Denis X Layla  by iPuppiez
Denis X Layla by iPuppiez General Fiction
Here's a story for my BFF Layla (Her username is XOmq_FoxyX) Hope you enjoy! 😁
"My Neko" ( Sketch x Reader Fanfiction) by Weirdofangirl11
"My Neko" ( Sketch x Reader Fanfic... by Karmen Atwater Fanfiction
Y/N ran away from home from Mom murdering Dad "non of this would have happened if they abandoned Sub I have to find him but he could be so far away" I turned i...
The Pals! by ThePalsMegaFan
The Pals! by Tori Fanfiction
BE SURE TO READ 'THE STORY OF THE PALS THE PALS X READER' BECAUSE THAT IS THE FIRST STORY!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Da Book of Da Memez! by flowerknight10
Da Book of Da Memez! by OrderofTheFlower Humor
This has some memes I've made for fun!! Most of them are The Pals! hope you like them!
vlog squad preferences  by liebrher-
vlog squad preferences by cynthia Fanfiction
vlog squad preferences includes: +david dobrik +scotty sire +toddy smith +alex ernst
#FierroChase by ProdigyZar
#FierroChase by ProdigyZar Fanfiction
A compilation of Oneshots that I've seen that are just AWESOME, and thus aim to promote them. I'll also make ones of my own when the urge hits me! 😊❤️
P. R. I. N. C. E. S. S  by DepressedafAlex
Fazing by JustFazing
Fazing by JustFazing Fanfiction
Moving to California to pursue my YouTube career and meeting the latest L.A Heartthrobs known as Faze Clan, but will meeting one of them change my whole future?
INSTAGRAM by Misterduk665
INSTAGRAM by Shiper Loco xD Fanfiction
Hola,espero que os guste esta serie.Os quiere Shipper Loco xD
Won't Let Go by Sophiehasgranite
Won't Let Go by Sophie Mystery / Thriller
3 people: 2 girls, 1 boy 2 straight, 1 gay 2 black, 1 white 2 die, 1 survives... But who?
SIEMPRE by unusual_shade
SIEMPRE by unusual_shade Teen Fiction
Ella me pidió un cuento de hadas, yo solo le di la carroza. Me quiso dar un libro entero, yo tan solo le di el principio de un poema. Ella me amó desde el principio, y y...
If you knew... (Laurex fanfiction) by thislittleweirdgirl
If you knew... (Laurex fanfiction) by This little weird girl Fanfiction
Ever wondered what it would be to be someone else? To have someone who love you for you not for the act you play? I know I did... If I knew what it would bring I would...
Alex & Luna  by marreads__
Alex & Luna by M 🥀 Short Story
a girl called luna who lived with her step father who was aggressive . her mom was died but she had a family that she didn't know about When it comes to Alex , he'll be...
Falling Back: Alex Rider FanFic by AwsomeSauce007
Falling Back: Alex Rider FanFic by Maggy2.0 Fanfiction
[Book 3] Rescued after escaping the clutches of the underground, Alex is finally back with his newfound family. But is everything perfect? Now having been through be...
pretty eyes and full of lies by anonymswisper_456
pretty eyes and full of lies by anonymswisper_456 Mystery / Thriller
Maisie thought she could run away from the fire she manipulated . But now that fire haunts her forever and soon it will get back at her for what she had done to it. Mais...
Is that a child? by sanversfan21
Is that a child? by sanversfan21 Fanfiction
Alex knew this was going to be a difficult raid but out of all the scenarios she thought of, she never expected this. A story about Alex and Maggie and their lifetime o...
Transformers ~ Niezgodna by OliwiaPalak
Transformers ~ Niezgodna by Alex Moon Fantasy
Jestem Alex...Mam 20 lat... Mieszkam na planecie Dimons...
Znamy się? |L.D| by amii1745
Znamy się? |L.D| by Mrs. Dervies Teen Fiction
Każdy chyba miał tak, że miał przyjaciela z dzieciństwa, którego już później nie widział. Tak miała właśnie Alex. Aż do pewnego koncertu swoich największych idoli.
60 Day One-shots by TheDoveisbored
60 Day One-shots by BriBriFeeFee Random
Read the Intro beginning thingy. Also, some things to know. 1. My book, my rules. 2. Technically my rules. 3. This book contains curse words. 4. Also contains smut. 5. S...
Default Title - Write Your Own by PeachXeira0