Painful Marriage by kookiielover
Painful Marriageby kookiielover
Eun Na. Never loved. Never had friends, only once in her life, when she was little but not anymore. She was bullied at school. No one tried to help her. No one cared. No...
  • angst
  • marriage
  • jhope
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Married To Mr.Stethoscope by Three_idiots_india
Married To Mr.Stethoscopeby
#9 in Romance on 23/3/18. #20 in Romance on 24/2/18. "I don't want this!!! " I said. "What?!!" He asked somewhat shocked. "I mean...I don't wan...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • love
  • romedy
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His Contract Bride by MJ_Cristine
His Contract Brideby MJ Cristine
Courtney has been constantly thinking of one particular guy for months. She even told her parents that she's in relationship with this guy. Her parents want proof and sh...
  • fake
  • arrange
  • pregnancy
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Blissful Knots by iAhutiSharma
Blissful Knotsby Ahuti Sharma
Arrange Marriage of Two beautiful souls.. Manik and Nandini.. Manik Malhotra: MD of Malhotra Textiles! Second child of Rajesh Malhotra and Kashish Malhotra! Pampers Cab...
  • love
  • manan
  • manikmalhotra
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Blessed Or Condemned by skylooksdeep
Blessed Or Condemnedby skylooksdeep
Highest ranking #14 in general fiction -13/3/2018 No , please leave me "I said hurriedly when he tried to dug his face deeper in my neck . Just Shut up !, a slut li...
  • baby
  • romance
  • yourstoryindia
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Manan ff - Arranged VIVAH  by Charming_Niqaabi
Manan ff - Arranged VIVAH by Atufa Wasta
Holla ppls. A journey from strangers to soulmate...... to travel peep in. enjoy reading.
  • nandini
  • manan
  • journeyfromstrangerstosoulmate
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STRANGER(A Muslim Love Story)#Wattys2017 by lovecare16
STRANGER(A Muslim Love Story) lovecare16
"Aminah, I will explain everything.. it's not what yo..." she didn't let me finish. "Don't you dare!" I put my hand on her shoulder but she flinched...
  • wedding
  • love
  • submit2sourcebooks
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Marriage: Installing...Love: Error! by DestinyFun
Marriage: Installing...Love: Error!by Kavita Sahu
#6 in Romance- 6-07-2016 "Look....I'm s-sorry, I didn't know you'd be this mad If I would have known...." "Shut the f**k up!" His rough edge voic...
  • possessive
  • arrange
  • hot
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One Year Contract(BTS JIN) by Baby_Pika_Ami
One Year Contract(BTS JIN)by Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ
"What?" "I am not going to marry him" "Nor am I going to marry you, you pig!" "Yah I am not a pig!" The heir of the BigHit compa...
  • contract
  • jin
  • jungkook
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Exchanged Hubby (An Indian Arrange Marriage)  by Crazy-soul
Exchanged Hubby (An Indian Remya Ak
This is a sandhir story and tale of their marriage life . The story is how two strangers gets married under unexpected circumstances and how they fall in love and accep...
  • love
  • real
  • marriage
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Conjugal Vows  by RiddhiDRut
Conjugal Vows by Riddhi
Sometimes A girl have to sacrifice, immolate her whole life in the return of saving someone's life.. Not fair right ? Or Will it turn out as Fair ?
  • father-in-law
  • love
  • father
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«Tangled || 엉킨» J•JK by gigiloveskookie
«Tangled || 엉킨» J•JKby 수현💖 •|Hiatus|•
|•|•|•|•| This is a story where Jong Jinae is Arranged with Jeon Jungkook even before she was born. But what happens when they meet each other after they turn 18. Will...
  • arrange
  • yoongi
  • drama
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THAT CHIC & SEXY GUY |√| by ArmyCaratIgot7
«A tale of which Kim Hana involved in an arranged marriage made by her parents» [I do not own any of the characters and all events in this story are merely fictional; ha...
  • got7imagine
  • fanfiction
  • got7jbfanfic
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"Fixed|| ff" by Namjoon26
"Fixed|| ff"by 리얀
"I love him" "I don't love her" Halos lahat ng dugo, pawis, pagod at pagmamahal ni Hyunji ibinigay nya kay Taehyung. Arrange sila ng parents nila. P...
  • arrange
  • hyunji
  • taehyung
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He's My Fiancé?! --- COMPLETED by MariaClaraWannabe
He's My Fiancé?! --- COMPLETEDby a girl has no name
He's the weird stranger she saw in a coffee shop. He's the weird stranger who chased their car for no reason. He is her fiance. He's annoying. He smokes. He drinks. He's...
  • band
  • marriage
  • korean
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Playboy's Fiancé by kpoprocks44
Playboy's Fiancéby Crazykpoper
In order to save my brother and his lover from breakup i decided to get engaged to a stranger instead of my brother and my fiance turned out to be university's playboy. ...
  • choijinhee
  • kpop
  • kai
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Unfulfilled Desires (Adhori Chahatein) by EadieWali
Unfulfilled Desires (Adhori EadieWali
A car screeching and engine dying out couldn't pull me off this bliss until I felt like somebody was staring at me and I opened my eyes and I was locked in his gaze. A...
  • marriage
  • family
  • allah
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Arrange Married to Kim Taehyung?! (HIATUS~) by KpopersKim
Arrange Married to Kim KpopersKim
Will Kim Hyera accept V as her husband?? Will Jin let her sister live with his members? Will Moonbin and ASTRO come and find Hyera at School of Performing Arts Seoul fro...
  • bts
  • highschool
  • married
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The day I was born my mother was served with divorce from my father side, the day which should be the happiest moment for any parent out there but, not for mine, just be...
  • love
  • gay
  • bestfrend
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Arrange|| p. jm ff (Book 2) by Namjoon26
Arrange|| p. jm ff (Book 2)by 리얀
Ngayong namumuhay na ng masaya at maayos ang mag-asawang Jimin at Laisa may dalawang taong sisira ng kanilang masaya at payapa na pamumuhay. At ang dalawang taong ito ay...
  • arrange
  • fixed
  • jiminff
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