Karma x Reader (One-shots) by Endless_Joy
Karma x Reader (One-shots)by Enna
"Am i not enough?" You looked at Karma, holding Okuda protectively who is watching in fear. Karma just looked down and you trying to comprehend why he's doing...
  • romance
  • octopus
  • kayano
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Some Teacher by RaaorQtpbpdy
Some Teacherby Raaor!
"Nagisa-sensei, why did you decide to be a teacher?" Kirasaya asked. "It was in middle school," Nagisa said fondly, "I had an amazing teacher...
  • ocsforstudents
  • karmaakabane
  • students
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Melting the Iced Heart of A Princess  • Assassination Classroom X Reader • by choco_lover512
Melting the Iced Heart of A iced_coffeeee
[Ansatsu Kyoushitsu x Reader] ( • з • ) ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ "Minna-san, I think this is the new transferred student. Come in now. Nyurufufufu~" Koro-sensei said. H...
  • xreader
  • assclassxreader
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
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Karma x Reader Innocent Loli by Shiro_5
Karma x Reader Innocent Loliby Akame Shirokami
1st Book ⚠WARNING!!⚠ Cringe OOC Weird Bit of Incest Those who want the reader to have big boobs, don't read it -_- cause it's called Innocent LOLI (You don't like the wa...
  • karmaakabane
  • fanfiction
  • innocentreader
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No [Karma x Reader] by sheimae1421nalu
No [Karma x Reader]by The Blue Potato
You've been a part of class 3E for awhile now. And when someone asks you if you like someone, you say "No". (UNDERGOING EDITING)
  • akabanekarma
  • love
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
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my personal maid { Karma x Nagisa } by animeshipperr
my personal maid { Karma x Nagisa }by a.s
  • karma
  • anime
  • gay
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Once Upon an Assassin (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Fanfic) by Trufflerabbit13
Once Upon an Assassin (Ansatsu Trufflerabbit13
Because of her Mother's sudden words of being "Homesick", Konomi's father suddenly decided to move to Tokyo where his wife previously lived. After being enrol...
  • nagisa
  • akabanekarma
  • manga
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Karma x reader by Alysss01
Karma x readerby Alyss
Once you get placed in class 3E due to 'bad behavior' you'll get the mission to execute your teacher. How could this be real?! And even a reward for the people that did...
  • karma
  • karma-kun
  • assasinationclassroom
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Can I Fall Back on You? (Karma Akabane x Reader) by Shadowhuskies
Can I Fall Back on You? (Karma Some Lazy Anime Trash
*ALL CHARACTERS BESIDES YOU AND ANY OC'S BELONG TO YŪSEI MATSUI!* L/n Y/n was a learning assassin in class 3-E along with her classmates. In her second year she was plac...
  • korosensei
  • rionakamura
  • assassinationclassroom
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Red Shadow( Assassination Classroom Fanfic) by Sobra202
Red Shadow( Assassination Skyla
Inaba Amane is a girl with long light pink hair, and sky blue eyes, and she's an assassin. She had killed people since she was three years old, and her first assassinat...
  • akabanekarma
  • assassinationclassroom
  • red
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Assassination Classroom scenarios + oneshots by Kuurochii
Assassination Classroom Kuuro™
[ ON GOING ] - [ scenario / oneshot ; assclass ] scenario sɪˈnɑːrɪəʊ/ noun Well.... Imagine your favourite (or your husband) reacting to a certain event! What...
  • maehara
  • xreader
  • asanogakuushuu
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Assassination Classroom x Reader | One Shots | (Seven Minutes in Heaven) by tentacle_heart
Assassination Classroom x Reader | DeluxeToasterBagel
So...hi Just one shots of the reader with the different people in Assassination Classroom. You're basically at a party and playing seven minutes in heaven. I write the...
  • assassinationclassroomxreader
  • assassinationclassroom
  • oneshot
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Karasuma's Daughter (Karma Akabane x Reader) by MoonOfspringtime
Karasuma's Daughter (Karma Teorica Spring
(Y/N) Karasuma was an assassin, not a pro, but still an assassin. She was given a mission to assassinate the invincible perverted octopus teacher of class 3-E. A.k.a the...
  • action
  • karmaxreader
  • koro-sensei
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The Mafia Teacher by ODDstar
The Mafia Teacherby Kimie Ishikawa
"Maybe, in some parallel universe...we are still together...and so very happy." - Anonymous
  • assassinationclassroom
  • family
  • humor
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The Lilac Shadow (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Fanfiction) by Aqua_Hearts
The Lilac Shadow (Ansatsu Aqua💕Sophia
[Completed and SOMEWHAT Edited on August 29, 2016] [Book 2: The Lost Shadow, completed on January 24, 2017] [Koro-Sensei Q! Spin-Off at the end] "You are an assassi...
  • blood
  • pain
  • koro-senseiquest
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Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader} by FairyTailMage2004
Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader}by Ronnie Biersack
'Horrible. That's what my life is. Horrible.' (Y/n) (L/n) is a 14-year-old girl that recently got moved down to the lowest class of her school, Kunugigaoka Junior High...
  • idkwhattoputhere
  • akabane
  • otaku
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Assassination Classroom ~ After Story ~ by AliceCythia
Assassination Classroom ~ After AliceCythia
This is a story about Nagisa with his students at Gokuraku Municipal High School. Seven years has passed after the whole assassination .Shiota Nagisa, the former studen...
  • family
  • action
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
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The Shy Girl And The Sadist  by piercethedomino
The Shy Girl And The Sadist by Stories
(Y/N) gets transferred into the E-Class due to her drop of grades. She hardly ever talks to people in the E-Class, she prefers being alone One faithful day When Akabane...
  • anime
  • karmaxreader
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
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Assassination Classroom One Shots (Various x Reader) by fukuiryou
Assassination Classroom One hiatus
A collection of one shots of your favorite male characters in Assassination Classroom :D Requests are closed. I do not own Assassination Classroom or the pictures or yo...
  • oneshots
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • xreader
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Assassination Classroom Lemons And One-Shot by _JanayAlice-Mei_
Assassination Classroom Lemons Homicidal Liu
Okay I have seen that their isn't many lemons but a lot of one shots Also warning this is gonna be a lemon. So if you don't like lemons then don't read. This will be fo...
  • lemon
  • assassinationclassroom
  • asanogakusu
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