FOR THE FIRST TIME → K. DEAN by mrs__allen
FOR THE FIRST TIME → K. DEAN by billie jean
'it's just like i'm seeing her for the first time again' [ KAROLINA DEAN ✕ FEMALE OC ] [ MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS | SEASON 1―TBD ]
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Music isn't just to dance too! (Fall Out Boy Patrick x Reader) by _Jamari_
Music isn't just to dance too! (Fa... by k a r o / j a m a r i / a m b...
(Y/N) used to be a helper at a adoption center. She was being treated like a rag, and her boss pushed her to do TOO much. Eventually she quit her job and pulled her life...
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Online Love  by MysteriousGamerGirl
Online Love by Mystery
(This is a love story for my cousin) He is the bad boy She is the good girl He smokes cigarettes She eats candy He fights for money She works for money And He has n...
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(Not) Easily Broken - Book 3 by Niquey_rock
(Not) Easily Broken - Book 3 by Niquey
*Reading Unexpectedly Falling in Love and Expectedly Holding On is not required but Highly Recommended.* One Summer. One School Year. Two Girls. And one messed up past...
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As Told By Riley by SerendipityD
As Told By Riley by D.S. Lake
Sequel to Eight Years! Seventeen-year-old Riley Bolton is an average teenaged boy who spends his days hanging out with his friends, going out and practicing a variety of...
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Denis's Little Sister {A Pals Fanfic} by keira_powell
Denis's Little Sister {A Pals Fanf... by Keira_powell
Keira is Denis Daily's younger sister (3 Years) and Denis finally invited her to meet all of the Pals. She finds interest in one of them. Read to find out who.... and wh...
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Alex Trevino by natasza_2001
Alex Trevino by natasza_2001
Dowiedz się jak Alex Trevino zareaguje na istoty nadprzyrodzone.
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Instagram → Alex Ernst by dailyxdolan
Instagram → Alex Ernst by ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎
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&|wanderlust  by -jjjonesy-
&|wanderlust by ᴀʟᴇx ᴊᴏɴᴇs
Bio book NO. 1 1/8/18
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Internet change  by crayever
Internet change by Crayever
Riley is heartbroken over Lucas and Maya until one day she accidentally DMS someone on Twitter with the name @fuckboical "Im not a 40 year old pervert" "...
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Mutual_Feelings♡ by Kathleyne_Amethyst09
Mutual_Feelings♡ by Kathleyne_Amethyst09
Mutual?Maganda ba sa feeling na may gusto kayo sa isa't isa?Oo may part na maganda,pero may part din na..nasasaktan ka na.May ILOVE YOU at may CALLSIGN pero walang kayo...
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Et hemlighedes fuldt liv by emma804d
Et hemlighedes fuldt liv by Emma Schou Christiansen 4A Ag...
Det handler om en piger hun hedder Liv hun er 16 og bor i LA, har oplevet maget som andre teenegs piger ikke har, men der hendes forældre vælger at flytte til hollywood...
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David and Liza : The Sequel  by Newgirl25_
David and Liza : The Sequel by Newgirl25_
This is a sequel to my David and Liza book that I already wrote . This book takes place about a year later after the last chapter of the first book . A lot of stuff has...
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Dead and Alive [David Dobrik Apocalypse Fanfic] by Foxlily_522
Dead and Alive [David Dobrik Apoca... by Fox Lily
A zombie apocalypse breaks loose, and a little boy gets split off from his family. What happens when his all time favorite people, David Dobrik & his crew, find him? [Pa...
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Fierrochase Stuff by sunshineandcryin
Fierrochase Stuff by Sprite is my religion
Oneshots, sh*tposts, headcanons and more! My ideal wattpad story is dank memes and fluff, so fierrochase is the best option. Requests always open!
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Totalmente fuera de este mundo. by marioso723
Totalmente fuera de este mundo. by @Mcmo
Soy una princesa, pero no de esas típicas princesas primorosas que usan vestidos tiaras y no hacen nada mas que ser perfecta frente a la prensa. Creo que las únicas prin...
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Young Folks ▷ Alex Ernst by kaylalynnmeow
Young Folks ▷ Alex Ernst by Kayla :)
"It doesn't matter what you did Who you were hanging with We could stick around and see this night through"
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Bella. by rawan_emam
Bella. by Rawan. 🖤
"Being a princess doesn't only mean a dress and a tiara honey, it means being good to people, being kind hearted, loving with all your heart, and being true to who...
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The Dumping Ground ~ Alex Walker  by usernameunstated
The Dumping Ground ~ Alex Walker by usernameunstated
"It can't be a secret if we get caught," whispered Saffron, her hot breath trickling down Alex's neck making ...
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Heart of the Jungle - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle by LAC1940
Heart of the Jungle - Jumanji: Wel... by Lindsay
"We're here to help you." "Oh..." When Spencer, Martha, Bethany, and Fridge get stuck in a video game as adventuring avatars, they have to venture th...
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