Winged Angel by Rachel1395
Winged Angel by Rachel
"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly?" Imagine living your life through a blind. You meet a boy who opens your blind and you can see the truth...
  • angel
  • pain
  • brother
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Zodiac Ships (Anime) by Claudia_Trifan
Zodiac Ships (Anime) by Claudia_Trifan
  • sagittarius
  • libra
  • arie
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Disney Hunger Games by franny_hogan_
Disney Hunger Games by Fran
My Name is Eric....and this is the story of when I was chosen for the 20th annual Hunger Games....
  • hercules
  • hunger
  • kida
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Jacked UP!! (Hunter x Hunter: Illumi x OC x Hisoka) by DreamerOfClouds
Jacked UP!! (Hunter x Hunter: Illu... by DreamerOfClouds
Jacked - by definition, it means physically or mentally stimulated from the effects of a drug or a stimulant. That's how I always feel when I'm with Hisoka. The stupid...
  • zoldyck
  • arie
  • hunterxhunter
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Broken Crown by daughterofagreekgod
Broken Crown by Gabsieoakles
Hace un año, Leifrerin Fleury murió; dejando a su hermano pequeño Arie sólo y cargando con la corona de Suecia. Ahora, él tiene 22 años y se siente muerto por dentro y...
  • wattys2017
  • princes
  • historicalfiction
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Tamar & Val by TamarBraxtonHerr
Tamar & Val by TamarBraxtonHerr
  • love
  • val
  • tamar
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Sleeping Stars, You Stole My Heart.  (Sans X Chara) HIATUS & EDITING by Arie_Xona
Sleeping Stars, You Stole My Heart... by Arie Chi
Brown hair, eyes of despair, perfectly ironed green sweater pairs. Shorts in the cold, boots worn over time with mildew and mold. Permanent smile, never seemed so vile...
  • sara
  • arie
  • fiction
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