Military Love by fookinghes
Military Loveby fookinghes
What happens when a navy pilot runs into a navy seal under horrible circumstances? What happens whenever they get teamed up but also fall in love? How does the military...
  • friendship
  • adventure
  • navy
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His + Her = Their by littleheart1509
His + Her = Theirby Aarhu (M.P)
It is their story. Mostly depends upon their narrations. How two individuals telling their own story, thoughts and much more. Somewhere u also find writer's narration...
  • sandhir
  • randhir
  • parth
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Military Mate (boyxboy) by FandomNerrd
Military Mate (boyxboy)by FandomNerrd
Josh Evart is a 25 year old pilot for the US Air Force. He is returning home from a deployment in Iraq. While he is home for a three month break, he meets a mysterious h...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • mpreg
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His + Her = Their "S2" by littleheart1509
His + Her = Their "S2"by Aarhu (M.P)
Season 2 of His + Her = Their Summarized of S1 It's a story of an Indian Air Force officer and a businessman. He never like them but for her it's her dream, passion her...
  • pain
  • airforce
  • romance
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The interrogator mate by werewolvesarelife45
The interrogator mateby werewolvesarelife45
Jayden is a werewolf but left his pack ten years ago do to problems with his mates. After he left he joined the Air force and is now an interrogator. Now he's returned t...
  • blackops
  • cursing
  • interrogator
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The President's Son: Lt. Juan Bustamante by curlytops0817
The President's Son: Lt. Juan CurlyTops0817
If you read Trapped in Marriage, you would know the Presidential Twins Juan Miguel "Yuan" and Julio Miguel "Miggy" , 21. Yuan the younger of the twi...
  • teenromance
  • airforce
  • trappedinmarriage
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Forsaken Skies: Knights of the Round Table  (Danganronpa kyokoxmalereader) by Reaper6883
Forsaken Skies: Knights of the [Data Expunged]
Danganronpa Kyoko x Male reader Most of the artwork presented will probably be made by me. That includes the cover art. ___________________________________ "How hig...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • action-adventure
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Freedom Falcons by CommanderKatyusha
Freedom Falconsby CommanderKatyusha
When the third world war erupts between the agitated powers of Russia and America a resistance is started once Russia's allies invade both Canada and America. The Freedo...
  • capture
  • mercenaries
  • guns
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Seorang kapten angkatan udara yg bernama "RAKESH DESMUKH" terjebak dalam penipuan yg dilakukan sahabatnya ketika ia yg seharusnya menghabisi malam pertamanya b...
  • life
  • fake
  • free
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( C.S. )     THE NIGHT WITCHES      by -meadusa
( C.S. ) THE NIGHT WITCHES by liberty
ORIGINAL | soldier keep on marching on ( the night witches © -meadusa 2018 ) ( historical fiction - wwii au ) ...
  • ares
  • jewish
  • america
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Hatsune Miku X Male Reader (Living in World War) by Kirigaya_Nagisa
Hatsune Miku X Male Reader ( Layla Azure
You are a part of the Germany Army fighting in 3 battlefield. The land, the seas and The skies. Hatsune is also in the same boat but her rank is higher than you. As a c...
  • allies
  • childhood
  • airforce
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Fallen Phoenix  by anahita_leve
Fallen Phoenix by S Dyuti
Set in the rough terrains of Africa, this is a story of the two flyers of Indian Air Force, who had been far from their country in war ridden Congo as a part of their m...
  • seta2018
  • swasan
  • airforce
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life of a trans girl, in the air force by 01heather2004
life of a trans girl, in the air drarry for life!
this is a sequel of my book, life of a trans girl, age 18 the triplets will be 2, harry will be 9 Alec and grey will be 21 Alec begins at the air force, missing her fa...
  • family
  • love
  • airforce
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The Fall of Apollo by nicolefredeluces
The Fall of Apolloby NicoleAngelica.
Akala ko sa movies lang nangyayari ang ganito. I couldn't do anything, but watch her slowly slip away from my fingers.
  • chicklit
  • taglish
  • filipinoteenfiction
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Traitors of Berlin by LadyOfGallifrey
Traitors of Berlinby Autumn Queen
Important: This story has Christian content, violent scenes, and War themes. "...1939, WW2 has broken out, raging across Europe in fury. Departing from Australia i...
  • dogfights
  • nazigermany
  • action
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unexpected by liabie
unexpectedby lia
Highest Rank-#1 in adventure. Highest rank- #2 in adventure This story is set in the backdrop of a south Indian christian family which depicts the story of a girl named...
  • thriller
  • earlymarriage
  • family
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Alpha Roster by CatchThese1000Hands
Alpha Rosterby Tati
By order of President Trump, Lieutenant Colonel Y/L/N is deployed to Afghanistan, while her wife Dinah is left back in Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Color...
  • military
  • air
  • fifth
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World War 2: 1942 by AdeltheAuthor
World War 2: 1942by AdeltheAuthor
#930 in all of Historical Fiction!! The year is 1942 and the United States has been provoked. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor as a declaration o...
  • two
  • loyalty
  • determination
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Making a Soldier  by quiet0flower
Making a Soldier by Nicole Petersen
Kassie Mellor is a 17 year old girl who is enlisting in the U.S army. While she's at basic training though, she has to maneuver not just through obstacle courses and tra...
  • war
  • usairforce
  • heartbreak
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A Collection of Almosts by cori_blaine
A Collection of Almostsby cori_blaine
"I hate the word almost." Garrett rolled his body to face Hadley. His left arm moved from behind her head to support his own, while his right arm draped acros...
  • romance
  • airforcespecialforces
  • unrequited
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