Ruin ⇝ The Flash [01] by spider-barry
Ruin ⇝ The Flash [01] by Jazz Fanfiction
❝Don't run.❞ Bibiana Solace was a S.T.A.R. Labs employee ever since she graduated from college. Her life was everything she dreamed of until the night of the particle ac...
The Blaze | Barry Allen by FlawlessFandoms
The Blaze | Barry Allen by ˗ˏˋ sahaily ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝And all that counts, Is here and now, My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came. ❞ |BOOK ONE| season one| © FlawlessFandoms cover credits to @BonitaRogue
The Flash Imagines by fandomkween
The Flash Imagines by Flash Trash Fanfiction
"My chest feels like that one time I had a cigarette... Teen me lived for danger." - Barry Allen Different types of Barry x Female reader imagines that I like...
just acting ; ( grant gustin. ) #wattys2017 by plumettes
just acting ; ( grant gustin. ) #w... by (s)mol Fanfiction
in which co stars playing love interests convince themselves their chemistry is 'just acting'. 🎬 [ social media ] grant gustin x oc copyright @ 2017
LOVER | #WATTYS 2017 & OLIVER QUEEN  by IsabelHynes
LOVER | #WATTYS 2017 & OLIVER QUEE... by Belle Fanfiction
"He seen her before and now, he'd loved her more." A story in which Oliver Queen finds a woman who saves his soul.
┌The Flash: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader┐ by Characterxfemreader
┌The Flash: Barry Allen x Fem!Read... by Sam Fanfiction
Barry Allen x Fem!Reader: ⊳Oneshots ⊳Imagines ⊳Would Includes ⊳Gif Imagines ⊳Preferences ⊳Drabbles ⊳Headcanons
Hold Steady ⚡ The Flash by taileilei
Hold Steady ⚡ The Flash by Tai Fanfiction
Rowan Nyx liked to play with fire. She ran towards the fire so others wouldn't have to. That's just who she was. She would always put others before herself. Danger and...
Re-United || The Flash || by AngieDelPig
Re-United || The Flash || by Angelica Delgado Fanfiction
"One. A sister. Twin, actually; but I haven't seen her in 15 years." ~~~~~~~ "Brianna Allen." Barry's head snapped up, his eyes projected surprise...
Alive ❱ Barry Allen [AU] by meredithsyang
Alive ❱ Barry Allen [AU] by Olivia Humor
A story in which Ellis Queen, a waitress at Jitters, accidentally texts the wrong number. unknown number: iz!! hot guy at 12 o clock, look now! barry: not iz and not rea...
Running Out of Time (Barry Allen/ The Flash fanfiction) by agent_april
Running Out of Time (Barry Allen... by April Marie Fanfiction
7/30/16: #371 in Fanfiction 7/31/16: #774 in Fanfiction 8/1/16: #376 in Fanfiction 8/3/16: #362 in Fanfiction 4/23/17: #372 in Fanfiction She can control time. Speed it...
Future Days With The Flash ▸ Barry Allen [3] by tinkertaydust
Future Days With The Flash ▸ Barry... by — TAY. Fanfiction
❝'cause I can't stop time you keep blurring in my mind and space is undefined these tracks left behind we can't stay the same ❞ BOOK THREE IN THE A DANCE...
home • barry allen by writernextdoorr
home • barry allen by xx Fanfiction
an electrifying, twenty-something year old runaway with attitude problems. a geeky guy with radical dead body analysis skills that's also kinda fast. okay, really fast. ...
A Dance With The Flash ▸ Barry Allen [1] by tinkertaydust
A Dance With The Flash ▸ Barry All... by — TAY. Fanfiction
❝ we could hide away in day light we could go undercover, wait out the sun got a secret side in plain sight where the streets are empty, that's where we run ❞ ...
Within Seconds // Barry Allen by xxwinterschildxx
Within Seconds // Barry Allen by winter Fanfiction
[based on season one of The Flash] || book one of three || At the time Central City's own Barry Allen discovers he has the ability to run faster than the speed of sound...
In A Blink ➳ Barry Allen/The Flash by LillianCarrol
In A Blink ➳ Barry Allen/The Flash by l i l l i a n Fanfiction
| book one | Natalie Reed has just moved to Central City, at first, oblivious to the unnatural events in her new home. She truly feels welcomed in Central City and grows...
The Flash And The Chameleon ▸ Barry Allen [2] by tinkertaydust
The Flash And The Chameleon ▸ Barr... by — TAY. Fanfiction
❝ though nothing, will keep us together we could steal time, just for one day we can be heroes, for ever and ever ❞ BOOK TWO IN THE A DANCE WITH THE FLASH SERI...
Falling Slowly [Barry Allen] by KatieWelander
Falling Slowly [Barry Allen] by Katie Fanfiction
Being best friends with Iris West was the only thing that brought Katie Marshall to Central City. She's had a hard past with relationships, but this is a new start, with...
Dare To Mr. Player | ✔️ by xDemonsFlowerx
Dare To Mr. Player | ✔️ by Alex Elizabeth Teen Fiction
Allen Xavier is the hot and irresistible player of Addison High. Women of different ages fall for his charm. Women want him; men hate him. Allen was never in a serious r...
Paralyzer || Barry Allen (The Flash) Fanfiction by turtulme
Paralyzer || Barry Allen (The Flas... by LeeAnne Lytton Fanfiction
"Being two blocks away from STAR Labs had always been interesting and appealing in some ways, especially for its location in the science district of Central City. H...
I'm a rogue, he's an Alpha, did I mention he's my mate? by NalaShadowhunter