Mine Forever! (Xenovia x Male! Saiyan Reader! by totallynotdeadlol
Mine Forever! (Xenovia x Male! Sai... by Totally Fanfiction
The last Saiyan, (y/n), only wants one thing in life: To fight, and defeat, only the strongest of opponents. When his search to fight the strongest leads his to Rias Gre...
Adopted  by team 10 by TimiAdeyemo
The Disadvantages of Being Asian by Easter_Lily
The Disadvantages of Being Asian by (。・ω・。) Non-Fiction
Stories about my personal experiences regarding my race and ethnicity and relatable situations many Asians can relate to. If you are against racism, this might be a perf...
Rooming With Ash by IziKing
Rooming With Ash by IziKing Teen Fiction
[WARNING, i wrote this book when i was like 13, so i recommend you don't read it, it's honestly shit] "Why did you change?" I asked. "Because of this girl...
Shades of You & I (An Interracial Romance) by DreamOutLoud23
Shades of You & I (An Interracial... by DreamOutLoud23 Teen Fiction
"I'm sorry Asia, but I will never accept you and I won't allow this relationship. You're too black and he is too white. End of discussion." The one line that c...
koreaboo and kpop by seaseok
koreaboo and kpop by ー Non-Fiction
a whole book for Koreaboo.
Lucifer|Highschool Dxd| OCxHarem by give-me-cookies
Lucifer|Highschool Dxd| OCxHarem by give-me-cookies Fanfiction
what if Grayfia wasn't supposed to marry Sirzechs but someone else and after his supposed death she was forced to marry Sirzechs. How would this person's return mean to...
A Sparkly Encounter (A JongKey Fanfic) by jann-itionary
A Sparkly Encounter (A JongKey Fan... by Jannjay Fanfiction
JongHyun is a college student struggling to live on his own and keep up with his studies. When he meets Key in a chance encounter he thinks that there's no one more anno...
You Don't Have To Be A Bad Girl Jungkook X Reader //EDITING  by Depressed_Young_One
You Don't Have To Be A Bad Girl Ju... by CeeJee Fanfiction
\\EDITING// You were a new student at Seoul High-school and you were a trouble maker. You met a boy who wanted to change your life for the better. //Cringe// Oh God...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Ling's Diary  by APH-Fem_Hong_Kong
Ling's Diary by Ling Chen Humor
this is a place for Ling to put her thoughts
Three Kingdoms SAGA ☆ Original Version by JCWang
Three Kingdoms SAGA ☆ Original Ver... by J. C. Wang Historical Fiction
Instead of "oh my God," the Chinese people say "oh my Tian" because the character Tian 天 combines both God and Heaven.
A Love Story Because Of Vanguard  (A Cardfight!! Vanguard Fanfiction) by TheKawaiiAngel
A Love Story Because Of Vanguard... by Chihana Crystalday (Mango-han... Fanfiction
In a flick of a hand, as long as Fate wanted it, Fate can change your point of view towards something. It can either make you love it... Or hate it. Well, that's what ex...
ASIAN FACE CLAIMS by samikhediras
ASIAN FACE CLAIMS by ˗ˏˋdixie ˎˊ˗ Random
Rejected Prince by Alcione02
Rejected Prince by Lanz Guevara Werewolf
Creon, the calm and collected prince. Unlike his other siblings, he liked being in the infirmary, learning things as he grow up. He became a doctor. For both humans an...
Dream of a Dynasty by Laney89
Dream of a Dynasty by Cyrielle Sun General Fiction
Mong Dynasty thrived for centuries. However, like many powerful families, rifts and the temptation of power slowly eroded away the golden aura and revealed the cracks of...
Violet Eyed Apocalypse {COMPLETED} by breathtaker
Violet Eyed Apocalypse {COMPLETED} by breathtaker Science Fiction
Many people didn't believe the destruction of the earth would arrive. And no one was prepared when the entire universe was engulfed in a sick plague inflicted by the inc...
Desi Confessions - Being Indian by Sany1318
Desi Confessions - Being Indian by Sany1318 Random
Confessions of a Proud Indian teenager- all that stuff desis go through in their life. Hope you can relate to it and even if you can't, hope this tickles your funny bon...
Koneko's Brother by 0Visavi0
Koneko's Brother by 0Visavi0 Fanfiction
When Koneko was still young, she was separated from her twin brother. How will she cope when she finds him?
highschool dxd x male reader by ichigo1214
highschool dxd x male reader by Souless insanity 愛 Random
(MN) was a hybrid of a human and a ghoul, he possessed the 3 heavenly dragon which was very unusual that led to devils etc. to find and kill him there r 5 heavenly drago...