Wonder Woman: Godkiller by wxnderfabs
Wonder Woman: Godkillerby E. F. Thropp
"Evil will be slain by the sword of the Godkiller" BOOK 1 IN THE DC LEGENDS SERIES All rights reserved to D.C. for the characters and plots being used in this...
  • godkiller
  • wonderwoman
  • wonder
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Ares: The War God by AV_Hart
Ares: The War Godby AV_Hart
More deaths, more blood. Then the call came. The soft plea from one of his own. “My Lord... Help us. Please.” He rose slowly from his throne, sword in hand. It was time...
  • war
  • lovestory
  • myth
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Wonder Woman x Sibling Reader: Courage (Book 1) by batmanwife13
Wonder Woman x Sibling Reader: batmanwife13
I was encouraged to write this book after seeing Wonder Woman in theatres. What if the tides were turned? What if it took more than just luck to save the world? What if...
  • dc
  • charlie
  • love
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WONDER WOMAN • Steve Rogers by aestheticpale
WONDER WOMAN • Steve Rogersby ??
"When I came out of the ice, I thought everyone I loved was gone, I found out she was alive... I was lucky enough to have her." Wonder Woman X Captain America
  • avengers
  • wonderwoman
  • dccomics
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New Clarissa (Complete) by BellaSH13
New Clarissa (Complete)by BellaSH
The clave wants to send clary and Jace to the amazons (wonder woman) so she can be an amazing warrior.The amazons will not accept men and they will only accept Clary in...
  • clace
  • fanfiction
  • amazons
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Ravendown by azurehyn
Ravendownby azurehyn bear
One day, ordinary high-school English teacher Carlene Lawson, based in California, had no idea why she was in Maine. Her life was a thousand miles away from the frigid c...
  • romance
  • revenge
  • greece
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Wondergirl by supernurse94
Wondergirlby supernurse94
After being hidden away from the world of man for years, learning the way of the Amazons of Themyscira, it's time to join the world out there. With the help of the Girl...
  • cassandrasandsmark
  • girlxgirl
  • supergirl
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Tales of Trepedation [WONDER WOMAN] by solitary-disaster
Tales of Trepedation [WONDER WOMAN]by SiriusBuckyTrash
"The first humans were created with four arms, legs and eyes and two noses and mouths. Afraid of their power, Zeus split them in half, leaving them to spend their w...
  • themyscira
  • diana
  • fear
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Awakened Memories by music_and_literature
Awakened Memoriesby Tara
~Completed~ As Queen of the Amazons, Annabeth Chase must be ready for anything. She has to be there for her warriors. But being separated from Percy has not been working...
  • percyjackson
  • chaos
  • typhon
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Utopia Spells Disaster by OtakuQueen95
Utopia Spells Disasterby Rachel
Every Utopia has its secrets.
  • utopia
  • action
  • originalstory
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The Amazons by ehbmunn
The Amazonsby ehbmunn
She crouched down in the undergrowth, like a cat, her eyes focused on her target, her hand placed on her dagger. She set down her spear soundlessly next to her, and prep...
  • amazons
  • women
  • fighting
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Too Many Memories by music_and_literature
Too Many Memoriesby Tara
~Completed~ Annabeth mourns the death of Thalia, only to become enraged when she finally finds out she is alive with Percy's team. The guilt only piles on when another c...
  • amazons
  • chaos
  • sequeltoerasedmemories
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Penthesilea's Wish [Vol.1] by Califia
Penthesilea's Wish [Vol.1]by Califia Montalvo
This is the saga of Penthesilea--Queen of the Amazons. What secret pact did she make so many thousand years ago for women which only now is coming true? This new novel f...
  • ya
  • queens
  • penthesilea
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The Wonder Robin by caketin23
The Wonder Robinby Cake of the Tin
Wonder Woman and Batman have a son, they give him up for adoption but six years later a tragic event brings Richard Grayson back to his real parents. Join him as he stru...
  • superboy
  • batman
  • wonderwoman
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Wonder Girls' Power (Young Justice/Dick Grayson Fanfiction)  (On Hold) by -TheHuntress-
Wonder Girls' Power (Young -TheHuntress-
We lived in a small house in... Some city that I never learned the name of. On my fifth birthday we went to go see some acrobats. And again I never learned the name o...
  • wonderbat
  • wondergirl
  • amazons
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The Beetle and The Dragon by pyroamazon
The Beetle and The Dragonby The Afro Fangirl
"I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory, Is this where it gets me, on my feet, several feet ahead ahead of me? I see it coming, do I run or fire my gun...
  • youngjustice
  • bluebeetle
  • greekmythology
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Wonder Woman: The Heiress by Bukley
Wonder Woman: The Heiressby Bukley
When Colonel Steve Trevor crash-lands into the mythical island of Themyscira, he meets its princess, Diana, who is embroiled in a hostile civil conflict instigated by th...
  • wonderwoman
  • superheroes
  • amazons
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The Delinquent Wife by Ladder001
The Delinquent Wifeby Ladder001
Condor is 'searching' for a bride with an impossible description being: she must be a giant! Impossible since they are a rare species, therefore are hard to find, expect...
  • journey
  • amazons
  • prince
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Athbrieth (Lesbian Fantasy) by SapphosGhost8
Athbrieth (Lesbian Fantasy)by Ellen Van Giessen
Faol Tira is a Baen-Laoch princess, a warrior woman who has defeated many foes. Until she is taken from her home, and brought to a place where men rule women. She is for...
  • amazons
  • romance
  • lesbian
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War of Prophecies by MamaMagie
War of Propheciesby Mama Magie &Minionettes
"Never forget, Karstien, Evil appears when least expected, sacrifices must be made, but even in that darkest hour, stars still shine, and hope endures because love...
  • brothers
  • dinosaurs
  • endermen
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