(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Poker Face by Immlaaarr
Poker Face by Immy Romance
Since their band took off and landed its first major record deal, the four remaining members of Blackjack have been living their dreams. For Sass, it's flirting with eve...
The Last Request (Larry Stylinson) by GabrieleDarcy
The Last Request (Larry Stylinson) by Gabriele Darcy Fanfiction
Harry Styles, 16 anos, é o rico e alinhado repórter da Bennett High School. É o seu primeiro ano no ensino médio e ele cobrirá as notícias da Olimpíada Anual Colegial, o...
Problem | SooYoung-Sehun | by Elismee
Problem | SooYoung-Sehun | by LISA Fanfiction
[Ada beberapa bagian yang diprivat untuk baca lebih lengkap follow akun saya] . . Di tengah suara air hujan yang mengetuk-ngetuk jendela. Nada panggil teleponku berb...
Year of the Critic [Shitpost Vol. 3] by CaptainCanteloupe
AIDS - Joshler // ITA by LEVIATH4N
AIDS - Joshler // ITA by alex Short Story
"Ti amo, ma non posso stare né con te né con nessun altro." all rights to @gaydun.
Final Paradox by maryemartin
Final Paradox by Mary E. Martin Mystery / Thriller
Millions of dollars lie at the root of an ancient fraud. Over the decades, dirty money has worked its poison through many lives, resulting in the death of five people. D...
My Beautiful Orisa by HomozRgay
My Beautiful Orisa by Daniel Keem Fanfiction
I hate my life. I was so bored I actually made this trash. I'm a really bad person.
There's no escape (ziall and harry styles fan fiction) *COMPLETED* by Whymrstyles
There's no escape (ziall and harry... by Whymrstyles Fanfiction
The bruises. The beatings. The scars. Mum would be so ashamed if she was here to see what I had let my life become. My dad said it was my fault my mum's rope broke, he b...
Saving Mercury by AlainaJL
Saving Mercury by Alaina Fanfiction
In this story, Ella, a young doctor studying HIV/AIDS, struggles to find a cure for the disease to try to save her friend, singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, who is serio...
Deaf Girl Rants  by KimoraaLeona4
Deaf Girl Rants by Kimora Leona Non-Fiction
Hi! My name is Kimora and I'm profoundly deaf. I have two cochlear implants and have had them since I was two and six. I think this book may just be me explaining things...
True Love (A Oliver Sykes Fanfic) by AllTime_EmoTrash
True Love (A Oliver Sykes Fanfic) by •WHY DON'T WE• Fanfiction
Lyla has a year old son named Jake and her best friend Kat She is being abused by her boyfriend Spencer will someone we there to save her.... Contains abuse and swear wo...
True North by Chloe_North
True North by Chloe_North Poetry
an anthology of poems, paragraphs, and short stories ❝ i want your beautiful sorrow, your head so drowning in dreams. and i, the ship that rescues you, or do you like to...
HIV and AIDS: Is there a cure for HIV and AIDS? by robotmork123
HIV and AIDS: Is there a cure for... by robot morkel Romance
HIV remains for human immunodeficiency infection. It hurts your resistant framework by crushing the white platelets that battle contamination. HIV regularly spreads thro...
Welcome to wattpad!! by that_meme_machine
Welcome to wattpad!! by ~*°g3nj1_m41n°*~ Adventure
For every newcomer here,read this book to help you out (Not a scam free gift card giveaway)
Let's Hook Up by VeeCole92
Let's Hook Up by Vee Cole General Fiction
A Short Story about how HIV and AIDS.
❤️Markson❤️                                      ❤️마크슨❤️ by Jaffa1303
❤️Markson❤️... by Jaffa1303 Fanfiction
에이즈 ... 암 ... 사마귀 ... 성병 ... 성병 ... 결핵 ... 크라 미디아 ... 피자 무 ... 펩시 ... 그게 ... 우프 우프 ... 밀크 밀크. ..
♛Last Queen♚|A Tyga Love Story|♥ by NappyHeadedGirl
♛Last Queen♚|A Tyga Love Story|♥ by ⎾Calypso The Poet™⏌ Fanfiction
Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson is fresh out of highschool and ain't doing nothing but making money and chilling with the homies. He falls in love with a girl named Lauren...
Questions for Character Development by LosPegasus
Questions for Character Development by Aura Eclipse Random
Here will be many questions to help you truly get to know your story characters! 200 questions- you are bound to find new questions!
Niall's Princess( never thought it would happen to me) by 1_Dlover