Maybe I Still Love Him  by ummmusernamee
Maybe I Still Love Him by ummmusernamee
Also known as "Maybe I Still Love Him" 💛 Constant updates.
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Change || Manager Love II || Anthony Trujillo ||  by mrsslimshady
Change || Manager Love II || Slimshady
Manager Love Book 2. A year has passed since Anthony left LA. Team 10 has grown and expanded. Callie became a CEO of Team 10 and she helped Chance with his addictions...
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Neighbors / Anthony Trujillo  by t10_tony
Neighbors / Anthony Trujillo by t10_tony
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Anthony Trujillo Imagines ;) by blues4tony
Anthony Trujillo Imagines ;)by 💓
It says it all in the title :)
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The Show Must Go On: Anthony Ramos x Reader by RealMariaReynolds
The Show Must Go On: Anthony mᎪᏒᎥᎪ ᏒᎬᎽᏁᎾᏞᎠs
Y/N L/N is something of a household. She was crowned victor of the 2011 America's Got Talent, her emotion filled singing blowing the crowd away. Fast forward 4 years, an...
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200 days//Anthony Trujillo by anthony-trujillo
200 days//Anthony Trujilloby anthony-trujillo
Mackenzie and Anthony have been best friends for 6 months but after Mackenzie is diagnosed with cancer and told that she only has 200 days left, things between them chan...
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Twins|| Why don't we FF by BessonsBooty
Twins|| Why don't we FFby
"What's wrong? What's wrong is the fact that you slept with Jonah!" Meet Sienna Besson. She has a boyfriend but ya know things happen. Daniel.Jack.Jonah. Andre...
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Tanthony Forever - Tessa Brooks & Anthony Trujillo by TeamTanthony10
Tanthony Forever - Tessa TeamTanthony10
If Tessa Brooks and Anthony Trujillo fell in love, would it last?
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jake and anthony imagines by ethanshugs
jake and anthony imaginesby shelby 💛
(in random order)
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instagram 2 | ivan martinez  by frogfacewolfhard
instagram 2 | ivan martinez by bri🎈
*I WROTE THIS WHEN TEAM 10 DIDNT HAVE DRAMA* she gave him her all, and he broke her.
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Social Media // Chance Sutton by Cece20102
Social Media // Chance Suttonby Sierra 20102
"Ohio Babe & Ohio chicken, life can't get better than this" "Ohio Babe?" "Yeah, she was born and raised In London for half her life then moved t...
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Anthony Ramos X Reader | On Hold |  by TheFlowGawd12
Anthony Ramos X Reader | On Hold | by Weeewoo
Y/N Soo, is obviously the sister of the talented Phillipa Soo, she unlike her sister, she isn't that interested with the internet, which results in her having no idea wh...
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Out Into The Light (A Hamilton Fanfic) by hlwing
Out Into The Light (A Hamilton hlwing
Lark Evans is a girl that bleeds secrets, she doesn't mean to, but it's just in her best interests. Incredibly, she ends up meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda. And that just mig...
  • fanfiction
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Anthony• Book 2 by Cecilia_Chavez
Anthony• Book 2by Celia❤️
Anthony hates Cedric. Cedric hates Anthony. Yet Cedric and Anthony are each other's second... mates? See what's wrong there? Anthony knew someday he would have to pay f...
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Why Don't We/ Zach Herron/ Complete by lover_nott000
Why Don't We/ Zach Herron/ Completeby Shawn
Your Jake and Logan Paul's younger sister. She moves in with both boys. She falls for someone she never thought she would. Sequel is out go read Why Does It Happen/ Old...
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Early Discoveries by xenous
Early Discoveriesby xenous
Ant's parents moved away so now he lives with Dec and his mum. Meanwhile, the two young Geordies discover their feelings for each other. Dec's dad sadly passed away when...
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The bet (jack Avery story ) by lovetoread817
The bet (jack Avery story )by lovetoread817
Being Logan and Jake Paul's sister has disadvantages and advantages. Like meeting team 10 and becoming rlly good friends with Tessa and Erika. Or meeting why don't we an...
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chance sutton x reader_ FINISHED by Xxx_SaVaGE_xxX
chance sutton x reader_ FINISHEDby Xxx_SaVaGE_xxX
you go to you best friend jake pauls house he asks you to join team 10 you say yes and fall in love with his best friend
  • love
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My Kindergarten Friend {Anthony Ramos x Reader} by JanthonyShipper
My Kindergarten Friend {Anthony IloveAnthonyRamos
I was meant to publish this in 2016 but hope you all like it!
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Team 10 Imagines by Ashlerber
Team 10 Imaginesby Ashley Ann
What's more to say beside Preferences and Imagines!
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