A Devil's Rose (Abused/Neglected Devil May Cry Reader x Ruby Rose) (RWBY) by -_Qrow_Branwen_-
A Devil's Rose (Abused/Neglected Silver Shadow
A Boy born to his mother from a drunken one night stand suffers abuse from his mother and father and his 7 sisters. But there was always one who played with him and love...
  • rose
  • depression
  • rwby
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Space Warrior (The 100) by GraceRiggs5
Space Warrior (The 100)by x•Grace•x
Any crime is punishable by death on the Arc. Ranging from the most minor crime to the most major. Unless you're under 18, then you will be confined until your birthday...
  • bellamy
  • octavia
  • collins
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Anything V3 by OtakuSemmpai
Anything V3by Adoha
You're pretty late if you don't know what's going on. This is the Anything series! GET USED TO IT! | | | | | | | | Ikari decided that she wanted to be the spotlight of t...
  • anything
  • arc
  • sequel
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Confiar...El error mas grande by DanitzaCargninoCiste
Confiar...El error mas grandeby Danny Cargnino C
"El amor es un arma de doble filo"que pasara cuando Danny se enamore de un chico que conocio por tinder, y que sin haber hecho sus investigaciones de detective...
  • arc
  • amor
  • reactor
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ARC10 by LLMontez
ARC10by LL Montez
⭐️2017 WATTY WINNER-STORYSMITH AWARD⭐️ Those who managed to outlive the invasion scrambled to retreat underground. Hidden away, they wait for better days. After twenty-f...
  • military
  • earth
  • space
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Gifting! by ALDNOAHZEROseraph
I don't know everything, I just know what I know.
  • supernatural
  • adventure
  • anime
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Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (ALL SERIES) (BOOK: 2) [ENDED] by inari-emperor
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (ALL SERIES) ( "i am just"
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader All series Reader can be any gender! Happy reading!
  • vrains
  • duelmonsters
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When The Mind Breaks (A RWBY story) by Dpimidwest
When The Mind Breaks (A RWBY story)by -insert Name here-
'He couldn't stand it anymore, no matter how hard he tried, he was treated worse than the last time. All he wanted was for her to accept him as a good person. But instea...
  • fanfic
  • arc
  • jaunearc
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🗡🗡Slashing with Jaune🗡🗡 by ThatBakaXavier
🗡🗡Slashing with Jaune🗡🗡by Xavier
Hey Guys, Jaune here and Welcome to my book!
  • jaune
  • rwby
  • yang
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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Cuy'Val Dar#Wattys2016 by ChristietheGhost
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Cuy' Christie
Ten years before the Battle of Genosis, the Kaminoans created the first batch of clones. Two years before the Battle of Genosis, those clones were terminated. An entire...
  • action
  • droids
  • cuyvaldar
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V and ZEXAL (ONE SHOTS: 3) {ENDED} by inari-emperor
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V and ZEXAL (ONE "i am just"
ARC-V and ZEXAL one shots. Character x Character Yuri/Yaoi/Hetero ships Smut/Lemon/NSFW and non-Smut/Lemon/NSFW Some will be Alpha/Beta/Omega universe
  • lime
  • requesting
  • arcv
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Petrichor by bellumys
Petrichorby lou
Sent down from space to die... and I'd still do anything for my brother. Anything.
  • bellamyblake
  • fiction
  • bellamy
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Venture Forth, Arc Severance! by OtakuSemmpai
Venture Forth, Arc Severance!by Adoha
Book Two: Dimension Catcher After recognizing his true goal, Arc prepares for something he already anticipated: an invasion of rightfully owned property. Two otherworldl...
  • romance
  • usagi
  • severance
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Uhh ideas by Kdmooglev
Uhh ideasby Kdmooglev
Some random ideas (Mostly arcs and RP ideas) for my homedudes (you know who you are) to do, since everyone's relying on the others to construct an RP idea or pick a sett...
  • stuff
  • rp
  • yes
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Jaune Gourmet Arc The Bishoku-Ya. by CorgiClem189
Jaune Gourmet Arc The Itamashī Kami
Betrayed by most of his friends and families and his dreams. Rushed to he core,except for Cardin Winchester and Lie Ren he is abandoned by them and brutally beaten in th...
  • nitro
  • jaune
  • gore
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Danganronpa 3 One-shots by Tsukino20
Danganronpa 3 One-shotsby Tsukino20
Why not? I'll try my best to make this the best one shots ever!!! All you have to do suggest and request a character.
  • despair
  • v3
  • one
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good grief ▷ the avengers/teen wolf by hollandsparker
good grief ▷ the avengers/teen wolfby miss marvel
"What's gonna be left of the world if you're not in it?" • Following the aftermath of Eichen House, Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in attempts to stop anymore dan...
  • tony
  • still
  • natasharomanoff
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Crystal Heart: Prophecy Arc by CrystalGaming6
Crystal Heart: Prophecy Arcby CrystalGaming625
Prophecy. A warning given by the oracles of life. a dictator of what might happen in the future. the prophecy that will change a girl who is already knows magic, but liv...
  • kingdoms
  • power
  • crystal
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Love Is Magic (Yuya x Reader) by Galactic_Hope
Love Is Magic (Yuya x Reader)by Sweet Angel
3034. This was the time where humans had advanced technology, and the world evolved into a futuristic world. Earth was the only inhabitable planet in the entire solar s...
  • manga
  • fantasy
  • gaming
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Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Time by PrinceNaro
Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Timeby Rjel/Lancer
When the Dimensions split, what no one expected or witness was four people, to be born One, in the Xyz One, in Synchro One, in Fusion And one, in the Standard With each...
  • shayobsidion
  • xyz
  • yugioh
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