ELLOSby Belu
Los invito a leer mi nueva historia de amor, pero no cualquier historia esta es sobre ELLOS...
  • súper-humanos
  • amistad
  • romance
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Red by obsession_tc
Redby obsession_tc
To a human, werewolves don't exist, and you're crazy if you believed in the myth. That is what Alana thought of them; a myth. That is, until she meets one. Alana Smith i...
  • completed
  • darkromance
  • reece
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Sacrifice Of Love [COMPLETE] by Readycreates
Sacrifice Of Love [COMPLETE]by RC65
Seorang lelaki dan wanita pada dasarnya emang gak akan bisa punya hubungan sebatas sahabat doang. Kalaupun bisa, salah satu diantara mereka pasti adalah aktor yang hebat...
  • cinta
  • axel
  • lea
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Working with Leo Parker by 1980s_Girl
Working with Leo Parkerby ViolaHerkins
When Leo Parker applies for a job at the new diner in town, Alana; the bosses daughter, can't help but take an interest in her coworkers cold and strange attitude. Wanti...
  • death
  • friendship
  • alana
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Hide And Seek by YoCoco
Hide And Seekby megan
*Updates on Mondays and when ever else possible* The Wolf Mate Games is basicly a way set up by the council for wolves to find their mates. what happens in The Wolf Mate...
  • dhelia
  • andrew
  • alana
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Pizza Boy- A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction by PrincessStellaBella
Pizza Boy- A Dear Evan Hansen Stella Martinez
Evan thinks his senior year of high school will suck. And why wouldn't it? He had no friends, severe anxiety and no will to live. But, things start to get brighter when...
  • treebros
  • connor
  • murphy
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Strictly Professional by VampireBunny2154
Strictly Professionalby Elise Watson
INCOMPLETE/ON HOLD When Alana is fired she's not only humiliated but also quickly losing money despite her attempts to get another job. So when Zack Reid - a life long...
  • abuse
  • friends
  • newadult
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Leap by SAdewetan
Leapby Suki
"Did our kiss mean anything to you? I mean, if it didn't then I'll leave right now, but it sure as hell meant something to me." Cain confessed, as if fighting...
  • everyone
  • kiss
  • end
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The Gangster's Girl (Process of Editing) by Ironically_
The Gangster's Girl (Process of Ironically_
Cover By ArabelleWinchester "Please Jack, I'm sorry," I begged him. I knew I looked like shit while he looked like a Greek god who just woke up. "I was...
  • lawyer
  • boy
  • action
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seven reasons why by anirrelevantsaucepan
seven reasons whyby probably not ur name.
when all you have left of someone is a breadcrumb trail as to why they ended their life, there's not much you can do not to follow it. seven letters seven reasons why.
  • alana
  • wattys2016
  • suicide
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Tree Bros by ImaginaryLoveChild
Tree Brosby ImaginaryLoveChild
Evan needs money. Like badly. Jared gives him an idea but Evan's not to keen on it. It involves one thing he's terrible at. Communication. He wants to ask Zoe for help b...
  • evan
  • alanabeck
  • evanhansen
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Pregnant with Cameron Dallas baby by kaitlyn91301
Pregnant with Cameron Dallas babyby kaitlyn ♡♥♡♥
Kaitlyn and Cameron were a 2 year couple but broke up because of a tour. Right before Cameron left they did 'it'. Turns out Kaitlyn is pregnant and keeps it from Cameron.
  • baby
  • love
  • camerondallas
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The archer in the trees [tree bros] by satiresalt
The archer in the trees [tree bros]by Lol sorry Oli
Soul Mate AU:where each person has an individual arrow that's personalized to them, and depending on where it points that is the direction of your soul mate. When two so...
  • jaredklienman
  • evenhansen
  • fluff
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Rebound Mate (Watty Awards) by Broken_Dream07
Rebound Mate (Watty Awards)by Nicole Kaps
When you Mate, you mate for life. You would think when having a mate, there would always be forever. That doesn't seem to be the way for Alana Grey. Her mate, Nathan Fox...
  • gramps
  • rebound
  • alana
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The Forced Marriage by MeowMixTime
The Forced Marriageby MeowMixTime
Alana Sinclair was an awkward child in high school and graduated as an entirely different person after one simple kiss that changed her life. Now she is 24 years old and...
  • miami
  • florida
  • marriage
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Double Trouble // Neymar Jr // by domineeq
Double Trouble // Neymar Jr //by stephy
Years of fueled anger and regret has pushed Alana Amero to her wits end. Her only aspiration in life was to play professional football, but her dream was cut short at he...
  • soccer
  • fanfic
  • idkalotoftagz
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Crushed by cloudfur29
Crushedby Ma. Leah
Lilian wants to be friends with a boy whom she has mixed feelings for. She felt comfortable talking with him until she found out her best friend has feelings for him too...
  • ethanpascua
  • lilianmanuel
  • lilianandethan
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Group Chat by Fally11204
Group Chatby Fallon
The Dear Evan Hansen characters all in a group chat. This is ganna get crazy..... new updates at least once a week
  • broadway
  • alana
  • evan
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Falling For My BBF [EDITING/REWRITING] by mikaylagibon
Falling For My BBF [EDITING/ mik!
THIS IS THE VERY FIRST STORY I WROTE ON HERE. SO WARNING ITS TERRIBLE. ; UNDER HEAVY EDITING For years Alana and Drew have been crushing on each other, both too shy to...
  • twins
  • teen
  • brothersbestfriend
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Evan Hansen X Reader  by Abrabee
Evan Hansen X Reader by Bee
Evan Hansen X Reader Published 1/26/18
  • murphy
  • evan
  • connor
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