OPERATION: Break the Cassanova's Heart by ConzyBabe
OPERATION: Break the Cassanova's GracePeralta❤
10 things to do to break the Casanova's heart 1. Make him notice you. 2. Do a thing for him that the other girls hasn't done yet 3. Make him ask you on a date 4. Make s...
  • romance
  • cassanova
  • namibabes
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Love me back by AwesomelySexy
Love me backby AwesomelySexy
I love him. I see him. I care for him. But, He doesn't love me the way I love him. He doesn't see me the way I see him. He doesn't care about the way I care for him. ...
  • watty2018
  • awesomelysexy
  • love
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You're Mine by DyosangPusaaa
You're Mineby Aira SJ Pineda
Akin ka lang.
  • fiction
  • maxinejiji
  • jonaxx
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Was I Ever Really Love By You? (Ongoing)(TRAMYHEARTSERIES #3) by TramyHeart
Was I Ever Really Love By You? ( JenPascualCruz
Karina Palencio is in-love with his brother's bestfriend and Math Teacher in High School, Zereff Evan Guillermo Mahal niya ito mula pagkabata pa lang hanggang sa naging...
  • alyloony
  • longdistancerelationship
  • tenderloveandcare
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The Long Lost Heirs  Of A Muti Billionaire by Maze155
The Long Lost Heirs Of A Muti Maze155
Bago nyo po umpisahan ang kwentong Ito, nais ko munang ipabatid sa inyo na marami pong mali dito. Grammatical errors, typos at iba pa. Sana po ay maunawaan nyo parin ka...
  • purplenayi
  • hercules
  • summerromance
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The Death of Gabriel (Ongoing) by Nininicooleee
The Death of Gabriel (Ongoing)by Nics
I'm afraid to love the wrong person. Gusto ko kapag nagmahal ako, there will be no doubt that it will be the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
  • alyloony
  • fiction
  • chicklit
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Spoken Poetry by Chrysoprasus101
Spoken Poetryby Chysu
Collection of Spoken Poetry.
  • haiku
  • mariomaurer
  • maxinejiji
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Im Back And I Want Revenge by brokxxn
Im Back And I Want Revengeby Hshshs
Rewriting Why wait for "Bad Karma", when you can be "Bad" and "Karma" at the same time. #148 in Teen Fiction - 5/28/16
  • jealousy
  • bestfriends
  • teens
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The Wife Lovely Revenge by Chelsea_Jeon20
The Wife Lovely Revengeby
Im jungkook the good girl husband i have a wife and that was a arranged marriage this is for our company my parents need to save their company pero kahit na asawa ko na...
  • jfstories
  • alien
  • angelconcepcion
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Dare Girlfriend by Jiistories
Dare Girlfriendby Jiistories
"Im a Dare Girlfriend " sanay na ako maging Dare girlfriend o sa madaling salita napagtripan lang . its okay with me , You know Why ? because if its trip on me...
  • operation
  • completedstory
  • love
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Not The Same As Before by _crypticlady
Not The Same As Beforeby Jeon Sung Jin
I'm not the same person that you know.
  • beeyotch
  • love
  • different
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Do You Still Remember Me? (On-going) by UndenialGirl
Do You Still Remember Me? ( Indenial Girl
She's my EX-GIRLFRIEND- Ethan Kurt Salvador He's my EX-BOYFRIEND- Kristine Vanessa Manoban Ang tanong... Mag kakabalikan ba silang dalawa? Pero naalala paba kaya ni girl...
  • bluemaiden
  • amnesia
  • manoban
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My Prince Charming by LOBELAUTA
My Prince Charmingby LOBEL V. LAUTA
Si Joyce Anne Morales isang dalagang mala dyosa sa kagandahan at pinapangarap ng mga kalalakihan Lahat ng gusto niya ay nakukuha maliban sa gusto nyang lalaki na si King...
  • jhuennstorm
  • maiden
  • blue
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The Woman Who Can't be Moved by sERENityrenz
The Woman Who Can't be Movedby It's_QueenMarie
Moving on doesn't mean you let go. Instead letting go means Moving on. Life isn't about happiness and sadness it is about how you learned from it.. but they're things th...
  • keired
  • alyloony
  • teenfiction
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He is the Reason by RenRen_rc
He is the Reasonby Ms.RC
Nagtatagpo ang tao sa isang dahilan, dahilang hindi natin nalalaman, ngunit malalaman natin ito dahil sa ating naranasan sa kanila ang magmahal, masaktan. #romance #on-g...
  • maxinejiji
  • idangs
  • yanajin
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Forbidden Love by RowParbs
Forbidden Loveby C E C I L I A
He's name is Keith, who is silently inlove with his brother's wife eversince. When they get married he suffered a lot, he suffered the pain silently. And then there's a...
  • rainbowcoloredmind
  • alyloony
  • blue
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Mr. Antipatiko Is A Secret Assassin by BabyQueen_18
Mr. Antipatiko Is A Secret Assassinby Nurse Jane
Park Hyung-Sik as Ashton Kaiden Alvarez Park Bo Young as Winter Chrissy Smith Han Hyo-Joo as Summer Cassandra Smith Nam Joo-Hyuk as Jade Cruz Song Jong-Ki as Christian S...
  • alyloony
  • wattpad
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Im inLove with my Stalker  by PerfectShape
Im inLove with my Stalker by Alexis De Leon
Do you have a stalker?
  • alyloony
  • maxinejiji
  • jonaxx
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Private Calling Card by joonie_chri1
Private Calling Cardby joonie_chri1
[TagLish] we have a secret meant to be kept ~ we have something that not to be known ~
  • maiden
  • redhearty
  • jane
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