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I'm a full-time independent fantasy author who specializes in geeky heroines, adventure, and explosions. Yes, my characters aren't happy if they aren't blowing something up. I have ten novels and several shorter works out. My Flash Gold novellas and Emperor's Edge series are my most popular stories. You can find the reading order and more information at: Or you can pick up my stories at: You can connect with me here or at... If you enjoy my stories, you can also hang out with other readers on the Emperor's Edge Fan Forum:
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As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم I am from United Arab Emirates, Dubai. I love to write yep that's bout it... Enjoy reading my stories! وأقول لنفسي: سيطلع من عتمتي قمر ●๑۞๑════════●♥●════════๑۞๑● - My story Bite the Bullet in wattpad SOLDIER STORY list. - My interview -Best story on wattpad - Interview ●๑۞๑════════●♥●════════๑۞๑● My Instagram account @Queens_realm
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Stories about assassins and stuff I don't update very often (DONT HIT ME) I like to read I draw a bit
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You can call me Chess; I try to write whenever I'm not playing video games and I have a habit of naming my stories after songs. 21/leo/isfp. {"If writing seems hard, it's because it is hard. It's one of the hardest things people do." - William Zinsser} I'm also on AO3 - FrostySummers
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I'm silent but deadly. I like to kick ass while being modest. I'm pretty confident and chill. I love to write and learn new things. I like sarcastic, clever, and twisted humor. I like gothic and horror centered themes. Tomboy in a girly package. Action, horror, and martial arts films over chick flicks any day. My ultimate goal in life is to be loved and love others. Some basic things to know about me: I'm a black woman and proud of it! I'm 5'9.5" or 5'10" tall I'm a Capricorn I'm in college I'm an only child I have a similar personality to Lana Kane from Archer Favorite color is red I love dogs and I have a female yorkie and female chihuahua I love sweets I hate people who disrespect me or wastes my time I like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez movies I have a tattoo of (Cyborg) Noodle from Gorillaz on my left shoulder My dream is to be a published writer
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I'm nobody... just another nut in the basket. Reading is a great love of mine. To escape into a world that someone else created is incredible. Writing has become a fun pastime that I thought I'd never attempt. Glad I did.
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"They think you are cracked. But I believe it's time you show you have filled in the holes," Nobody knows me. They don't know the things that really go on in my head when I talk to people. -Founder of @TAWO or The Adult Writers Organization -Admin of @ProjectDarkFantasies -Admin of @Gentlemen's Project -Admin of @ProjectMature -Supporter of #FreeMentalIllness -Critic and editor I am an artist, a writer, a fighter, a lover, a dreamer. Mostly importantly, I am me, myself, and I. No one will ever take that away from me. Don't forget to be yourself no matter what anyone tells you. Books from Project Inspire Series: - Kill Him with Kindness - ongoing - Innocent till Proven Guilty - ongoing - Beg for Mercy - coming soon - The Empire: short stories - coming soon - The Killers: short stories - coming soon Stand Alone Novels: - The Heart of Alexander - ongoing -One-Shots of the Centuries- coming soon - Population Zero - on hold - The 9th Hope - on hold Favorite Music Taste: Halsey Sleeping Wolf Melanie Martinez Lana Del Rey The Naked and Famous Alt-J Sia Tove Lo The Night Terrors of 1927 Movies: Romancing the Stone Les Misérables The Labyrinth Into the West Legend Forest Gump TV Shows: Once Upon a Time Reign Game of Thrones Favorite Books (print books): Erotica 😉😉😉 Splintered Series by AG Howard The Selection Series by Kiera Cass The Jumbee by Pamela Keyes And anything by Margaret George 😀
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Assassin's Creed,Percy Jackson, Inuyasha, Shizaya, Akakuro ,KHR, Bleach, Naruto, HTTYD, Shifters, FMA, Haikyuu