Ancients: Underground by elaroadshow
Ancients: Underground by W. C. Markarian Science Fiction
The Ancients. Philospher kings. Gods. Immortals. Anu-naki. They had arrived on the small planet of Gan seeking answers to three vital questions: Was this planet habit...
Pleiades - Abducted by Seraphina90210
Pleiades - Abducted by Seraphina90210 Science Fiction
Estelle gets abducted by benevolent aliens (Pleiadians) who promise her safety from the malevolent aliens, the Anunnaki. The Annunaki want something from Estelle - it is...
Anunnaki The Greatest Story Never ToldBook 1 Gold Gods And Genes by chrisdegs
Anunnaki The Greatest Story Never... by chrisdegs Historical Fiction
This is the story of two brothers (EnKi and EnLil) from the planet Nibiru. Even as young hatchlings they were always fighting.EnKi got away from his brother by directing...