Platonic - Complete | L.S by larryislouisxharry
Platonic - Complete | L.Sby Bottom Louis Writer
LARRY. Louis is God's little angel; Harry is lucifers scary demon. In which angelic Louis is captured by a less than innocent demon named Harry. Complete.
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No way in Heaven or Hell - Afterlife Series Book 1 by MarionAvalon
No way in Heaven or Hell - Afterli...by Marion Aval’aen
#14 in Fantasy - Now officially featured on Wattpad. She is Light. He is Darkness. They have no reason to trust each other. But they're the only ones who can stop...
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  • secrets
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Demon King by FantasySVL
Demon Kingby FantasySVL
Heaven and Hell don't mix. Angels and Demons don't mix. Heaven which felt like nothing can go wrong. That's what Lucas thought it would be. Everything happened so fast...
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  • force
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The Darkness of an Angel (Sebastian Michaelis X Reader) by WhitneyMichaelis
The Darkness of an Angel (Sebastia...by Whitney Michaelis
You're an angel and you fall from heaven. You soon enough meet Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive. You can't love a demon, but you do. Many obstacles occurs and ma...
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A Deal with the Devil || K.TH >> Book 1 of The Wings Series by fluffballz1995
A Deal with the Devil || K.TH >> B...by Kookies and Tae
"He too was a tempter. He too was a link to the second. The evil world with which I had no longer wanted anything to do with." -Hermain Hesse Jin's world was f...
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Prisioneros del trueno by booksbohemian
Prisioneros del truenoby booksbohemian
Todos los derechos reservados.
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  • romance
Malia ✔ by sassy_girl_giggles
Malia ✔by SASSY
I pressed the blade to his throat, "Did you rape me in my dreams too?" "Of course I did." he said as if I should know that....... ___________________...
  • witchcraft
  • kings
  • paranormal
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The Last of the Seers (Extremely Slow Updates) by sunsetstar35
The Last of the Seers (Extremely S...by Aaralyn the Angel
Imagine a future where you are divided into six groups: Werewolf, Vampire, Witch, Zombie, Angel, or Demon, and are moved to a certain continent to live with your Kind. B...
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Dangerous by S-E-M-I-G-O-D
Dangerousby Mrs Sharman
El diablo susurró en mi oido: "No eres lo suficientemente fuerte para resistir una tormenta." Hoy le susurré en el oido al diablo: "Yo soy l...
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The Conflagration- Normila Drabbles by angelsswirl
The Conflagration- Normila Drabblesby Princess
Prompt: Heaven and Hell do exist but you get to choose where you can go. You jokingly say Hell. The first thing you hear is Satan "Ha! Finally! Someone! A friend!&q...
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HighSchool DXD Volumen 5 - Novela ligeraria by FDHSDXDT
HighSchool DXD Volumen 5 - Novela...by FDHSDXDT
Voy apublicarles todos los volumenes de HighSchool DXD son oficiales Escritor: Ichiei Ishibumi Ilustrador: Miyama-Zero Son en total 23 pero por en este momento so...
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Two shades of a flower by Annabella_fushi
Two shades of a flowerby Anna
Violet Poppy Amor has always felt secure away from any attention. After both her parents died she's left to be with her bitter aunt and vile uncle. Everyday is the same...
  • demon
  • youngadult
  • romance
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Blackest Dreams by JacquaWalto
Blackest Dreamsby Jacqua Walto
Ren is a dream angel. The picture of beauty. Only problem is that her wings are pitch black instead of sparkling white like the others. A new decree is sent out that all...
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  • wings
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Shiro: The Goddel by Kittykuitie
Shiro: The Goddelby Catarina
"It has passed 1 billion years." "I know... We have to slay the new Goddel." "Tell the army its a blonde violet-eyed child." "Yes, sir...
  • devil
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LuciFer: The Fallen Angel's Revenge by LucifersQueen_inHell
LuciFer: The Fallen Angel's Revengeby LucifersQueen
Be Careful of whom you trust, Because even the devil, Once an angel.
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Angel vs Demons by HisPrincess4617
Angel vs Demonsby ❤️4/6/17❤️
"You'll be mine one day my queen." Brandon says smiling at me "In your dreams demon boy!" I say smiling and push him into his vortex. "And stay...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • angelsvsdemons
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Bond of the Kindred by Aerolius
Bond of the Kindredby Izzy
Nyx and Akaia aren't normal twins. Split into two people before birth, Nyx was granted the power of the demons, and her sister ended up a mere human. These two sisters g...
  • magic
  • teenfiction
  • comingofage
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AU Oneshots by That_Loser_Puppet
AU Oneshotsby ❤Trash Daddy❤
CONTAINS LEMONS!!! Just my everyday Oc's. Lucy, Francis, Cole, etc in AU's of mine :3 but one-shot version :O Some which are NOT mine, Luke and Violet aren't mine!! They...
  • bears
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Falling for the enemy (angel x demon reader) by DiamondrockHD
Falling for the enemy (angel x dem...by Luna underwood
Basically your 2 species have been at war with each other, but their is a slight problem... As in you like someone from the other side problem... How will your story en...
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Into Phyclara! Resurrected to Destroy by WritingWeirdo
Into Phyclara! Resurrected to Dest...by Aly-Chan
Flames burned my skin, the smell of flesh in the air. When my cries came to an end there was darkness. No longer did I feel myself everything tingled. But the tingle tur...
  • resurrection
  • reincarnated
  • angelsvsdemons
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