Hetalia x Reader Abused by alleslei
Hetalia x Reader Abused by Allie Fanfiction
You used to live a life of pain and sadness. One day when you ran away for your life you where saved by the Allies and the Axis. But will things get better or will they...
Hetalia X Reader One Shots! [Requests CLOSED] by Nessawolfy
Hetalia X Reader One Shots! [Reque... by Bella Fanfiction
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST ON CHAPTERS, PM ME, OR ASK! Hey! Make sure if you like this, add it to your library, reading lists, etc. So you know when I u...
Forgive and Forget: (Hetalia Various Characters !Cheater! x Reader) by BunnyBootz
Forgive and Forget: (Hetalia Vario... by BunnyBootz Fanfiction
Plot: You've been in a healthy relationship for six years. Hopefully those happy years would continue for you are pregnant with their child. Sadly you find out they chea...
America x Reader : Jealous Much? by bliztbika
America x Reader : Jealous Much? by Bika Fanfiction
America is jealous of Canada whom had Reader-chan's attention. He envy him that Reader-chan spends her time hanging out with Canada but not America. He wants to get Read...
The Years After {Summer cleaning Countdown 2} by AngelinaSmith590
The Years After {Summer cleaning C... by Hedgehog Mom Fanfiction
Alfred is awake. He tries to live his old life but he realizes something just isn't right. Something in his life is missing. Alfred enrolls in the college of his dreams...
Hero's only sidekick by HetaliaFanfics55555
Hero's only sidekick by HetaliaFanfics55555 Fanfiction
Reader x America fan fiction. You have liked Alfred ever since you were eight. At first you thought the feelings would fade but no. Your feelings for him only grew st...
The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader] by AngelinaSmith590
The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [Am... by Hedgehog Mom Fanfiction
{COMPLETED} It all starts with one weird dream.... All her life _____ has been bullied by Alfred F Jones (he insists the 'F' is necessary). One day she and Alfred are ca...
The L Word (Fem!America x Fem!Reader) by burgersnscones
The L Word (Fem!America x Fem!Read... by Ronnie Fanfiction
"She makes me feel like I'm at home. . .like I actually belong"
Hetalia X reader one shots  by Balletlover16
Hetalia X reader one shots by HetaliaBalletlover Fanfiction
This is a one shot book where (y/n) a.k.a you is the country of Puerto Rico and falls in love with a hetalia character If you are reading this in another site that isn't...
prison bitch (prisoner america x framed reader by child_of_hades1997
prison bitch (prisoner america x f... by lizzie/Amber Fanfiction
this was sent to me by my bff Allison
House rivalry by hetalia_roxs
House rivalry by Hetalia x reader Fanfiction
As a new student of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you were expecting an enchanted world of magic, spell books, and an explanation of the unknown. What...
HetaliaxReaders by Mandygirl1497
HetaliaxReaders by Decker Queen Mandy Fanfiction
A series of hetaliaxreaders.
H e t a l i a || x readers by royallyoli
H e t a l i a || x readers by ❀asshole✿ Fanfiction
Hello there, Dear Reader of mine. This is a series I have recently brought back from the dead and improved, chapters updated and created regularly. Take Note: This seri...
Once Upon A Time [2p!Canada x Reader x 1p!Canada] by TheCrazyLittleGirl20
Once Upon A Time [2p!Canada x Read... by †America_England_Lovers† Fanfiction
[Please read Book 1: Once Upon a Summer before reading this, so you would understand. Thank you.] Last summer was quite a ride for you. You met Matt Williams, met his br...
Hetalia x Reader Sequel: My Time spent in Limbo by Franciska224
Hetalia x Reader Sequel: My Time s... by ??? Fanfiction
This is a sequel to my other book "Hetalia x Reader". Once again, it's based in a parallel universe where you are a country (or at least were) and you are frie...
~Guns & Roses~ Hitman Jones! X reader by Lexyluv_24
~Guns & Roses~ Hitman Jones! X rea... by Lexyluv_24 Fanfiction
After being kidnapped, and held captive for 2 months, Y/N finds herself under the influence of her rescuers - a top spy agency, called S.H.E.L.D.O.N. She becomes one of...
America x Chubby!Tsundere!reader by lazyismine
Not Alone ° Alfred x Reader Lemon° by Apzlone
Not Alone ° Alfred x Reader Lemon° by Apzlone Fanfiction
A short fanfiction about Alfred (America from hetalia) and reader (you). There are ups and downs but some chapters may be mature content :-P
The Unnamed American Story(Alfred F. Jones X Reader) by OlympicGeek
The Unnamed American Story(Alfred... by OlympicGeek Fanfiction
(Name) and Alfred have been best friends for quite a while now, and (Name) has fallen in love with the obnoxious (but sweet) American. Pfft. This sounds pretty clic...
Only Human (America x Reader Fanfic) by alfredsmilk
Only Human (America x Reader Fanfi... by eriko Fanfiction
You and Amelia Jones always go to McDonald's (because Amelia loves McDonald's and can't stop loving it). But you never noticed that someone that becomes a special part o...