Arab Wolf & The Bakers Daughter... by his_little_rose
Arab Wolf & The Bakers his_little_rose
Beautiful Sara is the daughter of a local baker. Adam is a typical rich arrogant Arab with a twist! ***WARNING DARK/GRAPHIC/SEXUAL CONTENT, DO NOT READ IF YOU FIND THIS...
  • mature
  • wolf
  • romance
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Fallen for the Arabian by Clairebebe24
Fallen for the Arabianby Claire
"you've slept with him, what the hell " "what I do with my life and my body is my damn business, so f*** off buddy" He grabs her by the arm and p...
  • war
  • love
  • arabic
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Halal Is Halal by OwnerOfTajMahal
Halal Is Halalby صائمہ‎
Muslim Jokes 3 Wallah Someone is back :P Jokes and stuffs..!!
  • muslim
  • arabic
  • humor
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Mahfudzot by mmmzat
Mahfudzotby ızz
Mahfuzhat;Istilah dalam tradisi literatur Kata-kata mutiara,Pepatah bijak,Hikmah dan falsafah hidup. 🔅Arab✔ 🔅Rumi✔ 🔅Maksud ✔ Start: 15/11/17 End: 1/1/18
  • quotes
  • kata-kata
  • mutiarahati
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A Darker Shade of Magic by Missnutcracker
A Darker Shade of Magicby Missy
#329 in Fantasy {8/3/2018} "I HOPE YOU DIE SOON," she seethed. He grinned wildly, his golden eyes twinkling with mania. "I wouldn't hope on something impo...
  • nights
  • girlmeetsworld
  • thecosmicawards2018
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Love Drunk by ravenettepoet
Love Drunkby — alesandra.
❝Will we get our happily ever after?❞ ❝We'll work hard to get that, trust each other when one is away, love each other unconditionally, have faith in our promises, and b...
  • humor
  • famous
  • directmessage
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Sailing to Freedom | Sinbad X Reader by TheDangerousCreed
Sailing to Freedom | Sinbad X TDC
An unnamed girl, stuck to follow under the commands of her king. It seems her dream to becoming free isn't coming true. Until one fateful day.
  • sinbad
  • fanfiction
  • mystras
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No, I'm Not A Terrorist by BrooklynArab
No, I'm Not A Terroristby Hanan
She is a good Muslim girl. He is the former best friend that turned into the bad boy. What happens when Halal is mixed with Haram. Will she fix him? Or will he destroy h...
  • terrorist
  • racism
  • teen
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The Arabic Girl & The American Stepbrothers by onceuponamuslim
The Arabic Girl & The American onceuponamuslim
#104 Ranking in spiritual on 23-6-2017 Mariam grew up believing that she had what you could say the perfect life money , health , luxury , beauty living with her famil...
  • anger
  • muslimah
  • spiritual
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Our Fate (A Muslim Love Story) ON HOLD by yungash
Our Fate (A Muslim Love Story) Aishaà
A story about a Desi girl and a Yemeni boy. Read to find out more....
  • arab
  • love
  • omarborkan
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Fitoor by Aashi
Fitoorby #reputation
One snowy night, one dead body, one alive, two hearts; and three fates to change forever.
  • indian
  • bollywood
  • love
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Lil' Baby by TeresaJones372
Lil' Babyby Teresa Jones
Jealousy at it's best.
  • interracial
  • arabic
  • bestfriends
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Golden Storms  by highdisdain
Golden Storms by highdisdain
"Tell the assassins beware! The wind carries my revolution! The earth trembles in anticipation beneath my feet! I have risen from the broken backs of my people and...
  • historical
  • persia
  • historicalfiction
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بَايْبُولار .Bipolar| H.S by marleyxll
بَايْبُولار .Bipolar| H.Sby مـَـارْلـِي🌙❤
دائماً ما كانَ يُخبرها أنه لا أحدَ يَمنح قلبهُ بالكامِل مرتين، لأن القلب الذى مُنِحَ مرة، لا يعودُ كاملاً أبداً.. لذا كانَ سؤالهُ الدائم لها، هل أنتِ راضيةٌ بحالك، وأنتِ...
  • زين
  • fanfiction
  • zaynmalik
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ون شوت  by osh_chan
ون شوت by شُوق
#مارك 25 سنة ، ذو شعر اشقر لامع و ناعم و بشرة بيضاء و عينان زرقاوتان واسعة، كما انه هو الوريث الوحيد لعائلته و هو سيد هذا القصر #جاك 20 سنه، ذو شعر اسود كسواد الليل و...
  • boyxboy
  • arabic
  • gay
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love me like I do by Ayat_Direction
love me like I doby
هو يحبها بل يعشقها ولكن هي لا تبادله نفس الشعور يسعى إلي جعلها تحبه بأية طريقة
  • tellmeiloveyou
  • داليا
  • لافيندر
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Heart Attack |H.S| أزمْـة قَـلبـيـّة  by moemadd
Heart Attack |H.S| أزمْـة قَـلبـيـ MoNa
كانت سارحه حتي سمعت صوتً مميزاً علي قلبها "أصبحت كالعاشق المجنون بحُبك ، و أنتي غير مبالية عزيزتي" إلتفتت إلي مصدر الصوت لتراه .. " ه .. هاري" قالت...
  • story
  • dont
  • stop
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Arab Memes by Eleven001011
Arab Memesby Mintiest Yoongi
All about the Arabic Memes and no hate please, this is all about the laughter and don't be an ass hole. Highest ranking #691 Humor
  • meme
  • funny
  • arabic
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The Forgotten ( A Justin Bieber Love Story بالعربي ) by Ayeitzbiebez
The Forgotten ( A Justin Bieber SHIRY
- أنا ولدت في.. - يوم أسود. - حين أغمض عيني أري.. - ظلام. - الأشياء غير المهمه.. - صوفيا. - أنا صوفيا أحب؟ - چـ... ــــــــــــــ * المحتوى لن يناس...
  • justin
  • arab
  • arabic
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