Problem | SooYoung-Sehun | by Elismee
Problem | SooYoung-Sehun |by LISA
[Ada beberapa bagian yang diprivat untuk baca lebih lengkap follow akun saya] . . Di tengah suara air hujan yang mengetuk-ngetuk jendela. Nada panggil teleponku berb...
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  • choisooyoung
  • snsd
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Homeless in Konoha by LizUpton
Homeless in Konohaby Liz Upton
Sasuke is badly beaten and left for dead. Itachi believe that Naruto Uzumaki is responsible, only to discover later that Naruto saved Sasuken and has himself been badly...
  • love
  • aids
  • naruto
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Przeznaczenie✅ by TheParticleNi
Przeznaczenie✅by TheParticleNi
Opis: historia o tym jak wiele może się zmienić kiedy okazuje się że masz całkiem inne przeznaczenie niż myślałeś.
  • ziall
  • niall
  • komoseksualizm
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Living Through The Years by helloitsmeabby_
Living Through The Yearsby Abby
An assignment for her sociology class leads Rachel to find out more about her family history, spanning nearly a century, from 1920s Chicago to present day Los Angeles. ...
  • lqbtq
  • racism
  • 1930s
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The Journal of a Doomed Billionaire by JennWahrheit
The Journal of a Doomed Billionaireby Jenn Wahrheit
When Tony Stark engages in a drunken one-night stand with a business associate during an out-of-town trip, he thinks it is all fun and games. Little does he know that hi...
  • anxiety
  • ironman
  • superheroes
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The Pas de Deux: A Classical Ballet Romance by ebomboy
The Pas de Deux: A Classical Erin Bomboy
Dance. That was their instruction. But fate tripped them up, and they fell in love. Under the fluorescent sun of '80s Hollywood, aging ballerina Peridot "Peri"...
  • dancing
  • los
  • romancestories
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DE BOLLE MEXICAAN by sander385
DE BOLLE MEXICAANby Sjon de pedobeer
  • aids
  • china
  • lol
EAZY E  ➵  FACTS by weknowfacts
EAZY E ➵ FACTSby weknowfacts
❝ Facts about the Godfather of Gangsta Rap.. ❞
  • aids
  • eazye
  • bonethugs
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WALLS. by thereadingravenclaw SoLaNgElO
"We start with stars in our eyes, We start believing that we belong. But every sun doesn't rise, And no one tells you where you went wrong." ~ Will Solace has...
  • aids
  • depression
  • willsolace
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ODHA Berhak Bermimpi by mcandchill
ODHA Berhak Bermimpiby Zein
Menyandang predikat sebagai kaum marginal tidaklah mudah bagiku. Menjadi ODHA (Orang dengan HIV/AIDS), memiliki orients seksual menyimpang sebagai gay, lahir dari keluar...
  • inspirasi
  • s2
  • aids
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Welcome to wattpad!! by that_meme_machine
Welcome to wattpad!!by 🅱🅰️ckp🅰️c
For every newcomer here,read this book to help you out (Not a scam free gift card giveaway)
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  • newcomers
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Drama in High school by Queen061305
Drama in High schoolby Tati
Tati is struggling with High school but she later learns how to be successful in life amd she finally makes a friend
  • aids
  • dolantwins
  • middleschool
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Touch |Luke Hemmings| by CryBabyLexx
Touch |Luke Hemmings|by Alexis
A story about a girl who couldn't wait for her life to end and a boy who loved living.
  • aids
  • alternateuniverse
  • lovestory
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buttholes on fleek by ButteredChickenLeg
buttholes on fleekby FriendSean
  • negros
  • cancer
  • jacobsatorius
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DARKNESS (a drama behind the scene) ||ON HOLD|| by tentimileyin
DARKNESS (a drama behind the ~T🌸I🌹 M🌼I🎀~
"Uncle please stop!!!!!!!!! Uncle please I'm begging you!!!!!!! Uncle don't do this to me." SHE'S HAUNTED. her past was the reason behind her darkness!!!!!! hi...
  • karma
  • bully
  • suspence
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Noodle X 2D by PapaPiero
Noodle X 2Dby PapaPiero
  • aids
  • ihatelife
  • fuckmylife
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L x light(hot as fuck) by Cute_Ass_Bitch
L x light(hot as fuck)by Smashing watermelons
L starts suckin on them toes
  • toes
  • hotassyaoi
  • anime
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Fading [Ereri Sad story AU] by shadowhearts13
Fading [Ereri Sad story AU]by Matt Vantor
One place, ment for those who are dying faster than others. Levi hates it there. no friends, constant scowl. that is until a certain brat makes it into his life. though...
  • âu
  • hospital
  • boyxboy
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Danny Devito & Shrek Fan Fiction by lambshanker
Danny Devito & Shrek Fan Fictionby lambshanker
The popular American actor, producer and director, Danny Devito has recently been given a role in a new movie, but on the set, he has met his childhood crush, Shrek. He...
  • fanfic
  • shrek
  • aids
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There Are No Answers by MayaCatFairy
There Are No Answersby Maya Huck
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. And all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again. A Falsettos one shot(or...
  • death
  • trina
  • charlotte
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