Slow Heart Beat by Quietkid101
Slow Heart Beatby solo101
Grey a shy girl was bitten by a zombie while trying to help her classmates. And left the safe zone which is the school. But she didn't turn but wasn't immune either. Gre...
  • half
  • apacalypse
  • friendship
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The Monster Apocolypse by PinAreaCode991
The Monster Apocolypseby ?Frisk?
One moment you're celebrating the discovery of a new alien and proposing to your dream wife, the next moment you're trying to survive the apacolypse with a beautiful vam...
  • vampire
  • distopía
  • apacolypse
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Alleviates || Grayson Dolan || by luminescenceee
Alleviates || Grayson Dolan ||by luminescenceee
They call the participants tested in Arkham Laboratories the Alleviates, sought to protect the six year apocalyptic war with supernatural abilities against the infected...
  • eleven
  • arkham
  • milliebobbybrown
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