05/05/15
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Hallo ich freue mich das mir diese Seite empfohlen wurde, da ich schon immer gerne geschrieben habe... Auch male und zeichne ich für mein Leben gern und werde deswegen auch ein paar Bilder reinstellen kommt halt darauf an wie es euch gefällt. Ich bin verrückt. Ich könnte mein Leben lang nur den Sternenhimmel betrachten. Ich will Astronaut werden. Ich werde kein Astronaut werden. Wenn ich nachdenke könnte ich durchdrehen oder lachen. Ich lache. Meine Liebe zu Schokolade ist mir ins Herz geschrieben. Ich weiß nicht viel. Ich will mehr wissen. Ich habe einen zirbel. Du bist hier auf meinem Profil. Setze dich da hin wo du dich wohl fühlst. Nehme dir ein Stück Schokolade. Wenn du keine Schokolade magst treibe die Dämonen in dir aus. Mache dir eine warme Milch mit Honig. Lehne dich zurück und träume ein bisschen vor dich hin und lese erst eine Geschichte auf meinem Profil wenn ein Wort darin vor kommt. Atme tief ein habe ich vergessen was ich sagen wollte. Habich schon erwähnt das ich verrückt bin? Übrigens wer Rechtschreibfehler findet darf sie behalten und bei E-bey versteigern Ich bin Legastheniekerin
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ModernJoMarch's second account Outlawry's highest Ranking in Mystery/Thriller: #3 Outlier's highest Ranking in Mystery/Thriller: #55 I write more than I read Instagram: @papa_allie Facebook: Allison Cleman Twitter: Allison Cleman / Antagonist Main Wattpad: ModernJoMarch Snapchat: masqueradeqeen1 (no u in queen I fucked up when I made it) YouTube: Allison Cleman Pinterest: Allison Cleman Met Norman Reedus 4/08/16 and got my picture with him!