Wanted (A Percy Jackson/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover) by JustAnotherGirlmcg
Wanted (A Percy Jackson/Agents of... by JustAnotherGirlmcg Fanfiction
In the wake of the discovery of Inhumans, Agent, or rather, Director Phil Coulson has made it his prime priority to track and obtain all probable threats. When his missi...
Magi One Shots~! by LeonaBot
Magi One Shots~! by Lulu O's Fanfiction
One shots dedicated to Magi characters! I might do some oc ones for my personal gains, but most of them will be x readers. I hope they're to your expectations! I will up...
Reckless!   {SnB! Ja'far x Reader} by LeonaBot
Reckless! {SnB! Ja'far x Reader} by Lulu O's Fanfiction
A story that transpired due to some one shots I wrote! 10 year old (Y/N) had escaped from slavery when she ran into a boy around her age, messy white hair shielding her...
Hell's Angel [Bucky Barnes] by arrow_to_the_heart
Hell's Angel [Bucky Barnes] by prim/sammy/miss barnes Fanfiction
She had a name, once. She no longer goes by it, because it doesn't exist to her. The world, what little of it, knows her by another name: Hell's Angel. A face so...
The Unknown Enemy ∘ Marvel [3] by daisysjohnson
The Unknown Enemy ∘ Marvel [3] by rosie. Fanfiction
"And they realized how long she had mistaken falling for flying." In which the unseen avenger is no where to be found in the darkness that descends upon shield...
Spirk Drabbles by prettyspaceprnce
Spirk Drabbles by Space Prince Fanfiction
You guessed it! Just some Spirk Drabbles.
Home [CHRIS EVANS]   by barbsmorse
Home [CHRIS EVANS] by barbsmorse Fanfiction
"Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone Is where you go when you're alone Is where you go to rest your bones"
•Agent Turned Avenger• (SHIELD/Avengers Fan Fiction) by Big_turd_blossom
•Agent Turned Avenger• (SHIELD/Ave... by <3 Kacey <3 Fanfiction
Meet Dakota Sage. She's a level 10 SHIELD espionage and retrieval specialist, along with being one of the most important agents in the world. She's been on numerous blac...
A little like fate ↬ Agents of shield Fanfiction by aos_is_life
A little like fate ↬ Agents of shi... by An agent of shield Fanfiction
The world is constanty evolving and we are discovering more and more threats that lurk in the depths of our universe. And not to mention the recent terrigen out break ca...
The Untold Truth ∘ Marvel [2] by daisysjohnson
The Untold Truth ∘ Marvel [2] by rosie. Fanfiction
"We all have our lions, our hidden truths. We keep them in cages, made of strong metal we've woven with our lies, some doomed to fail. Some of us are willing to let...
Princess ° Avengers by holtzmannn
Princess ° Avengers by - ̗̀ warrior goddess. Fanfiction
❝ Are you telling me she's a princess? ❞ ❝ In the flesh, sweetie. ❞ When Fury determines the Avengers to need a little kick in the butt, he drops the inhuman princess on...
Regenerate | X-Men/Avengers - Pt.2 by stilldoesnotloveyou
Regenerate | X-Men/Avengers - Pt.2 by A.J. Greer Fanfiction
The second part of an X-Men/Avengers fanfic that takes place in the MCU. While researching her past and half stumbling into her future, the answers Ace finds will tr...
PARADISE ↝ Leo Fitz by mcrningstar
PARADISE ↝ Leo Fitz by minttu!! Fanfiction
❝THIS COULD BE PARADISE.❞ In which she always thought working for S.H.I.E.L.D would be her paradise, only to find out that it was merely a path towards one. ...
The After Effects by inhuman1245
The After Effects by Agent Quackson Fanfiction
My first real love was a double agent and traitor, my second love died saving me and everyone on the planet, my mom was a liar and murderer and my father doesn't even ha...
The Denfender by demiwitch1
The Denfender by Emily M. Fanfiction
{Avengers and Harry Potter Crossover} (Book three in series) Something big was stirring at S.H.I.E.L.D and Kendra Barton knew it. No one would tell her what it was, or e...
AVALANCHE ✖ DAISY JOHNSON by imdaisyjohnson
AVALANCHE ✖ DAISY JOHNSON by cause she's dead! Fanfiction
Then Smile - Angels of Death Oneshots by Kapdixo
Then Smile - Angels of Death Onesh... by Kapdixo Fanfiction
Because there aren't many fics in the fandom that don't suck ass. Cover art by @Mewsii, thanks a lot.
Change {Captain America | Book Four} by MarvelTime-Lady
Change {Captain America | Book Fou... by Emma Stark Fanfiction
{Set In Agents Of SHIELD, Daredevil and Avengers Age Of Ultron} WARNING: PLEASE READ THE OTHER THREE BOOKS OTHERWISE YOU MISS OUT BIG TIME After the fall of SHIELD, Ash...
Agent Felicity Smoak  by SmoakingArrow_bae
Agent Felicity Smoak by SmoakingArrow_bae Fanfiction
My name is Felicity Smoak, I am the best of my father and mother, my mother was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she was never there at all and my father was the best S.H.I.E.L.D...
Prodigy ✴ Steve Rogers by -arcadia
Prodigy ✴ Steve Rogers by Emily Ann Fanfiction
"Capsicle gives 'robbing the cradle' a whole new meaning, don't you think?" "Dad, no, just... please, stop talking." ~***~ Starts in Iron Man and wil...