Hyodou issei: Hijo de Geat Red y Ophis Ouroboros by MatiiRestre
Hyodou issei: Hijo de Geat Red y O... by Mateo Restrepo
a la shit lean si quieren saber de que se trata la historia
  • ophis
  • akeno
  • harem
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A summer's adventure in Vietnam by user35860838
A summer's adventure in Vietnam by BTS Addict-
Based on a memoir of my life-changing summer across the world. Even though I say fiction, these are loosely my memories and experiences from the best months of my life...
  • vietnam
  • asia
  • vacation
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Wild by biyubiyubiyu
Wild by Biyu
"She'd sooner be a commander than a concubine!" A tale of an arrogant prince, a wild foreigner and a journey that could unify not only a family but two nations...
  • lovetriangle
  • royalty
  • korea
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The many things I hate about you by Rei-_San
The many things I hate about you by Rēį_Šåñ
1) You're gorgeous 2) Everyone's all over you 3) You can always get what you want when you want 4) what's not to love?
  • romantic
  • japanese
  • japan
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DAYS by ieecrvn
DAYS by ieecrvn
"Eyes can capture everything that cameras cannot." - Victorina Marquez Date Started: 31st of December 2017 Date Finished: -- of ------- ----
  • timetravel
  • history
  • asia
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Undercover (Bts Jungkook Fanfiction) by Emalijohn
Undercover (Bts Jungkook Fanfictio... by Emalijohn
This is a story of a famous band member who went undercover with his band to a school because they was forced by their agency
  • koreanband
  • asia
  • votenow
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learning korean by jacksonsbby
learning korean by chunhua
I'm not fluent yet but I'm learning and going to be taking classes soon but I can teach you want I do know!
  • korean
  • asian
  • kpop
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'¿Por qué solo miran el color de mi piel?' HISTORIA ORIGINAL. TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS.
  • sad
  • kpop
  • historia
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* bts club by MllNYOONGll
* bts club by noel
"how long until our children realize who their friends' parents are?" Rather quick updates if I do say so myself ✨
  • minyoongi
  • btsfanfic
  • kimtaehyung
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She by taramagar_63
She by Tara Magar
It's A dreaming girl who has very anonymous thoughts on everything
  • asia
  • nepal
  • poetry
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sakura ❀ harry styles by artofmichael
sakura ❀ harry styles by ophelia
❝Sakura.❞ ❝Huh?❞, Harry asked in confusion. ❝These are called sakura, also known as cherry blossom.❞ Harry stopped walking and examined the trees. ❝Overwhelmingly beaut...
  • sakura
  • harry
  • onedirection
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Magical Ethnic Terrain by Chey888877
Magical Ethnic Terrain by Cheyenne
In a distant, fantasy world far away Is where the many ethnic fairies, come to play
  • diverse
  • different
  • fairy
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My Love History With Rossweisse-sensei by InesperadoAdd
My Love History With Rossweisse-se... by InesperadoAdd
Esta historia relata como Issei Hyoudou se enamora de su profesora de historia, Rossweisse. El siempre le ha gustado desde que ella vino a ejercer su trabajo en su acade...
  • kuoh
  • issei
  • akeno
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Mistakes That Non-Korean People Make by KoreanTranslation
Mistakes That Non-Korean People Ma... by Korean Translation
This book was created to help people who are learning Korean :)
  • study
  • asia
  • korea
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Shuli Go Stories Vol. 3: The Stories They Tell by NadiaSeliah
Shuli Go Stories Vol. 3: The Stori... by Nadia Seliah
Zhao Lian is a sheriff without a county. A member of an old magical order called the Shuli Go, she was raised to uphold the law and protect her fellow citizens. But afte...
  • magic
  • asian
  • novellette
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This is our Tradition {Kingdom Hearts story} by Wondersketch23
This is our Tradition {Kingdom Hea... by Wonder
Rare beauty from far... He is the finest young man in Xiao Wei. A glance of him, the city falls; another glance leaves the nation in ruins. There is no city nor nation t...
  • riku
  • kingdomhearts
  • asia
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New Year, New Me by AegyoAestheticss
New Year, New Me by AegyoAestheticss
When Yuri moves from South Korea to Los Angeles looking for a more sturdy job, home and community, she meets who she didn't think she would. Disclaimer - I was born and...
  • cute
  • wendy
  • redvelvet
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ကၽြန္ေတာ္အရမ္းခ်စ္တာ "ကို"သိလား by user71909078
ကၽြန္ေတာ္အရမ္းခ်စ္တာ "ကို"သိလား by
ေနခ ဆိုေသာ ဂ်စ္ကန္ကန္ ႐ိုး႐ိုးေအးေအးေကာင္ေလးနဲ႔ ရဲရင့္ဆိုေသာ ရင့္က်က္တည္ၾကည္ေသာေကာင္ေလးတို႔ႏွစ္ဦးအၾကား ရႈပ္ေထြးမႈ ။ေကာက္က်စ္မႈ ။ၾကင္နာမႈမ်ား နဲ႔ အတူ ျဖစ္ေပၚလာေသာအခ်စ္စြ...
  • myanmaryaoi
  • asia
  • myanmar
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When the crazy kicks in by Ptxlover236
When the crazy kicks in by PTXlover236
The PTX family live in a HUGE house together with their kids. All together they have 7 kids living in the house. They still have Pentatonix going but they weren't what t...
  • kendall
  • mackenzie
  • kalani
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The Legend Of The Iron Dragon by TarahTheDragonslayer
The Legend Of The Iron Dragon by Moon child 🌙🌌
Mai is torn between two choices. What's right for the world and what's right for her. Living in a palace filled with only boys had been Mai's life. She fought to prove h...
  • action
  • kungfu
  • emperor
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