Dare to Love #3 [ArShi] by unspokenrain
Dare to Love #3 [ArShi] by Araina K. Fanfiction
In Dare to Touch: Arnav Raizada, the player. He hides a lot of secrets. As if his life wasn't complicated enough, he meets Khushi, the girl who leaves him in wonders...
Devil's Lake -(Book 1 of 3) by light-in-darkness
Devil's Lake -(Book 1 of 3) by Angela Merlo Paranormal
THERE'S FREEDOM IN MIND CONTROL || Highest rank - #3 in Paranormal || Alison Halse is eighteen, fresh out of high school, and terribly depressed. It's been seven years...
Let Me Be the Bad Guy (Anxiety Sanders) by Anxious-but-whatever
Let Me Be the Bad Guy (Anxiety San... by Dan Fanfiction
He's not always the bad guy.. but Anx wants them to believe he is. It's easier that way, anyway. TW: Anxiety Attacks, Hurt, Implied Self harm, Panic, DARK THEMES...
That One Tear by adogthatwrites
That One Tear by Adogthatwrites Teen Fiction
If you are going to cry in school, I would suggest: 1)Don't hide in an empty science classroom 2)Don't be found 3)If you are found, don't let the three players of your...
Anxiety Attack l.s  by ProudToBeALarrie
Anxiety Attack l.s by Magen :) Fanfiction
Au where Harry can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing The original story belongs to : @11tay99 they let me turn it into a Lar...
Letters To The Girl Who Jumped by Xoxo-Mine
Letters To The Girl Who Jumped by 🚬 Teen Fiction
*she is alive.* ❝Not every princess meets her prince charming in time. ❞ When Damaris Jones jumps off her towns highest bridge Friday, March 25 after leaving school, eve...
The Roommate by laceynewtonn
The Roommate by Lacey Romance
"W-why are you here?" I asked. "I'm supposed to be sharing this apartment with you." He said with a serious look on his face. I chuckled lightly. &qu...
Vikturi- [save me] by luekai
Vikturi- [save me] by Mavis Fanfiction
This could be triggering to some people. ------------------ This is a Yuri on ice high school AU
Devil's Doorway (Book 2 of 3) by light-in-darkness
Devil's Doorway (Book 2 of 3) by Angela Merlo Paranormal
THERE'S FREEDOM IN MIND CONTROL || Alison Halse never thought a suicide attempt would lead her into the arms of a man who can compel the human mind. As frightening as mi...
Sam and Colby Imagines (requests open) by x_cassiepeterson_x
Sam and Colby Imagines (requests o... by x_cassiepeterson_x Fanfiction
The title basically says it all. I'm glad to do any kind of imagine(fluff, fight,smut, etc.) ~Whovian_1999
sad boys - phan by bbynight
sad boys - phan by ˗ˏˋ emma ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
(crossdressing!phil) phil is insecure, has anxiety, and has selfharm tendencies. (anorexia!dan) dan just wants to be thin. (trigger warning, selfharm/suicidal thoughts...
Purpose... by WheresYourEmotion
Purpose... by Just For the Moment Romance
She is a teenage girl on the edge looking for a purpose. She is suffering, but she's still here. What or Who will save her...?
Lean On by dm4487
Lean On by Tré Fanfiction
The beginning of Vulquinn love story. The 4 lines from Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ - "Lean On" 🎵Blow a kiss, fire a gun We need someone to lean on! Blow a k...
Broken (Niall Horan a.u.) by imperfectxions
Broken (Niall Horan a.u.) by ~ h Fanfiction
Leiah Andrews never considered herself an average girl. Though she looks like one on the outside. No one knew about the war going on inside of her, whenever she tried to...
Sanders Sides- shipping by AmyTheUndead
Sanders Sides- shipping by MagicalKitsune Fanfiction
just a bunch of one shots for the Sanders Sides pairings ^w^ REQUEST ARE OPEN
Doodles of Pain (tsukkiyama) by _LMcLF_
Doodles of Pain (tsukkiyama) by LMcLF Fanfiction
Yamaguchi Tadashi is often bullied for the way he looks. Yamaguchi has really bad anxiety that controls his thoughts. He used to self harm but came across a tumblr post...
Melancholy (girlxgirl) by piNKWh0R3
Melancholy (girlxgirl) by Lisa 💞 Teen Fiction
mel·an·chol·y ˈmelənˌkälē/ noun noun: melancholy 1. a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause. "an air of melancholy surrounded him"
Karamatsu X Reader-You Are the Light in My Life by KawaiiShou
Karamatsu X Reader-You Are the Lig... by VeeVee Fanfiction
You were never very good at making friends. It wasn't that you were an unlikeable person, in fact when most people got to know you they seemed to really enjoy your compa...
Happy Pills (a Camp Camp fanfic) by Badassfangirl101
Happy Pills (a Camp Camp fanfic) by Tom/Stimpy/TR Fanfiction
David has always been happy. No one ever knows why. People think that there's something that he's hiding. And that's true. He's hiding something from the campers and Gwe...
The Life by strongasssoftball
The Life by Melroy#2 Fanfiction
Kamryn is a 13 year old girl that recovered from a gunshot wound and moves to Chicago to meet up with her uncle Antonio and his sister, her aunt Gabby Dawson. What nob...