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Working mom, great kids that introduced me to wattpad - even if it was to read Twilight - but there are so many other great stuff as well. I like reading, reading, reading and reading. And having fu...
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Well, hi there! Welcome to my profile and hopefully you'll find books that interest you! I love books and I'm glad there's Wattpad with so many to read. If you like my books, please do fan me and ple...
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16 Jahre altes Snack Loch, dass sich zu 80% von Fertigessen ernährt und normale Probleme hat. Dazu zählen übliche Down-Phasen und seltenen Happy-Moments. Ich habe keine greifbaren Ziele, kein Lebensm...
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Hello People of the blue planet! Raise your hands for the Superstar! :D I am Anushka, but you all must probably know me as A or Ash. I don't really don't know what to write (a first for me) so yeah...
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Oh, hello! I haven't seen you in a while! Did you do something different with your hair? Have you been working out? *********************************************************************************...
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i write and stuff
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I'm Rose. I used to write, and this all is what came of that.
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"why would a dead girl lie?" - other social medias: twitter- @sophhhgrande instagram- @santatullme