His Angel by sunshine_vivi
His Angel by sunshine
"Anyone but not me?" His voice was filled with malice. "Not me, huh?" "Let's have some fun. I'll give you two options." He tilted his head...
  • mate
  • comedy
  • violent
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Thug Love Ain't Always The Same by TweepiJ
Thug Love Ain't Always The Same by Aaliyah Price
All characters and events in this story are completely fictional. If anything seems familiar it is completely coincidental. All situations in this story come completely...
  • intimate
  • black
  • drugs
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Moon Bound by alsey89
Moon Bound by Alsey Grayland
COMPLETED Follow to see the private chapters inside. ~ Once upon a time, there was a girl. Scarlet was raised to lead and protect. But he was something no man...
  • fate
  • moonseries
  • alpha
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Possessive and psychopath : rewrite by mikeyrj24
Possessive and psychopath : rewrite by mikeyrj24
18 year old max is taking a job at prison they are paying her lots of money and paying for her whole college when she find out she started taking care of this prisoner t...
  • fiction
  • love
  • teenpregnancy
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Househusband |Zarry AU| by _Creative__username_
Househusband |Zarry AU| by A stranger.
Zayn is working late. Harry is lonely. (Contains a side story) Sensitive topics : depression, domestic abuse, self harm. Also, typos.
  • zaynmalik
  • lonely
  • rough
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Payment  by MarillaGarden
Payment by MarillaGarden
"How would you like your payment made?" She frowns as tears formed in her eyes. He lied, he f**king lied. "You're father's wealth," he implied before...
  • pain
  • darkromance
  • badboy
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His Bestfriend {Odell Beckham Jr.} by ConfusedJuice
His Bestfriend {Odell Beckham Jr.} by BlessedBreed
-Odell beckham Jr. Read To Find out
  • drama
  • jealousy
  • secrets
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Aggressive Boyfriend ~ S.M. by YanethEvans15
Aggressive Boyfriend ~ S.M. by AJ
Él era agresivo, pero la amaba. Ella lo amaba, pero le tenía miedo. Ella era la chica con los que todos soñaban. Él, bueno... él era él. Ella se destaca en el colegio po...
  • mendes
  • shawnmendes
  • aggressive
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Hybrid Innocence by -InBetween-
Hybrid Innocence by -InBetween-
Laila: a small, blonde haired-blue eyed kitten hybrid with a not so great past. Height: 4' 10" Weight: 90 lbs. Age: 17 Type of kitten: Persian Cat Personality: shy...
  • scared
  • mean
  • aggressive
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Owned for a Year  by MarillaGarden
Owned for a Year by MarillaGarden
Salma isn't your normal girl, she's been through hell and back with her older sister, Katie, and her eight year old nephew, Josh. Paying the consequences of this so call...
  • control
  • romance
  • aggressive
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 Anything My Sweet  by MarillaGarden
Anything My Sweet by MarillaGarden
~Book 1 of the Mafia series~ Alicia suffers from past traumatic stress disorder due to an incident that happened when she was only eight years old. Nightmares of the pa...
  • aggressive
  • mentalhealth
  • arrangedmarriage
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Reckless by TheoryKierei
Reckless by Fear the Feels!
(Book 2 of HomeLess) Domino has always lived his life exactly the way he's wanted to. No one ever stood in his way or bothered to intervene. Unfortunately, his possessi...
  • aggressive
  • gay
  • mxm
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Let's Get Down to Business by SierraLeone__
Let's Get Down to Business by Sierra 👑
"I don't understand. You want me to do what?" Serenity asked her boss, Mr. Smith, with a confused look on her face. He gave her a sinister smile, "I want...
  • dominance
  • submissive
  • aggressive
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My Possessive Mate by StrangexDispute
My Possessive Mate by Trinity
"You're mine and only mine, Mia" he growls into my ear. I nod, my wolf feeling defeated,he gives me a devilish grin as he grabs my face roughly and kisses me...
  • sammywilkinson
  • possessive
  • sammywilk
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Mark of Beast by QueenKlaro
Mark of Beast by ⚜️Klaro Ciceron⚜️
"She's mine,"a dark, husky voice called out. The powerful aura from his voice made it known that he wasn't a regular ranked pack member. Turning to see who cla...
  • submissive
  • omega
  • mating
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American Dream (Alsina) BOOK 1 by SierraLeone__
American Dream (Alsina) BOOK 1 by Sierra 👑
August Alsina is dope boy who wants to do something different with his life. Growing up in New Orleans, he saw the street life first hand so it wasn't hard for him to fa...
  • drugs
  • mishaps
  • drama
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S.E.X Academy by Latrisha15
S.E.X Academy by Latrisha15
On a sunny happy day my parents told me I was going to a new school. Before I tell you the story we would have to start over from the beginning. *BTW: children above the...
  • firsts
  • romance
  • fights
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Lucifer's Angel   by Ivory_Somerhalder
Lucifer's Angel by Ivory Somerhalder
Snow Parker acted like a grown up women when she was just twenty two years old. Her age desired her to go out and party and have fun or what not but she was stuck at hom...
  • funny
  • cute
  • dark
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The playboy [UNDERGOING EDITING] [SLOW UPDATES] by writinglovesana
The playboy [UNDERGOING EDITING] [... by Sana shakil
|#156 in romance 25/6/17| His eyes were clear and full of lust. I take a step back and he takes a step forward. Then I took another step back and my back hit the wall. H...
  • assistant
  • lust
  • romance
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Not Going To Happen (BWWM) by CerealKiller3
Not Going To Happen (BWWM) by CerealKiller3
Sonia was content with her life; she had a great boyfriend, an amazing best friend and her perfect little café/bookstore. Everything was perfect. At least it was before...
  • bwwm
  • adult
  • boyfriend
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