A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate
A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate Fanfiction
They found her in the living room, sitting, waiting. Just a child, one who made an insane claim. Only she had the proof to support it. Join Nahiko Uzumaki, the orphan gi...
Sweet tooth (Tobi/Obito x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Sweet tooth (Tobi/Obito x reader) by Awesomelemonaids Fanfiction
(Y/n) is a half wolf half human hybrid, looking like a normal person except having the ears, sharp teeth and tail of a wolf. One day she is discovered by the Akatsuki wh...
Runaway Shinobi  by HysteriaDominion
Runaway Shinobi by Human Fanfiction
Naruto has been meeting up with Sasori of the Akatsuki he has been persuaded to leave the village hidden in the leaves. He becomes a well known SS-rank rouge ninja known...
bold (naruto Various x reader) by i_am_bored432
bold (naruto Various x reader) by Jen Fanfiction
your name is y/n and you are a jashin worshipper. but thats really all you know. Haku convinced zabuza To take you with them to 'use your immortality as a weapon' but yo...
The Uchiha's Sister || Book One by Miwa_Uchiha
The Uchiha's Sister || Book One by 💐Miwa Uchiha 💐 Fanfiction
Miyuki Uchiha is many things; She is smart, pretty, nice, and sweet, and even when her clan is murdered by her own brother she still remains happy and cheerful. But when...
Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kakashi's Daughter] by November-Foxtrot
Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kak... by November Fanfiction
****2016 Naruto Watty Awards**** Darkness caged her; they freed her. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO, ONLY MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER[s].
» akatsuki boyfriend scenarios « by artingaIe
» akatsuki boyfriend scenarios « by ❝sad teen❞ Fanfiction
Is he the perfect boyfriend material? Is he the jealous type? Is he a jerk? Who knows! So here I am, presenting your typical boyfriend scenarios featuring Naruto's belov...
The Untold Truth (Kakashi's Little Brother) *COMPLETED* by xBunnu
The Untold Truth (Kakashi's Little... by Ʀ Є Ƒ Ơ Ʀ M Є Ɗ Fanfiction
Kakashi has a younger brother who had defected after the chunin exams, yet he doesn't know the reason why he would ever make such a decision. But little does Kakashi kno...
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto) by _Free_Forever_
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto) by Itzel Negrete Fanfiction
Another Uchiha? Impossible? No. This the story of Obito Uchiha's daughter, Akira Uchiha. I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. IF I DID MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER. [ON HOLD!!]
Naruto: Voluntad inquebrantable by epion878
Naruto: Voluntad inquebrantable by Gonzalo Gallegos Fanfiction
Naruto trae de vuelta a sasuke a konoha. cuando llega, no es recibido como el esperaba. decide marcharse de la aldea y tomara el camino difícil para ser fuerte... usando...
Silver Flame Of The Akatsuki by kawaiianimewolf
Silver Flame Of The Akatsuki by Author~Chan Fanfiction
As an infant, you were left alone in a secluded and abandoned field, or so your parents thought. One day, Deidara goes to set off some bombs in his explosion field. Afte...
Past and Present // Kakashi Fic by KaylahDraper
Past and Present // Kakashi Fic by ToxicKitty Fanfiction
Kakashi and Mina grew up together, went on missions together and eventually fell for each other. That all changed when Mina was given a secret mission. Later informed th...
Eye of the Dragon | Naruto by helloweirdstranger
Eye of the Dragon | Naruto by another_nobody Fanfiction
As a fetus, Tatsuo was stolen from her mother's womb and became an experiment of Orochimaru's before he abandoned the base weeks later, thinking she was a failed experim...
Sensei! 「Hatake Kakashi x Reader」 by bbyshownu
Sensei! 「Hatake Kakashi x Reader」 by mina Fanfiction
A world in which you are the Sensei of Team 7! You are are from the infamous Yamazaki clan, also the fellow student of the Fourth Hokage, in fact his favorite student. S...
Silence (Naruto FanFiction - Rock Lee love story)  by HappyGoLuckyRainbow
Silence (Naruto FanFiction - Rock... by HappyGoLuckyRainbow Fanfiction
Kiara is her name, and silence is how she plays. Nobody has ever heard the girl talk, but with a unique Kekkei genkai she is known throughout the students. Girls envy h...
Naruto One Shots + Lemons (Various Characters)  by ovokrystal
Naruto One Shots + Lemons (Various... by Anime Trash™ 🚮 Random
Akatsuki included! * May include Lemons, and fluff* ~REQUESTS FINALLY OPEN~
✔ Akatsuki KiDS! by MistyAnnE_04
Akatsuki daddy scenarios by digitoxine
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage (Itanaru)《Naruto Fic》 by Misheru_Uchiha
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage (Itanaru... by Misheru_Uchiha Fanfiction
Throughout his whole life he has been beaten, stabbed, rejected, hated and much more. But he has learned to ignore it well... most of it. Some of it goes to his head but...