Revers harem in NARUTO? by neko-neko-chananan
Revers harem in NARUTO? by neko-neko-chananan
Not good at descriptions so yeah just read the top😘
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Akatsuki Headcanons/Prompts/Oneshots by IucieI
Akatsuki Headcanons/Prompts/Onesho... by LucieI
Hello, everyone! I was into Naruto when I was young, but after rewatching the series again, I've decided that I want to show my boys (and one girl, Konan) in the Akatsuk...
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The New Member (Akatsuki x reader) by flerpydur
The New Member (Akatsuki x reader) by flerpydur
(Slow updates) After Orochimaru left the Akatsuki, they searched far and wide for a replacement. Eventually, they found one: (name) of the Hidden Leaf. With her incredib...
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Itachi's Son by user93944672
Itachi's Son by
This is about my of, Raijin who happens to be an Uchiha and Itachi's Son. Follow him through his life, from his first day at the academy till he attains hokage status. T...
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Akatsuki chaos  by vampireverseOCs
Akatsuki chaos by vampireverseOCs
It was a normal day at the akatsuki until 2 little kids start running around. The most surprising part is that these are tobi's kids. Read if you wanna find out who tobi...
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My Past Deidara fanfic by VeraGomes7
My Past Deidara fanfic by Hana Hyuga
you fall in love with deidara.
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A New Oportunity by LuzAllendeV
A New Oportunity by Luz Allende
Tres chicas por alguna extraña razón terminan en el universo de su Anime favorito, Naruto. Y deberán escoger con cuidado sus acciones para poder salvar a ciertos crimina...
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Naruto's family/Naruto Kittens by PrincessLovesFriends
Naruto's family/Naruto Kittens by Chi Uchiha
Meet Emiko, Aiko, Michio, Daisuke, and Kin Uzumaki. Siblings of Naruto Uzumaki.
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Akatsuki No Yona☆ - (Fanfic) by user76275254
Akatsuki No Yona☆ - (Fanfic) by Aki Jeon
Yui era una niña no muy peculiar, Ella tenia El cabello de color rojo y sus ojos también eran rojos (La de la foto),Ella escondia su cabello...Porque....¿Quiéres saber...
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Quero acordar ao seu lado by JuliaValerye
Quero acordar ao seu lado by Juliakatsuki
Um sonho recorrente, uma paixão que surge. Vida real e imaginária. Até quando os desejos podem guiar um sonho?! Até quando um sonho pode influenciar um desejo?! Harumi v...
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Is This Fate? by akatsuki_lover_10
Is This Fate? by Skyla Lynn
"Takeda, huh? I've only heard rumours about her." "Only rumours? That's unfortunate. Seiko is a force to be reckoned with that's for sure." ~~~ Third...
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True Identity by HyunA_4
True Identity by HyunA_4
A 5 year old girl suddenly wakes up at a secluded forest, not remembering anything besides for her name and her age. Her memory had been completely cleaned and she must...
  • adventure
  • romance
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Her Blue Flame (Naruto FanFic OC) by bella_mares
Her Blue Flame (Naruto FanFic OC) by BAKA
Meet 12 year old, Kireina Akumu Okumura. She is the daughter of Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama who's clan, the Okumura's, was murdered five years after she was born. ...
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Run Away - Naruto Fanfic by alacey737
Run Away - Naruto Fanfic by Ichi
Naruto Uzumaki just showed up in school one day. No one knew him, and no one really cared. Except the fangirls, who set their sights on the charming boy. However, they c...
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 ||War is Not Over Yet|| by GoddessOfBlack89
||War is Not Over Yet|| by Chieko Urimeshi
||War is Not Over Yet|| ||Sequel of Change is a Good Thing, Right?|| ..... Have you ever feel like wanting to destroy someone for hurting the people that is precious to...
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sasosaku "juguemos a las escondidas" by melimartinez30
sasosaku "juguemos a las escondida... by MeliMartinez
one shot
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Akatsuki Drabbles by goddamndamndamn
Akatsuki Drabbles by goddamndamndamn
These are just little situations with the Akatsuki. I might expand on some if people particularly like one, but they're not big stories--I just find them fun to write. I...
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