The Elements by The_cookies_lover
The Elements by The_cookies_lover
Meet Shadow Renoir. She is a 16 years old weirdo. She is what you call the school loner. Everybody hates her for a reason but they don't care enough to tell her why. The...
  • dark
  • school
  • teenagers
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Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x Reader} by TalkLaterBusyFangirl
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x R... by Manga Reader & Anime Watcher
A young girl was abandoned on July 7 X777 by her dragon Sanda; Queen of the Nature Element Dragons making young (Y/N) the anointed Princess. The five elements of nature...
  • lightning
  • sky
  • dragonslayerfanfic
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The Elementalists by SydCarv
The Elementalists by Sydney Carvahall
:❤: Highest Ranked #108 in ROMANCE :❤: Fiera has lived in the human realm her entire life. Her destiny as clear to her as it could be. Shift to the Elementalist realm at...
  • elements
  • guardian
  • water
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Air | Julian Albert by laurentellsastory
Air | Julian Albert by late on the k-pop wagon
❝never thought that we would end up here, should've known it from the start❞ [EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE] [SEASON THREE] [COVER BY --banshee]
  • joewest
  • iriswest
  • julianalbert
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Every Beauty Deserves a Beast by vovnix
Every Beauty Deserves a Beast by VovNix
Lieutenant Ray Hodges was a beast of a man. In fact, he was known as ‘Beast’ around the Air Force base and over the last ten years of hard work he had earned the name. H...
  • force
  • shell
  • seychelles
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Werewolf Commission by CourageousReader
Werewolf Commission by E
Elina Weitzel, the water Elemental, has finally settled into the Werewolf Committee with her mate, the Alpha, Tate. It has been many years and Elina is now pregnant. How...
  • elemental
  • pack
  • air
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Bite Me Alpha  by glitter_xox
Bite Me Alpha by Farrah Gold❤
Book two of the Alpha Series! Bethany Damien Chance. The daughter of the most powerful and strongest alpha of the world. She's 20 years old and is living a normal life u...
  • mates
  • elements
  • air
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The Runaway by DoubleDespy
The Runaway by Despy
Determined not to become a tavern wench, a girl named Toki decides to take her fate into her own hands. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday she disguises herself as a F...
  • romance
  • avatar
  • bending
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Nativus: An Elemental Kingdoms Roleplay by WisdomtheOWLS
Nativus: An Elemental Kingdoms Rol... by Wisdom/Rouge
Creator's Note: Latin is the best. Nativus is a land that contains five kingdoms: air in the east, fire in the south, water in the east, earth in the north and eclipse (...
  • fire
  • rp
  • darkness
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The Big Bad Grayson by lumere_02
The Big Bad Grayson by lumere_02
"So what colour is your wolf" Grayson asked. "Um-umm- grey. My wolf is a grey colour." And the lies begin ...
  • alpha
  • werewolves
  • romance
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The Trinity War (Book 3 of the Trinity series) by youXfoundXme
The Trinity War (Book 3 of the Tri... by youXfoundXme
After reading the letter her mother left for her, Caley has now been left questioning all of her decisions. Realizing that she has strayed too far from the path that she...
  • witches
  • magic
  • curse
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It Was Only A Kiss, Right? [BoyxBoy Romance.] by sophiejones123
It Was Only A Kiss, Right? [BoyxBo... by Sophie Jones
You wouldn't think that a silly old dare involving a kiss would make someone so crazy about the other, that everything just gets so confusing, would you? Well, for Jake...
  • mean
  • jake
  • wright
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Light of blindness by Hesty0055
Light of blindness by Hesty
Skyler Watts is a seventeen year old blind girl. Her wish is to see and to live a normal life. One day she gets a letter from St. August Academy, where she gets the chan...
  • sky
  • carter
  • rich
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The Difference by eI-LEEN6
The Difference by eI-LEEN6
Mari's life is turned upside down when she is left nearly dead in a parking lot by someone who she thought loved her. It was a miracle she lived until the next morning w...
  • ashole246
  • flames
  • air
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Kingdom ♔ ♕ ✔  by luckycharm12lc
Kingdom ♔ ♕ ✔ by منیب
Highest rank:#182 on 8.9.16 (Girl power series: first Book) Lightning struck the skies. Thunder boomed with her cries. She cried for help but no on...
  • human
  • elementals
  • regret
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Elemental Academy by FlamingSilver
Elemental Academy by FlamingSilver
On the planet known as Methoria, people known as Methorians all had the ability to control a single element, be it one of the main elements(Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Mind...
  • air
  • water
  • academy
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Elemental Manipulator by AmiSeven
Elemental Manipulator by prinxxessami
ELEMENTAL MANIPULATOR Taglish Genre: fantasy .romance .action Date started: june 01 2017 Date finish : Written by: AmiSeven
  • boyfriend
  • teen
  • lightning
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Healing the Element (Yandere boys x reader) by KillerMonster53
Healing the Element (Yandere boys... by Angels are good, Demons are b...
You are the princess and future queen of the earth kingdom, which isolated itself from all the other elements. When a day comes when the other elements ask you to come t...
  • earth
  • xreader
  • elements
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avatar love story (aang x reader) by avatarjenora
avatar love story (aang x reader) by avatarjenora
water earth fire air long ago the four nations lived together in harmony then everything changed when the fire nation attacked only the avatar master of all four elemen...
  • air
  • lastairbender
  • earth
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The Legend of the Elements by idontw
The Legend of the Elements by Ivy Grey
{COMPLETED} _____________________ ~~Unleashed by dark spells of ancient past, the enemies grow stronger than before, leaving the greatest heroes of Demroy completely ho...
  • magic
  • water
  • air
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