His + Her = Their "S2" by littleheart1509
His + Her = Their "S2" by Aarhu (M.P) Fanfiction
Season 2 of His + Her = Their Summarized of S1 It's a story of an Indian Air Force officer and a businessman. He never like them but for her it's her dream, passion her...
The President's Son: Lt. Juan Bustamante by curlytops0817
The President's Son: Lt. Juan Bust... by CurlyTops0817 ChickLit
If you read Trapped in Marriage, you would know the Presidential Twins Juan Miguel "Yuan" and Julio Miguel "Miggy" , 21. Yuan the younger of the twi...
unexpected by liabie
unexpected by lia Adventure
Highest Rank-#1 in adventure. Highest rank- #2 in adventure This story is set in the backdrop of a south Indian christian family which depicts the story of a girl named...
Crushing hard in Marine Bootcamp and Operation Semper Fi by JROTChic
Crushing hard in Marine Bootcamp a... by JROTChic Romance
Ashly "Ash" is a fresh out of high school Boot camp hopeful. She couldn't wait for it but when she got there it wasn't what she expected. Terrified of heights...
Military Mate (boyxboy) by FandomNerrd
Military Mate (boyxboy) by FandomNerrd Werewolf
Josh Evart is a 25 year old pilot for the US Air Force. He is returning home from a deployment in Iraq. While he is home for a three month break, he meets a mysterious h...
The Right Swipe by fools_fall
The Right Swipe by fools_fall Teen Fiction
Teresa never planned anything more than friendship . Kyle was just looking for some new fun. 'Trying to make friends is hard enough , when you don't have much of a...
Beyond Broken  by LanaB13
Beyond Broken by Naega_HOSH Teen Fiction
BOOK TWO ------------------ {Cover by @t_nisha} "You never know what you have until its gone." Amber Olivia Grey. The loner. The nobody. The girl who was beyon...
His + Her = Their by littleheart1509
His + Her = Their by Aarhu (M.P) Fanfiction
It is their story. Mostly depends upon their narrations. How two individuals telling their own story, thoughts and much more. Somewhere u also find writer's narration...
Military Families by storywriter19
Military Families by storywriter19 Short Story
Once a Marine always a Marine Semper Fi!! These are just short little stories about military families. If you have any questions or comments don't be afraid to leave a c...
TWO (EVERY PEOPLE HAS STORY) by DheaS Historical Fiction
every people has story Air force captains have their own story. He has 2 ladies in his life. The captain willingly missed his first night just to defend his country. Thi...
Alpha Roster by CatchThese1000Hands
Alpha Roster by ♕Tati Fanfiction
By order of President Trump, Lieutenant Colonel Y/L/N is deployed to Afghanistan, while her wife Dinah is left back in Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Color...
World War 2: 1942 by AdeltheAuthor
World War 2: 1942 by AdeltheAuthor Historical Fiction
#930 in all of Historical Fiction!! The year is 1942 and the United States has been provoked. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor as a declaration o...
Brigadier {A Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction} by TheAngelsAreFalling_
Brigadier {A Grey's Anatomy Fanfic... by Script Romance
As they backed out of the elevator, Roslyn watched at the pilot finally pulled off his helmet, exposing an utterly heartbroken and distraught face. Despite all the anxie...
Fulfilled by celebrity1
Make Me A Soldier by LovinJiley
Make Me A Soldier by Tavia Teen Fiction
Brilynn (Br-EYE-lynn) Huntley has always adored the military, however, her step-mother thinks the troops are as close to Satan as you can get. What happens when the Hunt...
I Can Wait For Love by Rainbowdash1430
Military stories. by kiswa163
Military stories. by Kiswa Abbasi Non-Fiction
it's all about Pak Army. :)
War against North Korea (FUTURISTIC) by KodyChicken
War against North Korea (FUTURISTI... by Kody Byrd Historical Fiction
This is a Nuclear Submarine in the war against North Korea. (FUTURISTIC)
If Luck Be a Lady *The Mighty 8th HBO*  by captainskywalker
If Luck Be a Lady *The Mighty 8th... by Ella Skywalker Fanfiction
the crew of the B-17 Fortress Bomber, "If Luck Be A Lady" are like all other crews: 25 missions finished and the crew won't have to fly over Nazi Germany anymo...