Gravity || Suicide Squad [The Joker] by upsidedowneggo
Gravity || Suicide Squad [The Joke... by coraline🌒
"Madness is like gravity all it takes is a little push"
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Circus Freak » Jerome Valeska [COMPLETED] by supercuterae
Circus Freak » Jerome Valeska [COM... by rae 🌟
She was just as fragile as glass. Broke easily. But he never tried to smash the glass. He kissed every corner of it and took good care of it, never letting it go. Until...
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Stitches || Scarecrow  by PurpleInsanity
Stitches || Scarecrow by Ms. Lovett
A story can start with the most unusual beginning. And this one begins with a patient losing her mind and fighting to stay sane as she undergoes treatments ran by Dr. Jo...
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Wilt II Jason Todd/ Arkham Knight/ Red Hood by HristiannaBiebs
Wilt II Jason Todd/ Arkham Knight... by Jason Peter Todd
[FREQUENT UPDATES] Daughter of the Bat meets the son of Willis Todd and with time they grow inseparable until the Clown Prince of Crime takes him away from her. Will th...
  • scarecrow
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Property Of Mistah J | ✓ by pieceofcupcake
Property Of Mistah J | ✓ by ♕
❝If you have never lost your sanity, then you have never been in love.❞ Meet Harley Quinn; She is not the Harleen she was anymore. She has changed for the better. Joker...
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Contagious Smiles [ Jerome x Reader ] by lewiscarolling
Contagious Smiles [ Jerome x Reade... by raven
Harvey Bullock's niece (Y/N) gets thrown into Arkham for the murder of her abusive family, it's hard for her to adjust. You know, because of the psychotic screaming. One...
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His last laugh (the joker fanfiction) by DCfreakxox
His last laugh (the joker fanficti... by DCfreakxox
Evangeline Striker. 25 years old. Has a PHD in psychology, and is a current Dr. at the Arkham Asylum. What happens when a past patient is back? Will Eva be able to handl...
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Found you cupcake (JokerXreader) by _ABx2_C_
Found you cupcake (JokerXreader) by _ABx2_C_
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miss-fit // suicide squad by kkat0345
miss-fit // suicide squad by k8❥
The name's Miss-fit. And this is how I became one of the baddest bitches ever. *tons of violent and somewhat, not-really disturbing content, read at your own will* *The...
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Welcome to the Madhouse [Joker] by shaunabuckingham
Welcome to the Madhouse [Joker] by Shauna Buckingham
When Doctor Jones begins working at Arkham Asylum alongside Jonathan Crane, she never expected to get involved with a character like the Joker. ~I do not own Batman, or...
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A Ghost Of Arkham by Katknightmare
A Ghost Of Arkham by KatKnightmare
Did you hear the rumors? Did you say something wrong? Did you hear the wind sing you a song? Did it whisper things you can't make out? Did you see it, a shadow running a...
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Mad Love (The Joker And Harley Quinn Fanfiction) by MissJeymer
Mad Love (The Joker And Harley Qui... by Jaimer Danah Torres
When the psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel was assigned to the Arkham Asylum-A place for insane criminals- she felt the passion for her profession rushing through her vei...
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Never Fear by Inconvenient_Ideal
Never Fear by Charlie
Growing up together and being friends is all well and good. But sanity slips, and bonds break. People who were once friends can become enemies, even more so they can bec...
  • murphy
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Harley Quinn x Reader by Harleyquinn3232
Harley Quinn x Reader by Harley Quinn
Harley X Female Reader ♦️ Please feel free to send in request Hopefully you guys like it! I'm am not the best writer but eh.♦️ Also I've decided to do this because there...
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Jarley-Harley Quinn & Joker Fanfiction by PurpleGalaxy04
Jarley-Harley Quinn & Joker Fanfic... by Unknown
What happens, when doing your job, makes you fall in love, with the craziest person on the earth, You can not stand living without him in your life.You would kill for hi...
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HA HA HA by theflashhh
HA HA HA by @theflashhh
Jade's family sent her to live in Gotham city with her uncle and aunt Theo and Tabitha. So far the only things she needs to worry about is a new high school and the fact...
  • jerome
  • maniax
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Insanity's love by MissJoker2910
Insanity's love by MissJoker2910
A heath ledger joker fanfic What happens when your a criminal sent to the Arkham asylum? You end up falling in love with a criminal mastermind! All the characters are o...
  • arkham
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Intoxicated - Bruce Wayne by selinakyle1999
Intoxicated - Bruce Wayne by HangoverTaco
Eva King, considered just another rat in Gotham's slum, butted heads with the one and only, the Dark Knight, when she had to rob a bank with others by her side. She caug...
  • selinakyle
  • batgirl
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Love is Merely Madness ~ Book 1 ~ COMPLETE by Starswim
Love is Merely Madness ~ Book 1 ~... by Starswim
The petite Kathryn Knightly is the new girl in Gotham. Her simple goals was to have a life in the city - have friends, become a successful doctor, and mostly survive the...
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Mista J by GionnaDaddio
Mista J by Lexis👅
Alena & Jon are back! Now engaged, the two craziest superstars have made the lives of the WWE roster hell. The world isn't ready for what Quinn & Ambrose have in store f...
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