Rise Only to Fall (Thor: Ragnarok) by StrangeLittleWorld
Rise Only to Fall (Thor: Ragnarok)by Aria
!!UNDER MAJOR EDITING SOON!! She was there when Hela was born. She was there during the wars they waged together. She was there when Odin banished Hela and she was there...
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  • hulk
  • goddesses
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Tom Hiddleston / Loki Imagines by acefury
Tom Hiddleston / Loki Imaginesby Ace Fury
Just a writing outlet for one of my favorite actors and characters of all time. I do not own Tom, Loki, or any other fictional characters mentioned, referenced, or used...
  • laufeyson
  • tomhiddleston
  • avengers
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For a Child by Mae_the_force
For a Childby Olivia Potter
  • rowan
  • asgard
  • loki
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Can't Resist ► Loki Laufeyson [ON HOLD] by Solovey-
Can't Resist ► Loki Laufeyson [ Solovey
Based on Thor Ragnarok And goes into Infinity War Dinah Drake, a woman with a troubled past, was kidnapped from her home planet, earth, and was left on a unknown planet...
  • thorragnarok
  • ragnarok
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Avengers imagines/preferences by Fluffersnaps
Avengers imagines/preferencesby 🌸💕Fluffersnaps💕🌸
Ft: Steve Rogers Tony Stark Clint Baron Thor Odinson Loki Bucky Barnes Bruce Banner Peter Parker Pietro Maximoff Sam Wilson Scott Lang T'Challa
  • bruce
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The Lost Princess of Asgard by marvel-ous
The Lost Princess of Asgardby ɥpǝʇs
You've all heard the stories of Thor...or Loki, but you've never heard mine. My name is Astryd Odindittir. I am the lost princess of Asgard. *Takes place during Thor...
  • thorodinson
  • loki
  • asgard
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The Hunter ➳ Bucky Barnes by SteveandTheDiamonds
The Hunter ➳ Bucky Barnesby Margaery Tyrell
{Book 1} The story of an asgardian princess and a broken man [under heavy editing]
  • captainamerica
  • romance
  • avengers
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Winter's Star (Starfire x Winter Soldier) by insaneredhead
Winter's Star (Starfire x Winter insaneredhead
Koriand'r is the younger sister of Loki and Thor and the beloved Star of Asgard, but she sneaks out of Asgard to see Midgard and ends up captured by Hydra during WW2, wh...
  • koriandr
  • loki
  • zola
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Superheroes {Loki Laufeyson - Ragnarok} by DalvieCurtis
Superheroes {Loki Laufeyson - R A D I A N T
"NOW LIGHT A MATCH, STAND BACK, WATCH 'EM EXPLODE" // MIRA LAM is a fiery hothead who doesn't exactly give two cents about the world around her. That is, unti...
  • lokilaufeyson
  • cora
  • combustion
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Tom Hiddleston and Loki Imagines - Bk. 2 by acefury
Tom Hiddleston and Loki Ace Fury
My second TWH/Loki imagine book. Some imagines may be based on the first book. . I do not own Marvel, Tom, or any other allusions that happen to be mentioned through th...
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WARRIOR ▹ L. LAUFEYSON [1] by bloodrose
❝ WHAT KIND OF GOD ARE YOU? ❞ ❝ A GOD KILLER. ❞ ©bloodrose cover inspiration : @BonitaRouge marvel cinematic universe | DC loki lau...
  • mischief
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Powerlessness  ( Loki x Reader ) by PoeticMindsEye
Powerlessness ( Loki x Reader )by Lotus.
"You could destroy me, destroy Thor, my father; all of Asgard! With the snap of your fingers..... Yet you carry yourself, a fly with no wings. Why?" "Bec...
  • hawkeye
  • ironman
  • ynstories
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Loki Imagines (Loki X Reader) by Lokis_ice_rose
Loki Imagines (Loki X Reader)by Lokis_ice_rose
A collection of Loki imagines. Mostly feelsy ones (used to be called Feels Queen by my ig followers), with few happy and cute ones here and there :D All characters belo...
  • twhiddleston
  • laufey
  • laufeyson
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The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓ by jandralee
The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓by jandralee
Marvel Fanfic Awards Winner: -Best Plot -Best Loki -Best Male Villain -Toughest Character (Anna) BOOK ONE. The world has changed. After aliens invaded New York C...
  • lokilaufeyson
  • stark
  • jandralee
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1 | BLACK LIES | MARVEL | LOKI LAUFEYSON ✔️ by deathlies
B L A C K L I E S B O O K 1 in which a goddess falls apart because of love, but there's no one there to pick up the pieces LOKI LAUFEYSON MARVEL DEATHLIES 2015 - 2016...
  • avengers
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Yesterday's Demons (Loki) by SunDanielle
Yesterday's Demons (Loki)by SunDanielle
Powerless, haunted by his demons, and exiled from Asgard, how is Loki of any power? Lyla, an esteemed member of S.H.I.E.L.D., enters his cell and notices something dee...
  • thor
  • bifrost
  • author
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All Hail The King // Loki - Book 2 ✓ by jandralee
All Hail The King // Loki - Book jandralee
BOOK TWO. After being manipulated and kidnapped by Restitution, Anna + Loki narrowly escape with their lives only to be separated by Odin. Stuck on Earth with Jane Foste...
  • avengers
  • wattys2016
  • laufeyson
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Loki's Angel (Loki Fan fic) by SoSand
Loki's Angel (Loki Fan fic)by Apollo Winters
Loki's angel has been watching him and protecting him since the day she woke up to become an angel. She hides her wings always, keeping down a secret while protecting Lo...
  • angel
  • fanfiction
  • angels
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Loki's Girl (Loki x Reader) by PirateShip
Loki's Girl (Loki x Reader)by Ryan
A girl named y/n grew up with loki and thor until one day they disappeared. What happens when they show back up again. (Highest ranking: 160 in fanfiction)
  • loki
  • norse
  • avengers
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Coffee & Books - Loki fanfic by ilse_writes
Coffee & Books - Loki fanficby Ilse
The people of Asgard are looking for a new home. They get a warm welcome on Earth, except for Loki. He is treated like a criminal of war, a terrorist. All they see in hi...
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