Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kakashi's Daughter] by November-Foxtrot
Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kak... by November Fanfiction
****2016 Naruto Watty Awards**** Most of the world despised her; they gave her a home. Most of the world held darkness; she wanted to abolish it. She pursued that darkne...
Light In You (Naruto Uzumaki Love Story) by JanaeH
Light In You (Naruto Uzumaki Love... by JanaeH 😍 Fanfiction
She's the girl who can't seem to have others keep their eyes off her. Not cause she's attractive, but because she isn't. She's the girl that's constantly teased and deni...
The Third Sibling by Miwa_Uchiha
The Third Sibling by Kiren Krishnan Fanfiction
Miyuki Uchiha is many things. She is strong, smart, pretty, and nice. She is a jinchuriki to a legendary Water Dragon named Kōri, though hardly anyone knows, which she i...
Naruto Mpreg fanfic Naruto's gift by animebabe13
Naruto Mpreg fanfic Naruto's gift by Airi yuki Fanfiction
Naruto was alone for as long as he could remember he never had parents he never had siblings he knows that he will change the way he is being treated someday but he wish...
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfiction by Jarodisamazing
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfic... by Son of Satan Fanfiction
Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, aw...
Naruto: The Jinchūriki Princess |Various x Oc| by SugarLiliDxB
Naruto: The Jinchūriki Princess |V... by SugarLiliDxB Fanfiction
"I'm here for a reason. And that reason is to save the ones who have lost their lives," She says, looking at Konoha one last time before turning back. Akimi is...
Naruto: Voluntad inquebrantable by epion878
Naruto: Voluntad inquebrantable by Gonzalo Gallegos Fanfiction
Naruto trae de vuelta a sasuke a konoha. cuando llega, no es recibido como el esperaba. decide marcharse de la aldea y tomara el camino difícil para ser fuerte... usando...
Hoshigaki by writer168
Hoshigaki by a ninja Fanfiction
Sakura grew up in a world of rain and gray, never knowing what the sun looked like and always wondering why it was never there. When she asked her Papa, he laughed and p...
The Things She's Seen (An Alternate Story-Line) by strawhat_pirate
The Things She's Seen (An Alternat... by strawhat_pirate Fanfiction
Shy and timid, Hollow doesn't know much about the world, or herself. She's spent most of her life in a giant glass tube, just floating in a thick blue liquid. Abandoned...
| Akatsuki x Reader: Scenarios | by Katzchen1
| Akatsuki x Reader: Scenarios | by Katzchen1 Fanfiction
Various Scenarios with your favorite Akatsuki member! ✨
Stuck in Naruto by 122Eilla810
Stuck in Naruto by 122Eilla810 Fanfiction
Chikako has dealt with hell, but when she finally gets her wish of having a family and a mission, she won't let anyone take that away from her. She is 12 years old, and...
Silver Flame Of The Akatsuki by kawaiianimewolf
Silver Flame Of The Akatsuki by Ashlyn_Uchiha Fanfiction
As an infant, you were left alone in a secluded and abandoned field, or so your parents thought. One day, Deidara goes to set off some bombs in his explosion field. Afte...
A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate
A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate Fanfiction
They found her in the living room, sitting, waiting. Just a child, one who made an insane claim. Only she had the proof to support it. Join Nahiko Uzumaki, the orphan gi...
Shinegan: The Secret is in the Eyes (Naruto FanFiction) by Meara1
Shinegan: The Secret is in the Eye... by L. Fanfiction
Our story starts much like any other. A new girl with mysterious eyes brought into the village. A dysfunctional team with a weird but secretive sensei, a goofy blond who...
Breaking Faith | Hatake Kakashi by emsd01
Breaking Faith | Hatake Kakashi by E.M.S.D Fanfiction
"To break ones faith is a sin that not even god himself could forgive." :: Hatake Kakashi x OC ( This book is in the same universe and connec...
The Wilting Moon Flower (A Naruto Fanfiction) by the_Insomnia_queen
The Wilting Moon Flower (A Naruto... by the_Insomnia_queen Fanfiction
Sequel to 'Twin of the Cherry Blossom' Three years passed as she lived with the Akatsuki, Tsuki finally managed to control Cerridwen. Gaining the power of the Goddess' D...
Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios  by zombielover8469
Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios by zombielover8469 Fanfiction
Very first book ever. New here. I love the Akatsuki boys soo. Yep! Check out my Naruto Scenarios as well XD hope you enjoy this!!
Naruto One Shots + Lemons (Various Characters)  by ovokrystal
Naruto One Shots + Lemons (Various... by Daddy Dei 💦 Random
Akatsuki included! * May include Lemons, and fluff* ~REQUESTS FINALLY OPEN~
Master of All Beasts by Midnight-Ravencrow
Master of All Beasts by h a z e Fanfiction
"People are afraid of what they don't understand. I realize that humans can lost their humanity on what they hate. And that last sentence alone already scares me.&q...
Past and Present // Kakashi Fic by KaylahDraper
Past and Present // Kakashi Fic by ToxicKitty Fanfiction
Kakashi and Mina grew up together, went on missions together and eventually fell for each other. That all changed when Mina was given a secret mission. Later informed th...