Mermaids  A.I by 5SOSIsMyWholeLife_
Mermaids A.I by Kaitlynne❤️ Romance
I walked to the edge of the deep blue ocean when all of a sudden an arm shot out of the water and pressed against my leg. I grabbed my leg, silent for a second as I saw...
PUBLICITY| | afi by unknown5sosfangirl
PUBLICITY| | afi by unknown5sosfangirl Fanfiction
"I love you" "Your love is fake " "No it's not" "Ashton , it's a publicity stunt ...of course it is"
Forever And Always // a.i. by CheyenneWagner9
Forever And Always // a.i. by Cheyenne Wagner Fanfiction
When Cheyenne moves to Australia she meets new people and has a major crush on drummer Ashton Irwin. Will she be able to trust Ashton or will he ruin everything in her l...
Sex / A. Irwin {new version} by graphicharry
Sex / A. Irwin {new version} by Andi Fanfiction
How did you know I was the one? She asked me. I wanted to tell her that it was because of the way she smiled. I wanted to tell her that it was because her laugh lit up a...
Good Girls~A 5 Seconds of Summer Fanfiction by pink_purple_pandas
• Next Door • Ashton Irwin Fanfic • A.F.I • by CalumsLight
Bullied | irwin by heytherehemmings
Bullied | irwin by lauren Fanfiction
❝And all this time when I thought I was the one broken, he was already shattered into pieces.❞ © heytherehemmings 2016
Flipped~5SOS fan fiction~ by Emily_The_Penguin
Flipped~5SOS fan fiction~ by Em Fanfiction
Bella, Leslie, and Emily didn't ever think they would meet the boys that saved their lives until August 7th. These girls came 15 hours away just to see the boys, that t...
What You Left - Ashton Irwin by cxlumhxxdtrxsh
What You Left - Ashton Irwin by H A N N A Fanfiction
"Excuse me," you said to me. "Your shoe is untied." I allowed you to tie my shoe, take me on a date, steal my heart, and leave me with a broken he...
My Brother's Best Friend by AMROSE98
My Brother's Best Friend by AMROSE98 Fanfiction
Stacia Hood has always had a crush on her brother's best friend, Ashton. She wanted to keep it a secret for as long as possible; from not only Ashton, but her brother as...
Desire || Harry Styles & Ashton Irwin fanfiction by larryfeeellss
Desire || Harry Styles & Ashton Ir... by Jessica Worden Fanfiction
You can make me forget for a little while but you can't make me forget forever.
Story of broken hearts  by lostlarkspur
Story of broken hearts by Delphinium Fanfiction
Corella's heart was broken time and time again making her lose her ability to trust. When drummer Ashton Irwin comes into her life, can she find a way to love again?
Charming The Prince by PrettyAndDamned
Charming The Prince by Petra Fanfiction
Since Prince Ashton recently turned 20, his parents, the king and queen of Australia, want him to marry soon. So they invite five of the most richest princesses in the w...
Easels || a.f.i by stressed-out-vessels
Easels || a.f.i by Castaway ✨ Fanfiction
His hands were blue and yellow and green and Red And his soul was painted like his canvas hands never clean and when he sketched the sky it always got a little darker...
That One Day by KKitkatk
That One Day by Lonely Loner Panda Fanfiction
I started to walk out of the shop when my picture flew out of my hands I run after them not looking where I was going then I run into him. He changed my life completely...
Try by foreverkayv
Try by Kayla Marie ChickLit
Vancouver is Clare's chance to break out and find herself away from the world her parents have created. When she meets a certain boy with a few addictions, her first ye...
The child of ashton fanfiction by taylor_grace98
The child of ashton fanfiction by taylor_grace98 Teen Fiction
You have a child it's Ashton's but he has no idea
Here || a.irwin au by whereyoubelong
Here || a.irwin au by whereyoubelong Fanfiction
A lonely boy lays eyes on a girl he knows he'll never have a chance with. But that changes once this girl's whole life is turned around by one tragic mistake. (MATURE SE...
Just You Wait by Evelyn-Galvan
Just You Wait by ErocticLoon Fanfiction
Best friend, Ashton, writes a long love letter to his dead best friend, Audrey, who he secretly loves, but this love letter turns out to be quite more than what it's mea...
If You Don't Know; by punksicle
If You Don't Know; by Gracie Richens Teen Fiction
She is unsure about him, she didn't need the comfort of boys, parties and gossip. He gives up everything to get her attention. She doesn't know. Should he just let go?