The gang leaders angel by QueenKeely
The gang leaders angel by K E E L Y Teen Fiction
He was bad. He smoked, he broke the law, he drove too fast for his own good. He didn't care because no one taught him how to. But when it came to her, he wanted to be th...
Unveiled  by Jacklyn
Unveiled by Jacklyn Paranormal
(WATTPAD FEATURED STORY!!) "Don't be scared my child. I am not here to hurt you." His voice was like honey that dripped from the nectar of the sweetest flower...
The Devil's Love by xMishx
The Devil's Love by TM Watkins Paranormal
The Devil's Love Series Book 1: Tempt the Devil; Book 2: Playing with Fire; Book 3: Queen of Hell; Book 4: Shadow of Death. (All four stories contained in this one book)...
The Secret Guardians by sweeetPanda
The Secret Guardians by Pandas Werewolf
[Fast Updates] His smirk fell "Whatever" he mumbled before walking out the room. After he slammed the door shut, I slumped down on the floor and b...
Bereft: Foretold (Book Three) by rentachi
Bereft: Foretold (Book Three) by Ren Tachibana Fantasy
"What a terrible price my pride reaped." Darius escaped Envy's reckoning with his life, but lost much in the process. Mortal and vulnerable, he seeks a...
Billionaire's Love by MokshDa_xoxo
Billionaire's Love by MokshDa_xoxo Romance
"You are going to listen and do as I say-" she cuts him off "You do not owe me so you have no right to order me around" He looked at her with a grin...
Through Alpha Eyes by deformedheart
Through Alpha Eyes by deformedheart Werewolf
"mmmmm.." He growls into my neck. My eyes flutter closed on their own, the heat from his chest slowly seeps into me like wet clothes. His divine scent wafts...
Thanatos : The Red Dawn by Devita33
Thanatos : The Red Dawn by Danelle Fantasy
*COMPLETED* Highest rank- #22 in Fantasy (Book #1 in the DAWN series) #greekmythology The Red Dawn has come. Death is upon us... Or rather upon small-town girl, Aurora...
Demon Obsession by Starry_Galaxy20
Demon Obsession by Starry_Galaxy20 Fantasy
He can hear her each breath He can see her every move He can sense her every emotion He can appear anywhere He craves her He wants her And He has her He resides in her a...
Supernatural Imagines by kayla_dodge
Supernatural Imagines by Moon McCall Fanfiction
✨REQUEST ARE OPEN! If you would like one you can directly message me or leave a comment who you would like, happy or sad, and or a little story plot. I hope you enjoy re...
His Angel by itsirrs
His Angel by itsirrs Romance
"Angel." Her name left his lips in a breathless whisper. His eyes dark and filled with regret, "Come here babygirl, please." She shook her head frant...
Nephilim by AllyLaly
Nephilim by JulieSummer Paranormal
Highest ranking so far: #10 in Paranormal All my life, I've been thinking about the same thing...that because of who I was, I was destined to be alone forever... But who...
You Have Wings? by Sian-The-Writer
You Have Wings? by Sian Fantasy
*COMPLETED* (BxB) A seventeen-year-old boy discovers the world's biggest secret by accident. Or was it? Have you ever believed in destiny, fate or coincidence? Young Co...
Smoke and Mirrors : Royal Angels I  by TabbyMax
Smoke and Mirrors : Royal Angels I by TG Fantasy
He was the prince who got away. He had it all - power, fame, glory, honor. (Did I mention the unlimited supply of money, alcohol and women?) Yet he chose the human wor...
Heavens only male?! by fell221
Heavens only male?! by fell221 Action
This is a male reader x female angels. I might make a male reader x female anti-angels (that's if u guys like this story)
My Tae! ❀ KookV by BlankVK
My Tae! ❀ KookV by †ĿV Fanfiction
Kim TaeHyung es un travieso ángel de la guarda, uno que decidió ir en contra de las reglas, suplicándole a su superior que lo dejase ir a la Tierra para poder encarrilar...
SUICIDE GAMES: TOURNAMENT OF THE D... by Richard West Adventure
Taking your life is the ultimate taboo in the Christian and Catholic religions. By doing this, you condemn your soul to the pits of hell. Where you will burn for eternit...
The Hollow Ball by simranm17
The Hollow Ball by Simran Multani Paranormal
There are no winners. There is no survival. Once a person steps through the doors of the Hollow Ball, they never come back.
Graveyard Watchman (Book 1) by LeslieFear
Graveyard Watchman (Book 1) by Author Leslie Fear Paranormal
[A Wattpad Featured Story] He lifted his eyes to me. I was instantly captivated. He was sheer beauty in his black, hooded cloak. Was he real or just my imagination? It d...
Angel | Jordan Parrish by lilyroses95
Angel | Jordan Parrish by Asha Random
"I Am An Angel But You Were My Guardian."