Sex / A. Irwin {new version} by graphicharry
Sex / A. Irwin {new version} by Andi Fanfiction
How did you know I was the one? She asked me. I wanted to tell her that it was because of the way she smiled. I wanted to tell her that it was because her laugh lit up a...
Just You Wait by Evelyn-Galvan
Just You Wait by ErocticLoon Fanfiction
Best friend, Ashton, writes a long love letter to his dead best friend, Audrey, who he secretly loves, but this love letter turns out to be quite more than what it's mea...
Flipped~5SOS fan fiction~ by Emily_The_Penguin
Flipped~5SOS fan fiction~ by Em Fanfiction
Bella, Leslie, and Emily didn't ever think they would meet the boys that saved their lives until August 7th. These girls came 15 hours away just to see the boys, that t...
Bullied | irwin by heytherehemmings
Bullied | irwin by lauren Fanfiction
❝And all this time when I thought I was the one broken, he was already shattered into pieces.❞ © heytherehemmings 2016
PUBLICITY| | afi by unknown5sosfangirl
PUBLICITY| | afi by unknown5sosfangirl Fanfiction
"I love you" "Your love is fake " "No it's not" "Ashton , it's a publicity stunt ...of course it is"