(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Poker Face by Immlaaarr
Poker Face by Immy
Since their band took off and landed its first major record deal, the four remaining members of Blackjack have been living their dreams. For Sass, it's flirting with eve...
  • illness
  • closet
  • school
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Problem | SooYoung-Sehun | by Elismee
Problem | SooYoung-Sehun | by LISA
[Ada beberapa bagian yang diprivat untuk baca lebih lengkap follow akun saya] . . Di tengah suara air hujan yang mengetuk-ngetuk jendela. Nada panggil teleponku berb...
  • fanfiction
  • sooyoung
  • au
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December ,National,International and World Days. by stripey
December ,National,International a... by Steve
National,International and World Days for December, a collection of poems to celebrate each day .
  • violin
  • bacon
  • love
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Our Own World *MAJORLY EDITING* by MapleDonuts
Our Own World *MAJORLY EDITING* by abigayle margaret
When childhood best friends fall in love trouble seems to always come their way. And they seem to be living in their own world. "Camilla, this is our own world. And...
  • friends
  • ace
  • love
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Przeznaczenie✅ by TheParticleNi
Przeznaczenie✅ by TheParticleNi
Opis: historia o tym jak wiele może się zmienić kiedy okazuje się że masz całkiem inne przeznaczenie niż myślałeś.
  • komoseksualizm
  • ziall
  • zayn
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I'm Bad at Writing Part II: Civil War.  by pachary_zierce516
I'm Bad at Writing Part II: Civil... by Zachary Pierce
Dylan is too lazy to write his own story sooooo here goes nothing.
  • stupid
  • lgbt-themed
  • aids
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Homeless in Konoha by LizUpton
Homeless in Konoha by Liz Upton
Sasuke is badly beaten and left for dead. Itachi believe that Naruto Uzumaki is responsible, only to discover later that Naruto saved Sasuken and has himself been badly...
  • hope
  • aids
  • naruto
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||The Wheel Of Love|| by JerseyNo18
||The Wheel Of Love|| by Shambhavi🌟
" I'm sorry if it hurts!" She apologied quite concerned. " I never gave you the right to hurt me, Maira." Virat lashed out and walked away. Maira th...
  • yourstoryindia
  • fanfiction
  • hib
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Art book/ Stupid memes by xRobbieRottenIsBaex
Art book/ Stupid memes by zippitybeepbop
Why did I make this
  • cancer
  • anime
  • supergay
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The Young In Our Veins (Ryden) *New Version* by kaydwen
The Young In Our Veins (Ryden) *Ne... by Katlyn
THE NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION OF "The Young In Our Veins"!!! Ryan is just your average college student, that is until he finds out he has a fatal std and that's...
  • angsty
  • ryden
  • songreferences
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The IV League [EDITING] by xcinnamonshowersx
The IV League [EDITING] by Diyu R.
Welcome to River View Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, or as its occupants like to call it, the IV League. The IV League isn't an elite class of private hospitals. I...
  • suicide
  • heartbreak
  • anorexia
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DARKNESS (a drama behind the scene). by tentimileyin
DARKNESS (a drama behind the scene... by Oluwatimileyin Ogunsolu
Uncle please stop!!!!!!!!! Uncle please I'm begging you!!!!!!! Uncle don't do this to me. "SHE'S HAUNTED." her past was the reason behind her darkness!!!!!! **...
  • karma
  • action
  • saynotochildabuse
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EAZY E  ➵  FACTS by weknowfacts
EAZY E ➵ FACTS by weknowfacts
❝ Facts about the Godfather of Gangsta Rap.. ❞ on hold for a while, sorry..
  • sugeknight
  • facts
  • aids
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Playing With Fire by CatherineMicqu
Playing With Fire by Catherine Micqu
December 1st is world AIDS Day... For a couple of years in a row, I wrote a short story (flash fiction) for that day.
  • hiv
  • mature
  • aids
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Saving Mercury by AlainaJL
Saving Mercury by Alaina
In this story, Ella, a young doctor studying HIV/AIDS, struggles to find a cure for the disease to try to save her friend, singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, who is serio...
  • burke
  • may
  • saving
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The Shout of the Phoenix by JoelTaveras
The Shout of the Phoenix by Joel Taveras
The Shout of the Phoenix is the dramatic unraveling suspense story of Angel, a bisexual man who from the initial frame, dies. Before his death he was a sexual addict who...
  • lgbt
  • love
  • metaphysical
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Kool Aids by Metri-Brown
Kool Aids by Metri
Koolaid Jammers meets a local thot who gives him some sugar
  • memes
  • fiction
  • love
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The Greatest Meme War by DrNigel
The Greatest Meme War by DrNigel
Only months before hand, the meme wars have taken the lives of so many people. The members of 4chan, Reddit, and Youtube had been sacrificing their selves, defending the...
  • netnuetrality
  • cancer
  • memes
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Life Still Goes On by AlainaJL
Life Still Goes On by Alaina
A sequel to "Saving Mercury". While still heartbroken by the death of close friend, Queen's singer Freddie Mercury, 27-year-old Ella, a doctor, faces both joys...
  • sequel
  • hiv
  • fanfiction
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