Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordics by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordi... by silverthornes Fanfiction
After hearing people saying how much they want to have the nordics in my original boyfriend scenarios, I decided to make them their own separate book. Feel free to m...
nordic texts ✰ by http-archipelago
nordic texts ✰ by — rúna. Random
a commemoration of some of the weirdest, fluffiest, and angstiest text exchanges between the nordic countries. [ requests are accepted and encouraged ! some of these ar...
Faroe Islands (Nordics x child!reader) by beckicchi
Faroe Islands (Nordics x child!rea... by Becky Fanfiction
My first 'xreader' kinda genre, so apologies in advance if it sucks. Hope you all enjoy following the story of the new Nordic! I do not own Hetalia nor do I own you. I a...
Royal! Denmark x Citizen! Reader-Heir to the Throne by Nessawolfy
Royal! Denmark x Citizen! Reader-H... by Bella Fanfiction
Matthias Kohler, a Danish prince, is about to take his father's place on the throne. This means that he has to find himself a queen. Unsatisfied with the many girls who...
DenNor One shots! by Probably_idefk
DenNor One shots! by DenNor_bitches Romance
DenNor one shots b***h. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ CURSING Some r sad as frick ⚠️️WARNING⚠️️ Also I DO NOT own the characters. OR the cover art. Both are beautiful. But not mine.
Family by thatlistlessfangirl
Family by thatlistlessfangirl Fanfiction
Family, America had a family it just he don't remember it but when a certain incident gave him a chance to remember what would he do?
Noxious [DenNor] by http-archipelago
Noxious [DenNor] by — rúna. Fanfiction
"I'm trying to protect you from hurting yourself, you drunk idiot!" Lukas stormed forward. His patience had run out, and he'd had enough of this conversation...
The Nordic Book by _AphNordicFive_
The Nordic Book by We Have A tRoLL Random
wow wow wow wow wow hokuo
Hetalia Tumblr posts/ memes by InternationalWaters
Hetalia Tumblr posts/ memes by Elizabeth Circe Humor
Just a couple pictures that I found quite funny.... I'm sure you would enjoy, ma Cherie.
~Nordics~ by iceycake
~Nordics~ by はじめまして Random
Nothing like a good smut on whatever day you're reading this on. Warning: Smut. Anal Penetration. Kinks.
Cold Heart † Dennor by MaddiexRose
Cold Heart † Dennor by spamano trash Fanfiction
When Norway suddenly goes missing and a string of clues is left in the Nordic house it's Denmark's job to find the man he loves and bring him back to safety.
『Different ; Yandere! Iceland x Reader』 by deadmark-
『Different ; Yandere! Iceland x Re... by Chelsea Fanfiction
She has no choice. -- Cover by: @anniene-
RUNAWAY by MissCookieNinja
RUNAWAY by Call me Dshay Fanfiction
(SEQUEAL TO MY BOOK 'HUMAN') Having a little sister is hard. Along with a little brother. Blinded by the fact the Nordics' new sister looks like their older sister, the...
The Best Hetalia Memes by DarkPit66
The Best Hetalia Memes by Natalie Humor
Like my "The Best Attack on Titan Memes" book, this will be filled with funny media and pictures meaning you need an internet connection for this book!! And no...
Am I forgiven? DenNor Fanfic by BlackPaperMoon8
Am I forgiven? DenNor Fanfic by MLG Squid Kid Fanfiction
Just a fluffy DenNor fanfic ^^ (I don't own the current cover)
Hetalia on CRACK! I Dunno What I'm Doing by DarkPit66
Hetalia on CRACK! I Dunno What I'm... by Natalie Fanfiction
Welcome to I Dunno What I'm Doing, a book of Hetalia crack!! And.. Well, the title says it all! I dunno what I'm even doin so hope you enjoy anyway! Most of this is prob...
•Dead• |DenNor Fanfiction| by I-Am-The-Only-Norway
•Dead• |DenNor Fanfiction| by Sky Fanfiction
••Preview Begin•• Darkness. Lightness. Cold. Hot. Up. Down. Everywhere, there are polar opposites. White. Black. Morning. Night. Sun. Moon. Many, too many actually. Thou...
Spin for my love by bigbroNorge
Spin for my love by bigbroNorge Fanfiction
Just a dennor story based on an au I saw on tumblr.
Default Title - Write Your Own by Adelisofunny
Default Title - Write Your Own by Zilan Fanfiction
America,Denmark,France and Spain decide to sneak into Prussia's room and read his diaries,hoping to find some embarrassing stories or confessions,but when they do read t...
Fairytale (DenNor) by pPaddy4
Fairytale (DenNor) by Petra Romance
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-sensei and not to me. The title "Fairytale" was inspired by Alexandar Rybak's song with the same name and also doesn't belong to me...