So Actually, I'm Not Okay by izzywriter
So Actually, I'm Not Okay by All Who Wander Science Fiction
Sixteen-year-old Sage Greene was locked in a maximum-security asylum for the criminally insane after murdering over 150 innocent people. It isn't her, though - it's the...
Alien Invasion: A Love Story -(A Wattpad Featured Story!!!) by BrittanieCharmintine
Alien Invasion: A Love Story -(A W... by Britt Science Fiction
"Sometimes your boyfriend turns out to be a hot alien who wants to abduct your best friend. But who cares? He's HOT!" -- Bad Andie* Twenty-six year old Andie B...
Real Life Paranormal Experiences by ParanormalCommunity
Real Life Paranormal Experiences by Wattpad Paranormal Research S... Non-Fiction
[NOW OPEN] Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community. Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
Space Babe ♡ Vkook by CripplingAnxiety
Space Babe ♡ Vkook by Satan Fanfiction
"Are you from outer space? Bc your booty is out of this world ;)" In which a human boy named Jungkook keeps getting mysterious texts from a boy who claims to b...
Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Paul Vincent Science Fiction
Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything. Astronomicon: The Beginning follows the human race...
Shoshone Station: The Galactic Consortium season 2 by RJEliason
Shoshone Station: The Galactic Con... by R. J. Eliason Science Fiction
Less than a year ago, they arrived over earth's sky. They call themselves the Galactic Consortium and they are human, or at least, simian - from the same genetic line as...
Can you love a monster like me?- a Yaujta love story by AliciaWare
Can you love a monster like me?- a... by YautjaLover Romance
Please...don't hurt me! I just want to go home!" I yelled at the large humaniod creature that was standing by the fire pit. My side hurt, I was bleeding out, everyt...
Blink: Leviathan (Book 2) by words_are_weapons
Blink: Leviathan (Book 2) by Jamie Harris Science Fiction
After surviving the horrors of Titan Aquilla, Amber Garret and the members of Hammerhead Squad are now the most highly regarded Blink unit in the galaxy: a galaxy that i...
COMPETE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Two) - Preview by VeraNazarian
COMPETE: The Atlantis Grail (Book... by VeraNazarian Science Fiction
It's one thing to Qualify... But do you have what it takes to Compete? *** COMPETE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Two) continues the exciting story of Gwen Lark that started...
Planet Gaia 🌕 🐺 (Alien Fairy Tales) by KDCampbell
Planet Gaia 🌕 🐺 (Alien Fairy Tal... by KD Campbell Science Fiction
(Highest rank as of 09-12-17: #28 in sci-fi) The forests of the planet Gaia are vast, unexplored, and ominous -- filled with horrifying alien creatures that threaten li...
The Lethal Princess (Completed) Wattys2015 Winner by tlwsweety2
The Lethal Princess (Completed) Wa... by tlwsweety2 Fantasy
Avril Bright always felt like she was different, but never in her wildest dreams would she imagine that she was that different. When Avril literally runs into a boy and...
Ben ten omniverse: Special( Ben Tennyson x fem!reader) by Minimoon38
Ben ten omniverse: Special( Ben Te... by Minimoon38 Fanfiction
Book cover: AvianSunrise (also Plz visit JoleenUchiha :) You are half human half....(read the story to find out!) Anyway, you are (Y/n) (L/n) (Giving the reader op...
🍑 ∫ Booby Senpai by DokiKissu
🍑 ∫ Booby Senpai by .·✿ ᴳʳᵉᵉᵗᶤᶰᵍˢ ✿·. Random
✧『Trust me, I'm out of this world❣』✧
Lost Empire by Pars01
Lost Empire by PARS001 Science Fiction
A man with a past, not tied to anyone makes a startling discovery that changes his life and his perceptions of it. Being alone Derrick found it calming, then he had a dr...
CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian Stories) by WriteMyHeartForYou
CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian Stor... by Akee Teen Fiction
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING #3 IN TEEN FICTION #98 8-1-17 Flare Evans She was only seven years old when her parents got a painful decision to divorce. Flare was too young...
Astronomicon: Behemoth by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Behemoth by Paul Vincent Science Fiction
The crew of interstellar colonisation vessel Arcadian awake from hibernation to discover that they are lost, the drive system has shut down and they have no idea what ha...
He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie Vampire
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
Astral (gxg) [Futanari] by FeraDuen
Astral (gxg) [Futanari] by Duen Science Fiction
Skai wasn't born, she was made. Her creators have a purpose for her kind: to repopulate a dying world, and to bring meaning back to their existence--a new beginning. ...
Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl) by Anime_Geek
Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl) by Potato Science Fiction
They're in love... They're from different races. Different origins. Different worlds. Different planets. They have different beliefs. One thing is the same about them...
Alienus by KrazyObsession
Alienus by KrazyObsession Romance
No one expected that it would happen until it did. Earth was dying. We, the few who survived the disease, were all contained in cells with artificial light and oxy...