The Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Cherry_Cola_x
The Bad Boy Stole My Bra by ℓαυяєи Teen Fiction
Picture this: You wake up in the middle of the night, swamped in your star wars covers and completely and utterly groggy to the extent that you look like something from...
Volturi (The Three Kings L.S) by SymoneHeyward
Volturi (The Three Kings L.S) by Symone Fanfiction
who would ever guess that the sister of Isabella would be the future vampire Queen, many surely did not so what happens when she is not mated to one but all three of the...
Malec one shots by puplove321
Malec one shots by Curly.Jada Fanfiction
Malec stories That's all I have to say And you probably don't want to read them Cause they're crappy
Shattered (Mortal Instruments)(Clace) by xxBook_lover_2004xx
Shattered (Mortal Instruments)(Cla... by M.E-M Random
Clarissa Fray is an orphaned girl that has went through 12 foster homes. She has been in foster care for ten years now. Most of the foster families abused her and scared...
Devil? Angel? I Think Both ~ The Volturi  by Wolf_Queen_101
Devil? Angel? I Think Both ~ The V... by Draco Malfoy's Wife Fanfiction
~ "She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them." ~ ~ "Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.&q...
Hey, Brother... by BaraOShukketsu
Hey, Brother... by BaraOShukketsu Fanfiction
Hey, Brother. . . Summary: When Sam Winchester goes missing, Dean Winchester seeks help from his long lost brother; Stiles Winchester. ***I do not own Teen Wolf, Superna...
Begin Again by ethereaurora
Begin Again by nova Humor
In which a girl watches a conversation with a complete stranger begin again.
Teen Shadows: TW/Shadowhunters ('Now You've Seen Me' Rewrite)  by BaraOShukketsu
Teen Shadows: TW/Shadowhunters ('N... by BaraOShukketsu Fanfiction
Shadow hunters and Teen Wolf crossover fanfiction of Stiles - if you read my original fanfic of this crossover 'Now You've Seen Me' this is a rewrite that will hopefully...
Back at the start by MafeCullenSalvatore1
Back at the start by MalecShipper Fanfiction
Magnus Bane tiene un secreto oscuro, ha levantado fuertes murallas que nunca nadie a logrado derribar, eso hasta que conoce a su nuevo profesor de álgebra, Alexander Lig...
You're Mine And I'm Yours by fangirlforever00
You're Mine And I'm Yours by fangirlforever00 Fanfiction
SPOILERS!! A Mortal Instruments fanfic set after City of Heavenly Fire. Lots of CLACE, Malec, and SIZZY moments!! What happens when something unexpected arrives at their...
The Other Lewis £ ShadowHunters |A.L|➀ by skylah234
The Other Lewis £ ShadowHunters |A... by - • Sky • - Fanfiction
{B O O K O N E} Gabriella Lewis is usually known for her quirkiness and sarcasm. It's one of the benefits of being related to Simon Lewis also known as her adoptive bro...
Shadow hunters•Alec Lightwood by teen_user1
Shadow hunters•Alec Lightwood by Teen_User1 Fanfiction
❝They irritate each other..tease each other,but they still can't live without each other❞
Silent Love by stalec24
Silent Love by stalec24 Teen Fiction
Stiles stilinskis life was already wierd enough, but it got even wierder when alec lightwood came into the picture.
Shadowhunters: Imagines & Preferences by wckdswolf
Shadowhunters: Imagines & Preferen... by ao!ffe-mar!e Fanfiction
~ {started; 14th February 2016} {finished; 14th November 2016} ~sometimes updates~ Shadowhunters||The Mortal Instruments I do requests
Smokescreen 》Alec Lightwood by UpInFlames_
Smokescreen 》Alec Lightwood by UpInFlames_ Fanfiction
Smokescreen: noun 》 A ruse to disguise someone's real intentions or activities. Highest Rank - #213 in Fanfiction Cover made by devinemoves. Completed 2016. (Sequel now...
Who dares disturb Magnus Bane, high warlock of Brooklyn?! by MAGNUSBAEAMIRIGHT
Who dares disturb Magnus Bane, hig... by Maddy Fanfiction
Maaaalec babes!! I ship it hard so I decided to write a story about it.
MESSAGES ↝ MATTHEW DADDARIO by katya-zamolodchikova
MESSAGES ↝ MATTHEW DADDARIO by ❝ whore ❞ Fanfiction
❝stop droppin ya damn phone in the toilet iris jfc❞ ❝i think you have the wrong number sorry❞ ❝lmaO❞ SOCIAL MEDIA [Matthew Daddario] © ezramiIIer 2016
moiety|itsfunneh|falec & fevan ff by aviannascorner
moiety|itsfunneh|falec & fevan ff by avianna Fanfiction
Evan mixes with the feelings between Funneh and Alec,a lot,then many things change.Will love win? --- It takes place in Yandere High Scool. Funneh has to make a decision...
Mind Tricks↬Demetri Volturi by VanoraRichie
Mind Tricks↬Demetri Volturi by Vanora Richie Fanfiction
❝ I can find you no matter where you go, love. Even as you proceed from this world and on to the next, I will follow you. ❞
Whitestorm || Alec Lightwood by mynamesgab
Whitestorm || Alec Lightwood by Gabrielle Aliza Fanfiction
Ophelia Morgenstern, adopted by the Lightwoods at a very young age. She's the daughter of the most wanted criminal in the Shadow world, Valentine Morgenstern. Her world...