Someone's Little Sister: A Laurance X Reader by JustAnotherDream_15
Someone's Little Sister: A Lauranc... by Grace Fanfiction
{#1 in Aphmau} "Y/N, I love you. I don't want to lose you. Will you marry me?" "Laurance..." That is the moment I knew. Seeing the boy I love down...
Teach Me to Love  ||Zane x Reader||  by catscribbs
Teach Me to Love ||Zane x Reader|... by ☆digital lady 606☆ Fanfiction
"What is love?" "It's a feeling." "Will you teach me to love?" "... Sure, as long as you'll love me." "Ok." ~•~•~•~•~•~...
Cupcakes, Ponies and Tea Parties  - Zane~Chan FF  by Kitkat828
Cupcakes, Ponies and Tea Parties... by KT KitKat Fanfiction
Aphmau has known Zanes secret, about him loving sweets and ponies. But what if Kawaii~Chan found out??? What would she think? What about Zane? Kawaii~Chan thinks Zane i...
Once a Omega { Daniel x Reader } by JvstKelly
Once a Omega { Daniel x Reader } by JvstKelly Fanfiction
art book  (here some of my art ) by yaolgirl379
Jade's Art Book by eggheadJade
Jade's Art Book by Jadie~✄ Random
[Highest ranking: #100 in Random] This is where I will upload my art for you lovely Wattpad people. I hope you enjoy looking at my art.
I Need You (Yandere Laurance x Reader) by thatmemekeira
I Need You (Yandere Laurance x Rea... by 🖤Sebby's Waifu🖤 Fanfiction
(Y/N) just entered the senior year of high school and thinks it'll be the last year of torture. She's waiting for the day until she's free and can support her and her si...
Forbidden...Love?  A Laurence X Reader Fanfic (EDITING/COMPLETE) by CGC1017
Forbidden...Love? A Laurence X Re... by CGC1017 Fanfiction
♡Hey guys CC here! (CGC) (I do not own any of these characters they all respectably to Aphmau)^-^ Enjoy~ Love Ya You are Garroth's younger sister and you just started h...
MyStreet Boys Preferences and Imagines by naarpon
MyStreet Boys Preferences and Imag... by Alyssa Fanfiction
I know they aren't real, but don't you ever wonder what it would be like to be with these cuties? *I TRY TO UPDATE EVERY SUNDAY* *AND SATURDAY WHILE IT'S SUMMER* *REQUES...
⇢ Aphmau Zodiac Signs || by Asunie
⇢ Aphmau Zodiac Signs || by Ein is my senpai ok. Random
Zodiac Signs as Aphmau characters, series, ect! Any suggestions are appreciated! This book is 100% for fun! [ Cover Art by XxSunsetShimmer23xX On Deviantart ]
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by BlackWolfFanfictions
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by BlackWolf Random
This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~
Sweet | Adopted by the Ro'Maeves X Reader - Book 1 by oXSXo_
Sweet | Adopted by the Ro'Maeves X... by S Fanfiction
I'm Y/N. I'm 14 years old and I am a cheerleader at Penum High. I personally hated all the schools they have in my area because there all private school, which of course...
Thinking is a Sin (Zane x Reader) Phoenix Drop High by Chloe3256
Thinking is a Sin (Zane x Reader)... by The Fancy Cookie Monster <3 Fanfiction
(Y/N) doesn't have a fantastic life. In fact, she doesn't even like it that much. Her only friends are Gene, Sasha, and Zenix but even with that, she's still not satisfi...
Aarmau-Purple and Red by kittylu07
Aarmau-Purple and Red by kittylu07 Fanfiction
This is my first ever fan fiction! I am obsessed with Aphmau and my favorite ships are Aarmau, Travlyn, and Zane~Chan, so I will probably make many fan fics if all three...
Love These Days ~Laurance x Reader~ by DramaQueen235
Love These Days ~Laurance x Reader~ by DramaQueen235 Fanfiction
SLOWLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING~ One word...college. You think college can't be that bad. It's not, but when you're me...it is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer! Th...
Aphmau Roleplay! PDH, MCD, and MS {OPEN} by Miss_Yukasan
Aphmau Roleplay! PDH, MCD, and MS... by Ohhh yes! Random
My attempt of making a roleplay. Sorry if this sucks. Lets eat toast!...I mean...Lets go!
Aphmau RolePlay by MeganTheWolfHybrid
Aphmau RolePlay by MeganTheWolfHybrid Random
Welcome everyone to my Aphmau RolePlay! I hope you all enjoy and have fun! Ciao~
I Don't Want To Love You { Zanvis } by scxntxlla
I Don't Want To Love You { Zanvis } by fil Fanfiction
Zane has never truly experienced love and doesn't mind it. That's when he begins to have feelings for the white haired male, which he refuses to acknowledge. But what ha...
The Real Ro'Meave Brothers by Mogs_Has_No_Soul
The Real Ro'Meave Brothers by Ϻᄋɢଌ Fanfiction
|WARNING: CURSING AND SEXUAL REFERENCES| This story is a Garrance, Zanvis and Vylante Fanfic. Garroth Ro'Meave, bullied.. Depressed.. Has a crush on his best friend who...
Ask The Spirits ( Aphmau Au) by Celestia_Da_Pupper
Ask The Spirits ( Aphmau Au) by Bork Bork!!! Random
Yes. it's an Au. but I don't care I love it.