Humanity's Dragon Slayer [Levi x Reader] by TyrantBlossom
Humanity's Dragon Slayer [Levi x xreader central
The job with Team Natsu should have been easy enough, however, one thing leads to another and you're sucked into a blinding light. As soon as your eyes opened, you're f...
  • fairytail
  • aot
  • snk
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Fate. (Aot boys x Reader by Magy_Faustian
Fate. (Aot boys x Readerby Magy Faustian
You are a young woman, by the name of [y/n]. You have been running away from titans, well...A certain titan. For some reason, titans do not attack you. Actually, the see...
  • boys
  • fate
  • aotboys
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We'll Meet Again | Levi x Reader | by orangeXgrapes
We'll Meet Again | Levi x Reader |by orangeXgrapes
❝Why don't you remember?❞ // In a life forgotten underground, Levi armed a child with a blade and told me one thing: "live."~ Levi met (Y/N) only once, and unk...
  • levixreader
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Hushed by strawhat_pirate
Hushedby strawhat_pirate
Small and strong, Lyra is a very quiet young girl. Unwilling to talk about her family, or her life before joining the Cadet Training corps, nobody really knows where Lyr...
  • hushed
  • mikasa
  • marco
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Omega on the run by MilitaryKrackers34
Omega on the runby Mama Ҝ.J
Highest rank: #164-Fanfiction In the kingdom of Rose, there is a alpha prince named Levi, who will rise to the throne only if he finds a mate. Every year, the prince an...
  • fanfiction
  • alpha
  • omega
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Forgotten (vampire reader!Levi's twinsister!) by anniek319
Forgotten (vampire reader!Levi's xxanniek319xx
You are Y/N Ackerman, humanity's strongest twinsister. The two of you were unseperable untill one day. The group of you, your brother, Isabell and Farlan had a "mee...
  • mikasaackerman
  • 104thsquad
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Annoying Brat, My Cadet| Levi Ackerman x reader by GigglyUndertaker
Annoying Brat, My Cadet| Levi Lucifer
(Y/n) is a mystery, No one knows anything about (Y/n) when he first turns up. Not even (Y/n)'s gender.
  • attack
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You're Different (Levi X Reader) Fanfic by Erena_Yakamato
You're Different (Levi X Reader) Erena_Yakamato
This is a Levi x Reader. Yes there will be Lemon <3 Story Intro in the story. Enjoy!!! Disclaimer: I do not any of the AOT characters!!!!!! I only own mine! Thanks...
  • aot
  • levirivaille
  • lemon
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The Wing's Chronicle | Levi X Reader by Pride_Fool_Sinister
The Wing's Chronicle | Levi X MaYumi Ryhnne
Captain Levi Ackerman decided to clean the old headquarters castle's library and accidentally found a mysterious book It was the book we're the well known history behi...
  • lovetriangle
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Neko! Levi X Reader [Lemon] by LeviHeichou_Ackerman
Neko! Levi X Reader [Lemon]by Levi Ackerman
How could such a cute little kitten turn out to be a sexy man, a sex god and an all around hotty? You where walking pass an ally way when you heard a weird noise coming...
  • lemon
  • aot
  • levixreader
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Attack on Titan Pictures by cupcakelover122
Attack on Titan Picturesby shattered_pieces
Attack On Titan pictures DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHING except the book all credit goes to the owners
  • complete
  • hilarious
  • cute
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The Captain - Levi Ackerman by EveyNightmare
The Captain - Levi Ackermanby Cordelia Beeghly
~•~Book One~•~ Anna was the perfect soldier, tested on so many times to the point of near insanity. When her and her teammate are captured by the Survey Corps, at what l...
  • aot
  • leviheichou
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Chamber of Textposts by _internet_queen_
Chamber of Textpostsby ✨Emily✨
Text posts from Tumblr mixed with original jokes.
  • pokemon
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His little pet (ereri/riren)  by jessticales
His little pet (ereri/riren) by Jay
Levi is the boss of Maria the biggest mafia in the city of trost. Grisha was in huge debt with the mafia and decided to go on the run, leaving his clueless son Eren, be...
  • ereri
  • atackontitan
  • gayness
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hood [ levi x reader] by craaap
hood [ levi x reader]by ↠ r e d ↞
COMPLETED "Levi, I know you don't know what it feels like to have a heart," I said while I held tightly on the rein, trying to calm myself down before I do som...
  • snk
  • fanfiction
  • lemon
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Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/Eren x Levi AU) by Ereri_Af
Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/ Jill( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Hello?" "I feel like killing myself again," "Don't." {No characters mentioned or pictures used are mine.}
  • aotfanfic
  • aot
  • riren
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Do You Still Love Me by xxdeathwishxx212
Do You Still Love Meby Lawliet TJ
SEQUEL TO DON'T YOU TRUST ME A lot of things have changed in the last four years. They are living happily together. Levi has taught Eren so much. Thanks to Levi Eren kno...
  • eren
  • attackontitan
  • lévi
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The Office [Ereri/Riren Smut] by HeichouJeager
The Office [Ereri/Riren Smut]by 💫 Levi 💫
Eren Jeäger just started working at a new office job, Levi was his boss and the owner of the company. Eren falls in love with Levi, but is the relationship just one side...
  • yaoi
  • erenxlevi
  • snk
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Aot x reader: one shots by starlet_emend
Aot x reader: one shotsby sealtheum's bichh
Reader x aot character. I do not own attack on titan, or the characters, but I do own these reader x aot one shots, and this account, nothing else. #277 in fanfiction ;...
  • oneshots
  • criminal
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Show me love // Levi X Reader   by _lakia
Show me love // Levi X Reader by _lakia
You are a young lady that just experience your mom get crushed by a big rock. You desire to kill titans, as well for avenging the only love you had, Your mom. Note: This...
  • snk
  • levixreader
  • xreader
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